Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day Basket

When I was growing we celebrated May Day. My Dad told me it was to honor the spring, and honor birth, and honor Mother Mary. He told me it was a really big deal to his mother growing up.

So I have carried on "the giving of flower baskets" on May 1st.

The tradition is that one would make up a basket (usually a filled cone) to hang on an unsuspecting person's door, early in the am before the heat wilted the flowers - ring the doorbell and DASH away hidden!

It is really fun to watch their faces in surprise and delight!

I have done this for years. It's fun and I highly recommend trying it!

This year I had already made earlier plans to take my daughters to lunch and shopping (my daughter's day off) so no traditional May Day ladies afternoon tea for me this year, which is my usual.

This is the May Day basket I made for my daughters and gave to them today.

I think my Dad would be happy I have continued carrying on this tradition.



  1. What a pretty May Day basket! I think that is such a sweet tradition to carry on. Happy May Day to you!

  2. Seems I have this in my mind linked with tussie-mussies. Is there a connection, I wonder?

  3. Very pretty, Michele! I love the basket you used, too!

  4. You must be feeling much, much better!
    What a neat tradition and it's beautiful!
    I was scrolling on your blog and saw all kinds of wonderful, colorful plates, pitchers and stuff. I wanted to stop and read them all!
    Take care! Jenn

  5. This is such a beautiful tradition. Your flower basket is wonderful. It reminds me of a time when people could stay home more and grow gardens and actually VISIT somebody! I'd be thrilled.

  6. What a beautiful may day basket. I know your daughters were thrilled! I so wanted to do something for May Day but we got back late last night from Colorado after driving 10 straight hours and then I was gone all day. Needless to say I am exhausted. So I am just going to enjoy your beautiful door arrangement and call it good. Thanks for sharing. You made my day a little brighter!!! Happy May Day to you Michele!


  7. so pretty, michele! this is such a sweet idea--tfs:)

  8. very pretty, Michele, I love the door arrangement. You are so talented!

  9. I love your May Day basket. It looks beautiful on your door. What a lovely family tradition you continue.

    The French Hutch

  10. Now that is a breath of spring! I love this. Your choice of flowers is perfect. :)


  11. I Love this tradition I do this too it is so fun to surprise all my friends I usually just use a jar of garden flowers
    LOVE your basket so pretty


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