Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dreaming of Spring............

Many of you are sharing wonderful pictures of gardens and showing excitement about Spring's welcome approach -  whilst the rest of us are under grey winter skies with no sign of spring showing its lovely self quite yet.  So I have decided to join the "garden party," as it were, and share some pics I dug up.

A rusty old welcome sign hidden down in the basket

We really love purple in our gardens, like Iris.


Phlox is one of the earliest beauties that arrive in the garden!

A sweet little stone cherub is quite sleepy

Later comes the hydrangea!

Summer is here when the roses are in full bloom!

And we know summer will be here before we can even say "Be Gone, thee Jack Frost!"


  1. I sometimes feel like I am the only one enjoying the season we are in, Michele. I'm odd man out, I guess! : ) Or maybe it's because we've had a fairly mild winter, but I'm not in any particular hurry for Spring to arrive. Your pots look great though. Since we are in a condo now, I've been saving pictures of container gardening to try out this year.

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  3. Your photos are a charming reminder of Spring which is , yes, fast approaching ..., but I am kind of missing the pure white snow this year ... Your garden is beautiful !

  4. wonderful images! it s snowing here all the week long. i long for spring

    happy Monday


  5. Hi Michele...First, thankyou for commenting on my blog post about my headers. I so appreciate you dropping by. I only wish I had the techie know how to put my blog together as well as you have. You have such a beautiful blog! I couldn't just stop with this post but had to peruse down the page to see all the other wonderful things you have. I so enjoyed the charming tea parties and luncheons and your Valentines dinner table for two. As I look out the window where your table is I see you have snow too. I am so ready for spring and your photos above just makes spring seem a little closer. I want to go back and read all your posts. I love teas and luncheons, dinners etc. etc. and its just so fun to go along with you to them. I know I will love the one you gave too. And I see the linky parties that you have hooked up with. I must see all these gals great blogs too. They, like you, seem like kindred spirits here in this blogging world. You have already inspired me.

    Thanks again Michele for your sweet comments. I'm so glad I have now found your blog. I'm going to follow you. And I may pick your brain on how you formatted and put together your blog. Its simply perfection. Look forward to seeing many more beautiful posts.


  6. This surely makes me want spring to come. I think it will come soon here. We are going to get up to 70 this week. Still looks like winter though. Thanks for the beautiful spring pictures. I came here, because I see that you are another "L" Michele like me. I think I am probably one of the oldest, as I just turned 55 and my mother said that no one hardly at that time was naming their daughters Michelle yet. She said that she wanted me to be different, and that is why she spelled it with one L. Happy day to you and I am a new follower here.

  7. All gorgeous pictures! I am so in the Spring Fever mode here! What are those pretty little purple flowers are around your cherub?

  8. I'm dreaming of spring, too! Your flowers are so pretty, love all the purple & pink!!

  9. Oh such lovely images. Although it has not been a bad winter, it let's us know that Spring is not far away. Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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