Sunday, February 26, 2012

Romeo, Lumbar Kitty!

Oh, how I just love my kitty, Romeo! 

You may have met him on this earlier post.

This is pretty much how we roll most days. I am so short I have to sit up in my office chair when on my computer. And as soon as I do he jumps up, gets comfy cosy and acts as my Lumbar Back Support Kitty. He keeps me good company, is so toasty warm, and he almost always sits with his arms hanging like this.  Unfortunately he closed his eyes when flash was used taking this picture.

I so love his sweet white mittens and long super soft fur.

Yep, he's a sweetie!

He just wanted me to tell you all what an important part of Finch Rest blogging he truly is!

And since he is such a "masterpiece" to me I am heading over to Masterpiece Monday to show him off to the world!


  1. Such a cutie! I hope you are enjoying your day.


  2. Hey, Romeo pillow. You and your bean seem to have a nice setup set up.

  3. This is just too cute! Give Romeo a big hug, he is beautiful!!

  4. Oh Romeo is such a beautiful kitty. I just want to squeeze him. What a great blog partner!


  5. Oh Romeo is so handsome . I think he knows it too. He is a sweetie.

  6. Romeo, Romeo thou art a handsome cat!! I like his coloring and his fur looks very shiny and soft. I used to have cats but only have dogs, now. I miss not having a sweet cuddly kitty. Romeo is welcomed to join the party if he wants to. Pets certainly make our homes cozy! Have a great day Michele!----------- Shannon

  7. He is so cute!! Great pose, Romeo!
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. I LOVE the photo of your cat! They are a joy, aren't they??!!


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