Monday, June 30, 2014

Watching Fireworks

Last year you may remember 
my crazy husband and niece/god daughter
 watched our little town's fireworks on our rooftop.
(You can revisit that post here.)

 Our town's fireworks are a week ahead of July 4th, 
as we have an annual street festival. 

On the last night they shoot off the festival's end fireworks.

As we live just minutes away as the crow flies
 one may watch the fireworks from the backyard....
or used to be able to, as our trees have gotten very tall.

So those two crazy brave goofy loved ones of mine
 climbed once again to our roof to watch them.

(I went into my office and safely happily read blogs.)

Here is The Blue Hour without flash
 so you can see how high up they are as they prepare
 for the Sky Eye Candy.

 It had just rained earlier so the roof was wet.

(I know they are absolutely nuts, right?)

He's holding onto her tightly but just yikes.

Adn because I insist on getting more than a few pics to choose from my goofy hubs of course has to throw up gang signs to make us laugh.

            2014                      2013

Some things never change.
(At least I hope not.)

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. Heehee! Looks like the perfect spot for watching the fireworks! Of course, my being a chicken and all would have been reading blogs along side you! lol

  2. Acckkkk...I'd have eaten a pound of M&Ms!

  3. Their smiles alone are enough to light up the whole city!! 'Sky Eye Candy'...LOVE it!!

    Happy 4th, my friend!


  4. Party animals, up there on the roof! Good thing you're sensible and stayed inside to do something safe. :-) Hope they see a grew show of fireworks.

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  7. Absolutely delightful! (And I would be down below with you, catching up on blogs, ha!) I must say, I am intrigued that you used the phrase "as the crow flies." Some friends were over for dinner a few years back and the husband used that phrase, and the wife had never heard "as the crow flies." I assumed it was a southernism but apparently not!

  8. Hello my cute friend!! What a fun post and I would have wanted to be right there with them on the roof!! What a delightful time they must have had. And your town's festival sound absolutely wonderful. Wish I could have been there. Jan O. told me at church that you said to say Hi. Well Hi back to you!! I \'ve been so busy with contesting that I just don't blog BUT I need to get back to it. I miss my dear dear blogging friends of which you are right there at the top of the list Michelle. Much love to you!! N.

  9. Great fun, but being a coward I would have had my feet firmly on the ground. Just got back from Florida and fireworks were being sold everywhere in preparation for the 4th, its something I am sad I have missed.

  10. Thanks for the big smile! They must have had a great view - and great fun! But, I am with you. No roof sitting for me. Just call me chicken.

  11. Great post! :0 They look so happy up there. Happy 4th!

  12. They look perfectly happy up there, Michele!
    Thanks for your suggestions for the stir fry.
    I just got back from taking my sweet mom to the airport. :-(

  13. Looks like so much fun, but I'm with you staying on the ground. Great pics with the fireworks in the background! and I love the "thought bubbles" you put on the picture! Too funny.


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