Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweetest card from a friend....

I received the sweetest card from a dear friend for Valentine's Day in the mail. It is from my sweet friend Judy who is moving far away at the end of this month.....but she IS moving to North Carolina, and that isn't such a bad place to visit, now, is it?  (As I look out the window to see falling snow and grey skies......sounds better and better.)

She said this card reminded her of my pretty tablescapes.....she knows just how to get me right in the heart.................I am sure gonna miss that gal.

Thanks, Judy. Love you. Always.

What a cute tablescape!


  1. What a cute card! And so thoughtful too! Thanks goodness we have the net!

  2. What a wonderful card for you! She knows you well.

  3. Such a sweet and creative card!




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