Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacup & Tea Rose

I just have a simple post today sharing a beautiful rose I received at a recent ladies brunch with my civic Women's Club. We officers were each given one as a thank you for our services.

I cut it down to fit a beloved silver overlay bud vase. I found this at one of my favorite little boutiques in Olde Worthington Historical district last summer after going to an afternoon tea with friends at The Olde Worthington Inn. My love for silver overlay comes from my father who collected it for years.

This tea rose is one of the most perfect roses I have ever seen. It's PERFECT - almost looks fake!

- added note: over a week later and this rose still looks just like this!

But, even as beautiful and perfect as it is I would still choose my garden roses over it anyday - because the hybrid may last a long while and be amazing looking, but most of  the scent is gone out of it in its creation...........making it seem even more "faux." It is the roses's SCENT that makes it so extraordinary.

Good thing I have a nice stash stock of rose scented candles on hand! My favorite one is Tyler  Roses. My next favorite is Yankee's Fresh Cut Roses. Light one of them up and suddenly all is right with my world, haha.

This beautiful English teacup was found at an estate sale last summer.

There are few things I love better than beautiful fresh flowers and a pretty tea cup. 

Throw in some poetry and it's true perfection!

What A Rose Can Say
~ by Margie Driver ~

A rose can say I love you and want you to be mine,
A rose can say I thank you for being so very kind,
A rose can say congratulations, whatever the occasion may be,
A rose can say I miss you and wish you were here with me,
A rose can say I'm sorry if I've hurt you in any way,
A rose can say get well soon, May God bless you today,
A rose can say I wish you happiness, the best for you each day.
A rose can say farewel when someone goes away,
A rose can say hello, I'm thinking of you today,
There's just so many wonderful things that a rose can say,
A rose can say goodbye when a love one is laid to rest,
No matter what there is to say, a rose can say it best.


  1. I love your rose and the teacup is just beautiful! You know roses are my favorite.

  2. Oh dear Michelle, how gorgeous! The cup is stunning and the rose is perfectly shaped, sometimes nature is made to perfection! Thanks for your lovely and kind visit. Wishing you and your family a blessed MOTHER'S DAY.

  3. This is a lovely post Michelle..
    The hybrid rose is , as you say, perfect ..its stunning. what i nice gift for you to recieve.
    I adore my roses and cant get enough of them.
    The poem is so adeqate for this post.. super.
    thank you
    nice post

  4. This is such a pretty post Michele! That rose is stunning as is your tea setting! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  5. Your rose is beautiful. I also love the book, teapot, cup and saucer. All together it is lovely.


  6. Your vignette is beautiful. I love the beautiful shape of the rose, although it might be lacking scent.. the poem is lovely! xo marlis

  7. Well, it looks beautiful, even if it doesn't have a scent, Michele! I love the Yankee rose scented candle. I had some in tea lights and went through a whole box over the Winter months. It has a nice subtle scent to it, which I like because the really strong ones bother my eyes and my nose.

  8. That is a pretty tea cup! And a beautiful rose too. I know what you mean though, I can't wait for my hydrangeas to bloom they stay fresher WAY longer than the grocery store ones do.

  9. I love the tea rose but like you not as much as the roses from the garden. The teacup is beautiful and I
    love your Mother's Day tea post.


  10. I planted my first climbing rose last year and was so thrilled to see it made it through the winter and is thriving! Now I have to find those candles as I am too excited to cut any of my precious roses...well, maybe one or two!! ;-D

    Janie (New to your blog)

  11. When a rose is that pretty it doesn't need to smell! I love the beautiful tea cup also!
    Thanks for joining Friday Preties!

  12. Beautiful teacup! My sis has one that looks a lot like this one!

  13. You've made me want to stop to smell the roses! That rose is perfect and I love the tea cup and saucer. Tea tastes so much better from a pretty, dainty cup, doesn't it?

  14. Fabulous post, so simple yet so incredibly beautiful. The tea cup and saucer is one of the most gorgeous ones I have ever seen. The rose is absolutely perfect. Everything about it makes my heart smile.

  15. Oh, I just love the colors of your teacup. I have a few in the color range and have become very fond of them.

  16. Hi Michele!
    I love your teacup. It is so pretty and elegant.

  17. Hi Michele,
    What a beautiful teacup and matching red rose. So lovely!


  18. That is the most beautiful rose. Seriously. I thought it was a pin when I first looked at it. Isn't it amazing that God created such a wonderful, perfect incredible flower?

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!


  19. Thank you for joining TTf this week and I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Mother's Day!

  20. That is a beautiful rose, Michele! Love the teacup too. I agree with you that flowers from the garden always smell better. Lovely post and poem. Happy Mother's Day weekend, my friend, and thank you for your visit and sweet comment.


  21. What a beautiful teacup and rose. I love the colors in that cup.
    Have a great weekend!

  22. Your rose is so the little teacup too! I adore any kind of flower cut from the garden...they always smell so amazing :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  23. Hi sweet Michele...thank you so much for your visit to my blog...your kind gift for dear Julie and your precious comment. I too love roses and their delicious scent, I love rose candles, rose soap...the fragrance is just intoxicating to me!!! Thank you again and remember, the goodness will come back to you, hugs and love, Dawn

  24. How sweet Michelle! I hope you have a beautiful weekend. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughtful comment today!

  25. What a sweet post! I love roses and yours look so pretty and an equally beautiful tea cup... love the details of the cup and its vibrant color:)I agree with you garden roses smell so much better....Thank you so much for your visit. Have a beautiful Saturday!Hugs,Poppy

  26. Beautiful Michele. I have to agree about the scent of roses. I've been smelling every bouquet for sale at all the stores I've gone to the last few days. Its like being in heaven. Besides the rose I love Casa blanca white lilies. Oh my gosh they send their scent for days. We were staying at a beautiful hotel in Toronto, Canada a few years ago when my husband was on a business trip and I bought one and put it in a glass in our hotel room. It naturally perfumed the room for the several days we were there. It was sublmime. And white Gardenias I adore. And fressia. Oh my goodness I wish I had a bouquet right now. But garden roses with their glorious scents...I just love love love them. Love the china and lovely poem. So perfect. Thanks for sharing that.



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