Monday, June 16, 2014

Music Room Before/After Wall

I changed up our music room a while back
 and don't believe I ever shared.

Here (below 2 pics) is the way I had it before, for a long while.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't GOOD.

The high wall needed some visual height decor desperately.

While I had been watching and shopping and looking for
a large horizontal art piece or mirror to go in that blank area
I went with the above idea and went with it.

At one time we were considering adding a new set of windows 
there but it gets full mid-day sun... NOT so good for a piano!

After the little changes I am enjoying how the room looks.

(Especially with the live kitty decor, right?) 

Romeo sits under my 1959 seven-foot Baldwin Grand when I play.

 I think know he's my biggest fan!

I know that rug is too small under there but it costs $200
every time I move it - takes 4 grown men to move it even 
an inch - it's solid wood and SO HEAVY.....
so I haven't replaced the rug yet with a larger one.

I intend to, it's on the list, but far down on the list.

Now that I really look at that rug it should be in our home office.

This may now actually get bumped up higher on the list, haha.

I added a little French vintage alabaster brass lamp
to the top - creates nice ambient lighting.

Aren't the sweet cherubs  so cute?

I recently acquired these two artisan hand tooled & painted
 leather and wood rose prints.

They help with the needed height
 and are absolutely gorgeous.

These are a pretty golden brown, not pink like the one below,
 not sure what happened to make it look pink like that?

Having the baker's rack here (moved from kitchen last summer)
 helps with filling in the empty visual space, and is also quite utilitarian.

 It's the perfect size/piece when entertaining - 
using it for various drink stations depending on need:
spirits, wine, coffee, tea, water, etc.

Hrm, odd. The metal vase I had on the bottom glass shelf 
to the right side isn't there in these pictures. Grrr.

Well.... I kinda do know why it isn't there.....

I went to change things up when I started taking these pictures.


But then Mr. Romeo Kitty came in to see what I was doing, 
being all cute and lovable as he is......

And then I certainly had to take a "pet-me-please, now" break.

And of course that lasted a bit longer than intended,
 though HE wouldn't agree with me on that.....

Then I started getting quite peckish, as it was past tea time.... 

So after the kitty visit, tea and scones,
 and because I am very forgetful,
 I simply picked up my camera and went back to snappin'.

And forgettin'.

So please use your best imaginations that my vase is where it should be
on that baker's rack...
you DO see a cool metal vase there, right!!??

Here is a pic of it I took recently, so you can imagine thusly.

Yes, I really loved my vintage wooden  tea cart
 but that space needed a change!


It wasn't easy letting it go,
 but was the right decision design-wise.

                                    BEFORE                                                                    AFTER

So there you have it- slight changes  in our music room.

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. Oh, wow, a BIG change and I love it! (Although you know I love a tea cart anytime, anywhere!) But that baker's rack and the pretty new artwork really extend the space in a big, big way, visually. You have SUCH a gift for styling and staging, Michele!

  2. Michele, What a transformation! First of all I adore the piano! I was swooning for awhile! And then Romeo is adorable! LOVE the changes you made. Yes, it gives a big visual punch to the wall! Wonderful, my friend!

  3. A "grand" music room either way! We don't have a big house, so our dinning room became the music room. It worked out well, because my harp is far away from the windows and blaring sunlight. Romeo looks so sweet under the piano! My dog (Merfy), likes to sit on my lap while I play my harp, thank goodness he is only 8 pounds!

  4. beautiful changes, michele:) romeo is so sweet sitting under the fab piano! love the floors and the tea cart, too!

  5. Love your baker's rack there, Michele! The prints are really pretty. It can be hard to decide what to put on a wall that goes so high up. I know ~ we have them here at the condo and you have to wonder sometimes just how high should you go.

  6. Yes, the baker's rack adds just the right visual heigth to the area, Michele. I'm wondering now where you put the tea wagon? I'll bet you found the perfect spot. Enjoy playing your piano for all to hear. xo

  7. Love all the changes you made. Romeo looks like he belongs right there!

  8. Photos help so much to show what tweakings would work. Your changes are very nice! Your kitty needs to stay there all the time for photo ops.

  9. It's a lovely of those photos almost looks as if the room is a painting / love it : )

  10. Change is always good, and I do like the added height you've added. Hopefully the teacart can be loved in a different setting.

  11. Your music room is beautiful. I love the baker's rake. It looks beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing the changes with us. Blessings, Martha

  12. A few changes can be just what a room needs, yours looks fantastic! Love the framed flowers especially.

  13. ohhhhhhh! that is visually perfect now!!! isn't it amazing, what a bit of tweaking, will/can do? the higher piece, gives the perfect "feel"...


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  15. Michele, I loved this before and after with its funny commentary and wonderful pics! The paint effect on the wall is so beautiful; such rich texture. I can so relate re: your precious and pampered confidante - they always know JUST when to interrupt the blogging process, don't they?

    Thanks for sharing this pretty music room!


  16. Hi Michele, found your blog after sleuthing through a couple comments on mine. Happy to say I will be following your blog activity from now on. Love this room and the change you made - I agree, the height adds a boost (love the detail on the lamp, glad you showed it). I know how you feel about letting another item go, but isn't it nice once you do?
    Rita C at Panoply

  17. Lovely Michelle. I didn't know you played the piano and what a grand one it is. So magnificent! I love what you've done with the room, adding more height on the wall. Some time you'll have to play for me.

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  19. Your music room looks beautiful, Michelle! The baker's rack adds some good height to your tall wall.
    Thanks so much for the visit.
    Mary Alice

  20. This is such a beautiful room, Michele, and you did it more justice adding the baker's rack for the height purposes. I am in love with the paint/technique on the wall. Did you do that yourself or have it done? It looks so European! And the piano...sigh! Absolutely stunning! I'm sure Romeo was hanging around just in case you'd added a little musical piece to that rub! :)


  21. Michele, it's a subtle change, but really did help to pull your eyes up. Your piano is gorgeous! The rug is small, but I don't think it looks bad at all. It goes so nicely with your piano! Kitty is too cute and don't blame you for taking a break. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. I think you did a great job here. It's a nice change. It would be wonderful to hear you play. That would be lovely at a dinner party. Still a beautiful room.

  23. Michele, I love the changes to your music room. Not too much, it looks perfect! I love your bakers rack. I always wanted to get one but our rooms are not very big. I think Romeo and you should go into the interior design business. The room is beautiful!

  24. Very nice touches and changes. It just looks finished now. You have a lovely decorating style. Thanks for sharing.

  25. It looks fantastic...beautiful room

  26. Yes, it looks really pretty now Michele. The height and colours are perfect!

  27. Looks nice! You have a lovely you play? Your cat is gorgeous. I like the 'after' photo because there is more height with the new etagere, which is a nice balance. Scones and tea- I'm with you on that. Your cup is charming :)

  28. Beautiful space! Nice changes! Thanks you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  29. Hi Michele. I'm new to your blog and have been browsing through your home tour posts. Your home is stunning. So elegant, and yet homey and inviting at the same time. I love your style. Glad you left a comment on my blog, as it brought me here. Have a great week. Blessings, Nancy


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