Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pink Peonies & Tea cups

The peonies are in bloom!

And they look nice with my teacups from Japan!

These were a gift to me from the best man at my daughter
and son-in-law's wedding. 

(They met back when attending college and were roommates.)

He is from Tokyo and went back after school - yet came all the way from Japan to be in their wedding.....carrying these breakables all the way here in his carry on just for ME. What a special person he is to us!

This vintage purse is one of my very favorites for spring!

The phone in my purse rang and buzzed while I took this quick photo, haha. Don't they know I am working on my blog and don't want to be bothered have the time to chat right now!

Iit's actually funny b/c the purse was SO last minute. I was - again- having to take some quick photos before dashing off to appointments to get the early morning sun before it swings around to the other side by the time I returned (You can see the shadow now.)

I just had my purse sitting there and a light bulb went off in my head to throw it in there, too.

Funny, the littlest efforts seem to work best more oftentimes than not.

Thanks for stopping by!
It means a lot to me and I appreciate it very much!



  1. love this post!
    so girlie especially for a vintage luver :)
    HaPpY Day enJoYing blessings!

  2. Michele, I LOVE your peonies! That is my favourite colour; the softest shade of pink. The teacups are lovely and they're my favourite colours too; pink and aqua! Gorgeous post, my friend. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your week.


  3. I think I'd like a peony. Maybe next year.

  4. The flowers are beautiful and so are the cups!


  5. Peonies are the perfect addition to the cottage landscape! Being able to bring them inside to enjoy is even better...thank you so much for sharing over here at the Cottage Garden Party! You gave me a little sneak peek of what to expect in the next couple weeks in my own garden! xoxo, tracie

  6. I'd love to grow they like Houston? :D

  7. Your beautiful peonies look perfect with your special teacups. The colors compliment each other. Have a great day.

  8. what a great best man! your peonies are lovely and i LOVE your vintage purse!

  9. I really enjoyed reading this post and the beautiful photographs. What a thoughtful best man ... I love that he gave you such a sweet gift.
    You have a lovely blog...

  10. i LOVE peonies and i can't grow them here so I'll have to enjoy yours! peonies and teacups --- perfect!

  11. What a pretty purse, Michele! That's a great story about the teacups. I can't imagine someone flying that far with cups and saucers in his luggage. : ) I am flying to NY today and I'm bringing as little as possible {just so I don't have to check any luggage}. I may not have computer access, so if you don't see me commenting, I'll catch up when I get back!

  12. Beautiful peonies...I love them! They smell soooo good. Your teacups are very pretty & I'm crazy about your purse. All these items together made one beautiful vignette!

  13. Hi Michele
    The peonies look so pretty in your blue canning jar. I must get mine out so put some garden blooms in. That's funny that your phone would ring in the purse while photographing it - Murphy's Law. :-)
    Enjoy the weekend.

  14. Your peonies look beautiful! I love the teacups and the sentiments that go with them. As for the purse, if you ever come home and it's missing, you'll need to come to South Carolina to get it back. It's gorgeous!

  15. I have n ever had peonies. Yours are so very pretty. I may have to check them out here.

  16. Your peonies are gorgeous. I left a beautiful one when we moved 6 years ago. This house had some, so I get to enjoy them. I also love the teacups and the story about how they came to you. How sweet.

  17. What a sweet and precious gift, your teacups are so lovely!

    Happy VTT!


  19. Oh how pretty these cups are and I love how the colors of the cups mimic the colors of your beautiful peonies in the blue Mason jar. The cups are very pretty... a treasured gift:)And your vintage purse is truly one of a kind, I love the pretty fabric, so perfect for spring.It's funny how your phone rang while you are clicking away,lol!Thanks for sharing your gift with us and for your lovely comment. Have a wonderful evening!Hugs,Poppy

  20. Greetings girlfriend....I had wondered what had happened to you. Again no emails. But not just from you but others too. I do not understand blogger. And I see I once again missed several posts. I just don't get it. ( I know Michele its not you.) Anyway your peonies are disgustingly gorgeous. I am so jealous. I've decided that by hook or crook I AM going to plant some peony bushes. They are such a beautiful flower. And how special is that you were given those delightful teacups from your Japanese friend. That was a really neat story. And....I Love your purse. And photoing all these wonderful things outside....lovely things you adore make it all the nicer. I'm truly enjoying this beautiful afternoon with you. Have been going to write a long have been on my mind. Hope all is well.

    Love you my friend,


  21. Oh peonies are such fragrant lovely blooms! A good friend shared some with me this week and it was truly a lovely gift to have fragrance my home. Enjoy your weekend!

  22. Hi Michele, the purse definately looks like it was meant to be there. Love how it matches everything. So, so cute! My first Peony but opened yesterday. I love them! I have three plants, but only two do well. I want to pick some to bring inside, but just a few. I just don't have that many yet. I love their dainty petals. Sounds like this guy that gave you the cups is someone very special. Thanks so much for sharing this with Share Your Cup.

  23. Such a pretty setting, Michele!! I love your vintage purse... That just completes the picture. I miss peonies:( waa!!

  24. A very thoughtful gift Michele, and so nice of him to bring the cups all the way from Japan.
    How i love your peonies.. they are such a lovely flower.
    In |America, you call it a purse. In England we call it a hand bag. .. Its divine. I love it, i would use that every day.
    lovely photos. Like you say, sometimes quick posts come out good too.
    Happy weekend.

  25. Beautiful vignette and those peonies are so pretty. They are so romantic and soft. Your purse is really lovely.
    What a wonderful treat to receive those tea cups.....Beautiful.

  26. I am in love with your purse and those peonies.......just gorgeous !

  27. Beautiful! That is my favorite color peonies! Love that first shot and the vintage purse, too!
    Hugs, Cindy

  28. So pretty. And what a special friend that best man is! I adore peonies but can't seem to grow them ... so I gave them to my neighbor next door and now they are thriving!



  29. Love Peonies always! Those teacups are such a treasure - what a thoughtful young man - I adore your vintage purse! It is marvelous! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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