Thursday, February 26, 2015

Longing for Spring...

I am dreaming of warm weather today....

It's very cold and snowy and, frankly,
 I have had enough of winter.

The magazines and so many blog posts
are showing such lovely spring inspirations -
so I got out my moss cloth and some faux silk flowers
to put this little planter together.

It's too soon to keep it out in my decor yet  (to me.)
After all, it IS snowing out there right now.....

But it wasn't too soon to get dreamy about spring time!

I am desperate for looking so forward to its arrival this year!

To put the green back out, freshen things up a bit visually.
And possibly even a little bit spiritually...

Knowing soon the Earth Shall Be Made New.....

Birds and birdhouses, butterflies, all sorts of new life....

It sure will be nice to have those warm winds return 
and get back outdoors again -
 savoring the fresh air, flowers and plants all around us!

Plant seeds, and pot plants in urns and make a veritable

home outside in my little covered patio Zen room...

Set out our vintage wicker furniture again...

oh, and my hydrangea, can't wait they bloom again!

They're a real favorite come warm weather!

Oh, spring and summer -

it's heavenly to take tea time outdoors
when the gorgeous short-lived Peonies bloom.....

Well, I really could go on and on dreaming like this
and not get any work done today.

Hope you enjoyed dreaming along with me today.

Won't be long now, I keep telling myself.

It's my new mantra.

Today I wish you peace and joy,
content with life and all its blessings.

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. I am looking forward to Spring and all the work I can do. According to the weather station we have a few more days of snow and extreme cold. Next week in the 50s and rain. Love your spring pics.

  2. I am looking forward to spring also... and your pictures are lovely and they give a little glimpse of spring. :)

  3. I'm with you Linda! I'm so tired of snow and cold. I love your pretty images for spring. I will be putting out more spring things when we get home next week. I have already started! :)

  4. HI MIchele! Oh, I'm dreaming too! This is the coldest I've ever been in my life and the most I've ever seen. But I do love living upstate. You stay warm and I love all the springyness you've put together!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Thanks for letting me dream along with you, Michele. It is just above zero here and not going to be much warmer for the rest of the week. ugh I am so ready for Spring. xo Diana

  6. I think I would do a LOT of complaining if I had winters like yours. Bu then you get to have hydrangeas in summer! It's all a trade-off I guess. Anyway your pretty spring touches should do the trick. Heck, Februaury is already over!

  7. It won't be long now before we have little sprouts and buds to look for! I did enjoy your photos of what's to come. Years ago I attended a workshop at a woman's home and when we stopped for lunch we sat in her sun room that was full of white wicker. I've been wanting a place to have some of my own since then. :-)
    Love yours Michele!

  8. Oh! How funny! Your longing for Spring and I'm celebrating one last chili weekend before the heat hits us! :)
    Michele your home is so lovely and ready for Spring. :) LOVE the wicker set!! :)

  9. It seems we are all ready for spring, warm sunshine and pretty colorful flowers. Even the pansy outside the restaurant we ate at this week were cold and icy looking. Take care my friend, It will come!

  10. Well it's sunny here today, but all change to wet and windy tomorrow:( so your post on spring has cheered me up!x time to buy some more daffidils x

  11. My Mom and sister are so tired of your winter, Michele. We've had it cold,here in Texas, too. Your photos of dreaming for Spring are making me long for it, too.

  12. Spring is such a messy affair around here and takes so very long that I seldom decorate for it. As you say, it feels a little silly when snow is coming down and snowbanks are as high as an elephant's eye to mix a metaphor. Nevertheless, your spring decor items are very cheering. I'm sure that you could get away with it.Don't forget: roses WILL bloom again!

  13. Longing for spring is something I do around this time of year, even though we don't have snow and cold, cold weather. But just think Michele, without that cold, you couldn't have Peonies! Something I long for… Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Hi Michele, Your flowers are pretty, especially the pink hydrangeas and peonies. I can't wait to enjoy flowers in the garden again! Well, it's almost March, so it can't be too much longer. Have a great weekend, Michele.

  15. what lovely things to look forward to. It is snowing here also.



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