Monday, February 23, 2015

A Beautiful Bird, The Bluejay

 Wow has this week past gone quickly!

Suddenly it's Monday again!
My word, how time flies.

Speaking of flying.....I took a coffee break this morning
and found this beautiful Bluejay at the kitchen window feeder.

He allowed me just enough time to quickly grab my camera-
no tripod, no time, just a few snaps of a bit of color
to match the gorgeous blue skies we've had today.

This is one glorious winter's day,
and certainly one glorious bird!

He was very skiddish, as there was another larger male Bluejay
 who swooped down and kept scaring him away.

My goldfinches would take turns nearby at the thistle feeders 
when they bravely could,  but not during this feeding...
 it was all about this cute little Bluejay.

And as beautiful as Bluejays are, they are fierce
and territorial and very aggresive birds.

But today to me they're just real purdy-like.

Do you have Bluejays where you live?

We're filling the feeder two times a day here,
it's our most popular feeder.

As always, thank you for your visit today!



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  1. Yes, Michele, we have bluejays here in WV and, yes, they can be very territorial, I enjoy them nonetheless. You got some great photos, making them look quite dapper against the snow.

  2. Hi Michele,

    Although blue jays are supposed to live in Florida, I've never seen one. So glad to have you play with us today!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Michele, your bluejay pictures are beautiful. I just love to look at them and hear them fussing. :)

    It's super cold here for us. My sweet husband has been taking bird seed out all day and they are eating it up.

  4. Beautiful photos! And yes, we do have lots of bluejays here. I love their size and coloring, but I think of them as bullies of the birdfeeder. :-) Still, I would rather have them here than not, and they are so much fun to watch, as they pick up a sunflower seed and then go find something to hammer it against.

  5. Good captures of the jay Michele. We have them year round and if the peanuts aren't put out on the deck in the morning they sit on the railing and squawk until we comply. :-)
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  6. Great photo's Michele, and that blue jay is beautiful. Yes, we do have them here but I am only seeing sparrows now.

  7. Hi Michele! Oh, you got some great snaps. Bluejays are very beautiful but they certainly have an ugly squawk! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  8. Those are phenomenal pictures, Michele. Wow! We do get blue jays but not this time of year. We have them for a short while but they move on further North for the we get them coming and going. They are such pretty birds, aren't they? xo Diana

  9. Great pics of your bluejay. I haven't seen any yet this year but we have cardinals and more robins than I can remember. A sure sign of Spring!

  10. Gorgeous photos! I haven't seen any in this area...maybe spring is a bit delayed? :) Can you believe this is the last week of February? Time does fly!


  11. We have Stellar's Jays here on the Island, but I recently read that some regular Blue Jays were making a comeback. I hope so! They are such pretty birds.

  12. I can't believe this gorgeous bird cooperated long enough to let you snap all these great photos! Lovely!

  13. Michelle, Blue Jays are one of my favorite. We have a group of large Sandhill Cranes that live in our neighborhood and they are such beautiful birds.

  14. What beautiful photos! We have some resident Jays, they sneak in a steal the cat food that I put out for a feral tom...they are lovely and very brave.

  15. Michelle, Love all the photos of the beautiful blue Jay. We have lots of yellow finches, robins, doves and hummingbirds now. Not too many blue jays. Happy bird watching!!

  16. Yes, we have bluejays here, and they are rather aggressive around the little birds. But, they are beautiful, aren't they? You got some beautiful pictures. I especially love that 2nd to last picture, showing his profile. xo Deborah

  17. Michele, gorgeous pictures! We do have bluejays year-round in Virginia. I don't see them very often, though and definitely not that close up!

  18. Beautiful bird and gorgeous pictures!

  19. What amazing captures Michele!!!!We don't have bluejays in this part of the country so how fun to see these. Your photos of this little guy are beautiful.
    I hope you have the best day!!!

  20. I was not always so fond of Blue Jays and then I cared for a young bird for 6 weeks a couple of years ago, and I fell for them. I always knew they were beautiful, but there is even more to them, than meets the eye. Lovely entry~

  21. Beautiful blue jay! Great photos, Michele!

  22. They are adorable and seems Spring is in the air.

  23. They are adorable and seems Spring is in the air.

  24. They are adorable and seems Spring is in the air.


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