Monday, May 28, 2012


Whoo hoo!

Ok, the deer and bunnies haven't completely eaten us out of house and home yet!

Here is our first harvest out of our garden.................fresh organic awesome tasty SPINACH!

We have a nice sized back yard for suburbanites - and are blessed and lucky that we have the space for a large produce garden. We can't do fences so we do deal with all the hungry animals that think it is all planted for them, haha.  I really do feel like Farmer McGregor about it most days, though!

We looooove spinach here at the nest!

Mr. Finch Rest is Italian and so I make him beef red sauce often.

I was recently finishing making a batch when he happily strolled in the kitchen to show/share the bounty of our first out of the garden- the spinach - so it was washed and chopped and added to make a MUCH better sauce and more nutricious then, too! Yum-oh!!!

And here is the metamorphasis for Met Monday at
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  1. First of all, thank you for visiting Nicholas' blog. I know he appreciates it.

    Your spinach looks yummy. I wish I had just a small, OK large, dish of pasta topped with that sauce.

  2. Looks and sounds delicious! I don't have a veggie garden yet. But hopefully this fall will be able to start one.

  3. Nothing better than fresh produce out of the garden., I like spinach in salads or cooked. It is a healthy food as well. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  4. Oh your spinach is such a beautiful green and so fresh. Your red sauce is delish looking too. My daughter says the rabbits have eaten all of their flowers and something has even eaten their rose bush. They are spraying today since they are down to just few stems. Enjoy the holiday.

  5. Your spinach looks so fresh. Yum!...Christine

  6. oh how vibrant in color and tasty I am sure!

  7. How on earth did you get spinach this early in the season. I am so jealous! And it looks gorgeous! We too have a ton of visitors from the forests and mountains who think they own the place so our gardening efforts over the last couple of years has almost been in vain. But as Winston Churchill said....Never give up. Never, Never never give up. I guess I'll keep trying.

    Hugs my cute friend,



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