Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pink Peony Tea Time

Oh, if only the peonies lasted just a tiny bit longer!

They are such beautiful flowers -
 and make everything so much lovelier
when taking one's tea time in the garden.

We had a perfect day to invite a friend to join me
in celebrating this appreciated beauty....truly God's gifts.

Blueberry scones
Banana Bread
Raspberry Oat Bars
Double chocolate brownies

Oh, that azure sky!

by Maggie Williams
I will walk with you in dreamland,
and verdant trees will brush our brows
with hoary leaves,
and silvered fish will swim in untouched seas.
The sun will warm our hearts and kiss our cheeks
as does the doting father.

I will walk with you in starlight
while the incandescent crescent marks the ground
with dappled light,
and the night watchers will peer at us through leaves
up, up away where they are secreted and safe
from sun’s harsh glare.

I will walk with you in meadows
where the peonies and bluebells prosper,
soft and slow,
kissing sweetly as their petals brush our skin.
And the meadowlark shall sing for us, her song of joy
sent forth in notes of gold.

I will walk with you forever,
down the path untamed and tangled up
in brambles,
and also down the road so clear and straight
and gilded by the sun with bricks of gold.
Wherever you shall go, my darling, I will walk with you.

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. I thought the same, if only peonies lasted longer so I bought some silk ones and made an arrangement in a teapot that I had broken the lid. For me the perfect solution a way of recycling an old teapot and keeping the peony "alive" for a little bit longer. Another beautiful post. Have a great week.

  2. We have had lovely weather for sitting outdoors with friends. All too soon it will be to hot and then we'll all retreat back indoors, but for now - I will enjoy it. Your peonies are lovely. I have that same color and you are so right, they barely start to bloom and then they are done. It is too bad such a gorgeous garden flower barely lasts a week. Maybe that's what makes them so special.

  3. They are beautiful, Michele! All that pink fluffy ruffly goodness. I have a couple of peony bushes at our old house. Another plant to add to the list of those I miss!

  4. Beautiful post. Your peonies are gorgeous and love the linens -- that butterfly! Beautiful china. Lovely poem. You hit a home run with this post. Happy Tea Day!

  5. With the weather this year, my peonies aren't even open yet so I couldn't enter the peony part of our garden club show last night. I can imagine how wonderful your tea table smells, and all those goodies! Wish I lived close by!

  6. I love peonies too and I can imagine how lovely your tea table smells. What a pretty post, Michele! I adore your pretty teacups and plates. They look Bavarian, are they? A perfect repast for you and your friend! Thank you for coming to tea and have a delightful day.


  7. Beautiful teacup. I love peonies too but never had luck growing them. That sky is gorgeous!

  8. Beautiful Michelle. I think peonies are one of my favorite flowers...much more precious to me than roses! Scandalous, I know! Love your pretty Limoges china and your garden is gorgeous! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  9. Your garden tea setting is very charming, I love you beautiful peonies for they are a very beautiful color. Your china looks like Haviland or a French Limoges company. I love their scalloped shape and tiny pink flowers. Have a great week!


  10. I wish I was sitting there having tea with you! Such a lovely spot (love the bench and the peonies!!). Your china is beautiful! Thanks for the visit today! My tea of choice is Earl Grey on most days.

  11. Michelle:
    What a lovely celebration of your peonies and tea! I think the same thing about irises being short lived. The violets sure went fast too and the lilacs. A man down the street has a late blooming lilac bush which always seems to do better than mine. Your tea is very sweet and I am so glad you shared at Tea In The Garden!

  12. Lovely peonies! And your tea treats look yummy!

  13. I simply have to have tea with you some day. Yummy food, and, peonies. Beautiful.

  14. It looks like the perfect day for an outdoor tea....how beautiful everything is! How special! Hugs!

  15. Beautiful peonies and beautiful poem! Love your tea set, so lovely and delicate.
    Blessings, Nancy

  16. Lovely post Michele. Your floral china is stunning. Delicate and feminine. Perfect for the peonies. I certainly agree. Peonies are so short lived. Mine are just starting to fade. I am so sad. But I enjoyed them to the fullest while they were in their full glory. Thanks for coming to visit. It is such a pleasure to read your beautiful comments.


  17. Michele, what a lovely post...a peony tea! I hope that a real live person joined you in the garden. You're a stylist all right!

  18. Beautiful!!! Love all that PINK!!!

  19. I definitely agree with you about peonies. The come and go so very fast, but I guess that makes us appreciate them that much more. They are like a bit of heaven.

    Your tea table looks so pretty. I certainly wish I lived close enough for a visit. Thank you for sharing.

  20. Oh my, truly a picture-perfect setting, and what absolutely gorgeous teawares! (I started to write "smashing," but considering the breakability and all, decided against that ... yikes.) So jealous of your peonies. I think mine get too much shade, so they have never bloomed in three years!

  21. I love peonies! They are right up there with hydrangeas as my favorite flower. Yours are exquisite!

    Your tea table is lovely, and the menu sounds delish! Wish I lived close enough to pop by to share tea with you.

    That poem is lovely. Thanks for sharing it.

    Blessings on your week,

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  23. Michele ~

    What a lovely table. Thank your for sharing and stopping by to visit me this morning at my breakfast table. Hope we get together again soon!

  24. Their fleeting presence makes them that much more precious, I think. Peonies in bloom is always a good reason to entertain and set a pretty table. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  25. Gosh that food looks good! What a beautiful table setting too. I love peonies. I have one bush in my front yard, but it doesn't give me that many blooms. I really should move it so it can be seen better. I often forget about it!

  26. Beautiful! Your china is so lovely and delicate and looks perfect with those flowers.

  27. I love your peonies (and your post)! My grandmother had a row of them lining the driveway. Their fragrance was divine.

    Would it be possible for you to share your recipes of the goodies you picture in this blog? Yum!

  28. I always enjoy your post. Lovely setting and everything else.

  29. Such a pretty china setting and especially outdoors in the lovely summer sunshine. I hope you have a happy weekend. (I enjoyed that post too!) Pam

  30. Oh, I so agree, Michele! Our Peonies bloomed in May - gorgeous photos, beautiful teacup and wonderful poem! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  31. This is so pretty Michelle! Thanks for sharing it at this week's Home Sweet Garden Party! You are on of this weeks featured posts! {www.creativecountrymom.com} Hope you can join us again this week too! Hugs...Brooke

  32. Very lovely. Beautiful tea set. How nice and thoughtful to invite a friend to enjoy it with you! Nancy


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