Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Romeo the Kitteh



It's just the truth.

Sometimes my cat is just so danged cute I almost can't take it.

I mean this sweet guy is ADORABLE.

(With the temperament of it as well.)

 He is a SWEET kitty!

His furry underbelly is really just too. much. cuteness!

He sometimes climbs up on our desk and falls asleep next to me keeping me company while I am really busy bloggin' working.

And he is the best shipping assistant!

"But wait, hey, Romeo!

We're not shipping YOU anywhere today!!!!"

All this work has made kitty very sleepy!

(In my next life I think I wanna be a kitty and sleep all day too!)



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  1. My husband would say I'm livin' that kitty's life right now. I'm allergic to cats but Romeo sure is cute.

  2. Awww..Michele, he is just adorable. What a beautiful face. I hope to see more of him and wish I lived closer so I could be his cat-sitter. I just know we'd get along fine. Thanks for sharing your kitteh. Deb

  3. Hi Michele,
    Your cat is adorable. To have a cat's life lol wouldn't that be nice! Thanks for sharing your photo's of your beautiful cat!

  4. Oh how gorgeous he is! Love that first shot.

    Visiting from Cats on Tuesday

  5. How adorable! I love his fluffy fur!!! What great shots of him!

  6. Wow - Romeo, you sure are a handsome kitty! You make a very good shipping assistant - but make sure you don't ship yourself someplace far away! My kitties love boxes, too! You have such beautiful fluffy fur!!


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