Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Winter's Eve Dinner Party

Each year in the middle of winter I host a
 "Winter's Eve Dinner Party."

It's always done up in shimmery white and silver and
 All Things Winter - 
so using things like snowflake plates and glimmering
 snowflake napkins makes dining at the table
 feel like one's been enchanted with winter's splendor.

This year I held two of them:
The first one was in late January for a few of my women's club friends.

The second one was just last weekend, held for my
best friends- my Indiana tea society ladies.

This year we were blessed twice with lovely
 freshly fallen snowy evenings. 
Nature really did its part for this winter theme!

This year I decided to forgo using a white tablecloth
so the sparkly placemats would pop
against the deep dark wooden table.

I love setting a pretty table - the winter's table is a particular favorite,

I love using my white and silver pieces!

My crystal knife holders and silver plated napkin rings
are right in place with their icy looks.

Crispy white plates, snowflake salad plates,
 silver rimmed coffee/tea cup china,
 vintage silver plated flatware, and frosty silver chargers
 complete the look I was going for.

These little snowflake frames I sometimes use
as name card seating indicators
but this year they were merely decorative.

Surrounding the table area on the buffet and etagiere
you will find bling-y bits
to help carry the theme throughout the space.

I cam imagine that most of you are thinking of springtime,
 but for many of us we're still very much in the middle of winter...
so the snowflakes and snowmen and icy decor still reigns.

BUT - I admit -  I am putting it away now,
since my dinners are done for the season.

 Hope you aren't TOO terribly sick of winter yet
and can enjoy one last winter's hurrah!?

New to me this year is a gorgeous hollow mercury iced tree
(below pic)

I stuffed mini white and silver rice lights up inside
 for a pretty ambient glow along with the candles.

All the mercury glass was glowing so pretty when candle-lit.

It was also a good time to bring out my silver plated tea pot trivit
that my sweet friend Joyce gave me years ago.

The second winter's eve dinner I changed the menu slightly
 to include sesame string beans
and excluded the chicken, as one of my guests doesn't eat it.

(I made different menus for the tea ladies but didn't take a pic.)

It's the first time I've ever made my very own sorbet -
usually my husband does it for me.

I was pretty excited to find a copycat
 recipe online that looked so icy blue and cool for my theme.

Well that's it - of course I never thought of taking food pics.
I wish I had two of me when entertaining!

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. Beautiful Michele, I love all the silver.. I would love to sit at this table and have tea.

    Hugs, Sylvia

  2. It was such a beautiful setting, a real delight. My idea of how a dinner party should be served, stunning. Wishing you a wonderful Valentines weekend.

  3. So pretty, Michele. I especially love your utensils. The sorbet looks perfect for a winter's eve. I bet your friends felt really special with all the details you lovingly arranged. I know I would.

  4. So pretty and sparkly for your friends Michele. The menu looks delicious and I love the silverware and tea trivet.

  5. Love all the sparkle and the whole idea of a winter dinner party! Beautiful!

  6. Your table is stunning dear Michelle! Your silverware is gorgeous and all your attention to detail is perfect, you've captured the Winter wonderland beautifully in your spread.
    Happy Valentine's weekend ahead.

  7. That is a beautiful table, Michele. You did a fabulous job in decorating for this special meal and I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time and great fellowship. It all looks so pretty and I love silver and white for the table. Happy Valentine's Day to you! Pam

  8. What a stunning setting! Your party looks like it was quite a lovely event!!

  9. I lost my loooong comment at the very end, Michele!!! In short...gorgeous!!! The wintry, silver/sparkly essence of winter, your lovely table, mismatched silver and lovely tea set...simply stunning! Everything was just perfect, and I know your guests felt very special and had a wonderful time. Yes, it's the real deal when we have zero time to take pics of the food we work so hard on. I've learned to hand the camera to someone else when I get that harried and voila! I'm thrilled later to look at that end of it.

    Thanks for your very, very sweet comments today on the birth of my sweet granddaughter! :)

    Jane xxx

  10. So wonderful to see this in the midst of winter and I appreciate your "celebration" of the season. Your table looks terrifically frosty and sparkly with all it's "cool" dishes and accents. The menu sounds yummy! I'm sure your guests enjoyed everything...wish I was one of them! Pinning!

  11. Such a beautiful table setting, what fun!

  12. What a gorgeous table! Elegant & sparkly & perfect for a Winter's Eve!

  13. That table is stunning! It must be pure delight to enjoy a meal with all those sparkling winter adornments.

    To say that I am done with winter when another blizzard is arriving would be silly. Actually, this is about the time that I leave off visiting the Southern Blogging gals since they are actively pushing for spring and they have way too much sympathy when visiting me. Ha! They make me too antsy when spring is a such a long way off. No sense in pining.

  14. Very elegant and dramatic! The whites and silvers really evoke a wintry feel. Wonderful!

  15. The first thing I want to know is how do I become an Indiana tea lady? haha! This looks absolutely lovely, just perfect for these winter days -- hey, we can't escape it, let's enjoy it! And that icy dessert is gorgeous! Love all the silver and white, and your mercury glass.
    It's going to be freezing here this weekend, way below zero with wind chills, hope you're a little warmer.

  16. Hi Michele, Your tablescape is gorgeous! Love the snowflakes and silver, and the sorbet is lovely. I've never made it although I've made homemade ice cream quite a few times. I enjoyed seeing your party table! :0)

  17. Your table is just lovely, Michele. I love the winter white and silver combo :) Thanks so much for visiting me and my blog today--

  18. Your wintry themed table is warming my heart, Michele! What a lovely setting you've provided for your friends and your menu sounds wonderful. I know you've had such cold temperatures and lots of snow, since I talk to my mom and sister everyday.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  19. Beautiful Tablescape. Stunning. You have taken some great photos that showcase the details and beauty of your displays. Valerie (

  20. Such a beautiful table you have set at Finch Rest Michele. The details are so lovely.
    I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  21. Michele, I had missed this earlier. So beautiful! I know your guests feel very special at this winter's eve table. Every detail is stunning.

  22. Hi Michele, your winter's eve dinner party looks like it was a fabulous evening. What a lovely table you set and your guests had to feel very pampered in this setting. You are so talented and this tablescape just speaks inviting.
    Hugs, CM


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