Saturday, February 14, 2015


When you were young do you remember ever
 having trouble saying "Valentine's" as I did?

I distinctly remember calling it "Hearts Day"
 because it was so much easier to say and remember.

 Same with the word "Thanksgiving."
 Yes, back then it was "TURKEY Day!" 

But, now I can easily and happily wish you all a very


I like to include the SAINT part in the expression,
 because to me it is very important.

It's like choosing to say
 "Merry Christmas" versus "Happy Holidays."

Seems as though, with time, the religious parts of things
 just seem to disappear - one sneaky day after another.

But anyway- back to SVD decor!

Little hearts here and there tucked around the nest
makes it just a little more romantic.

I found these neat 'ole skeleton keys (above)
at the etsy shop of Rosemary from the blog
of the same name: Villabarnes.

Her artistic talents are unmatched in blogdom.

It's always major eye candy happiness visiting her blog.

(Candy without the calories for-the-win!)

I am sharing some past and new pics of hearts
around my home, to celebrate the Day of Love with you.

You are not forgotten. And you ARE loved.

Look at this beautiful card
Judith from Lavender Cottage 
blog made for me!

She sent me some incredible gifties too -
and I shall be sharing them in the future....
some time after our snow melts  and spring is in the air. 

Hope you (and she) - are/is okay with postponing it!

Thank you so much, again, dear Judith!
 ♥ HUGS!

I keep my cloth hearts out year 'round that
I bought from Kathy at Creative Home Expressions blog
 from her etsy shop .

(Go there for all sorts of hand crafted goodies!)

She has the CUTEST little cloth bunnies in the shop
right now - just in time for Easter!
 Perfect gift items!

I found a big bag of these wooden hearts
 at the GW last year for super cheap!

I had intentions of decorating them 
but I kinda like them raw and untouched.

I think I will leave them like this -
looks better in my colorless universe.

I may string them up with twine and decorate my mantle
with them next year. Perhaps.

My button heart from my friend Dawn stays out all year, too.

You are always welcome, and always prayed for at our nest.

You are welcomed and loved
 even before you walk through our front door!

The only new thing I bought this year for SVD is this ♥ sign.

I hung it on the right side of the door on the
outside cedar siding wall.

You cannot tell but it is fairly large - at least a foot tall.

So it is a good thing we seldom go out for St. Valentine's Day -
just look at this incredible snow storm we got today!

Here is a 6 second quick video of the snow storm 
my husband took a few hours ago
while we were having a beautiful and complete white out!

Thought you all having blooms and open windows
would appreciate this!

If you missed my Winter's Eve dinner party
tablescape just go to the last post before this one.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

And for those of you still in the middle of winter
 and getting lots of snow, 
please stay warm and safe and dry.

As always, thank you for your visit!



  1. What a wonderful post, Michele. I love all your sweet hearts and it is always fun to see them displayed year round, too. Hope you have a wonderful St. Valentine's Day- xo Diana

  2. I love all your hearts, Michele! That button one is so pretty. Thanks so much for the shout out. I keep mine out all year long, too. : )

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Have a wonderful evening, Michelle, your heart on the door is just gorgeous!

  4. You have many nice, and unique hearts on display for the day of love Michele. Glad you like your card, you can share your gifts whenever you like. :-) I have some of those wooden hearts and I painted them, glued coloured ribbon in the holes to attach two together and hung them over the pegs of my country style shelves in the family room.
    Hope your day was special despite the snowy weather.

  5. Hi Michele. I love your heart with the buttons. You have some really cute heart decorations. Stay safe and cozy in this storm. It hasn't started here yet but I can feel it in my bones. LOL Hugs. Pam

  6. Beautiful, Michele. Happy Heart Day to you! ;-)
    Stay warm and cozy with your valentine.

  7. Hi Michele, You have decor to adore! Lovely! A favorite is the button heart and love the card from Judith too - she is a very talented card-maker! Hope you enjoyed your day.
    Hugs and prayers, Beth

  8. lovely post Michelle. I enjoyed all of the hearts, especially the welcome sign. The snowstorm is rather dreamlike for me, being in SoCal. God bless and have lovely evening.
    Hugs and a cup of tea,
    Heather Elizabeth

  9. You have given us a lot of delightful eye candy, dear Michele :) Your hearts are simply lovely. Thank you for sharing your loveliness with us. Hugs to you!

  10. Beautiful heart décor for St Valentines day. My Grandson says hearts day, which is so cute. Stay warm and safe.

  11. Hi Michele, What a beautiful collection of hearts you share. I love so many, they are all favorites. Gorgeous gifts and etsy finds too. Hope you enjoyed a Happy St. Valentine's Day and Hearts Day too.
    Blessings for a wonderful week.
    Hugs, CM

  12. So many gorgeous pictures Michele. All very lovely and romantic. I hope you had a wonderful St. Valentine's Day. I love the little hearts in the bird cage. So adorable.

    Thanks for visiting me and Happy Sunday.


  13. What a beautiful post, Michele. I love all the heart variations. Thanks so much for the shout out as well.xoxo

  14. What a darling memory from your childhood! I do love all of your heart themed treasures.
    Have a beautiful day dear one!

  15. Oh, wow, there is lots of "major eye candy" here as well, Michele! Love all these varied, creative hearts, and I also like the white/neutral hued ones. I like that they give the eyes a place to rest, you know? Thanks for sharing your hearts and your "heart" with us all year long! (And thanks, too, for your sweet comments on my latest story yesterday. You are SUCH an encouragement to me!)

  16. I love your Wintery party! Wow, so festive and sparkling! I love too that you keep some of your wonderful hearts out too! Those fabric ones and the button ones are fabulous and I would keep them out year round also!

  17. I don't know if I had trouble with the word, but I know some of the kiddos did. I love all of the hearts here, and I'm laughing at the keys because I found some vintage keys like yours at a salvage shop, but my little guy wanted to play with them, so I decided not to buy them. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing your pretty hearts at Snickerdoodle. :)


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