Tuesday, May 22, 2012

White. China. Tea. Book. Lace.

How I adore my tea books!

I have been adding to my collection for years.

This one is by E. Barnes & S. Rios and may be found here.
(Again, not a paid endorsement, just sharing my love of all things tea.)

It's a growing collection, not *quite* as large as my china. 

This little rose swag tea cup is one from Bavaria probably from around the 40s. I only have two.

I love it's feminine simplicity.

Seems to fit right in with a delicate little paper doilie, old crocheted lace and a tiny white creamer holding sweet Baby's Breath.

It somehow just takes us back to a simpler, slower time.

Nowhere is the English genius  of demosticity more notably evident than in the festival afternoon tea. The..chink of cups and the saucers tunes the mind to happy repose.  ~G. Gissing


Ahem.....how did that bird sneak into this tea photo shoot?
Narcisstic sneaky creatures they are, indeed!

(One never knows what these birds here at Finch Rest will next do!)

Happy Tea Tuesday!



  1. Love your teacup and saucer, oh and the gold silverware too! That sneaky little bird is sooo cute!

    Sylvia @agrandmasblessings

  2. Hi Michelle! Lovely photos as always! I haven't seen that book...it's on the Find list! Love the teacups. Our fav holiday is a cruise. Good value for money, only unpack once and everything taken care of! What's not to love! Thanks for sharing & linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  3. Pretty teacup, Michele! I love the gold spoon to go with it.

  4. Hi Michele,
    I love your teatime book and little rose swag teacup. Such a pretty teacup and gold spoon. The lace, doily and babies breath are beautiful accents. And I love your sneaky birdie too! *wink* Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi Michele, Your post calls my name. I adore china and tea time. I'm following you on Google, because I couldn't locate a Linky. (My widget for GFC went away when WP was dropped out.) Thanks, Helen (your neighbor on the list)

  6. What a pretty teacup! Your photos are beautiful, too.

    Would it be silly if I said, I didn't realize their was such a thing as tea books? I'll have to keep a look out for them from now on.

  7. What beautiful photos, Michele! Your teacup is so sweet and I love Baby's Breath. Love tea books too.
    I had seen your previous post on my dashboard and remembered seeing a gold finch but never got a chance to go read it until now. Oh, they are darling, aren't they? My favourite little birdies! Thanks for joining me for tea and have a wonderful evening.


  8. oh my that delicate rose cup is indeed special!! I love your enhanced photo - does look antique!

  9. sooo loving this tranquility !
    TY Michelle ~
    LoVely post ~ Loverly teacup ~ lovely setting!

  10. How neat that you use a small doily under the tea cup. It's very dreamy and romantic in here today...

  11. Your teacup is so sweet and dainty. I believe tea always tastes better in a beautiful teacup.
    Mary Alice

  12. Hi Michele: I love the dainty cup. The roses look like lace. Thank you for sharing your cups with us. It has been a pleasure having you be a part of Tea Cup Tuesday. Have a great week. Hugs, Martha

  13. Hello Michele! Wonderful teacup!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have just joined Tea Cup Tuesday after your suggestion. I think I will enjoy it a lot.
    Besos (kisses) from Argentina. Silvina.

  14. Michelle...you just can't trust those birds! lol!
    Your Bavarian cup is very sweet. I do love a cup with floral swags!
    I actually have a cup very similar, but I think it is French. I will have to go have a look at it now that I have seen yours. Mine has the same gold trim and handle as well. I love it in the vintage image too, that is a fab look!

  15. Such pretty pictures! Stop by and link up if you have time

  16. Thanks for sharing the book about tea. I actually didn't know so many people were interested in tea until I started blogging. Amazing how much we can learn from each other, isn't it? Your tea cup and saucer are very pretty, as well as your sweet little bird. Thanks for joining me at Your Cozy Home Party!

  17. Really beautiful images Michele! The book looks delightful!

    Thought you would enjoy...Interview with Leslie of Segreto Finishes and her fabulous Book Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  18. Beautiful photos. I have that Emily Barnes book. She was one of the first authors that inspired me to love all things tea. Your blog is beautiful and I am your newest follower. Patty

  19. Sweet post Michele and your images are just stunning. Love your tea cups and the vignettes are beautiful, so soft, so feminine.

  20. sweet post! I do adore my tea also =)

  21. Hello sweet friend,
    Thankyou so much for your beautiful comment, you made me smile.
    I know exactly what you mean about reminding you about slower times. I sometimes wish that I had been born 200 years ago and could sit and sip tea in beautiful silk dresses and shoes.......aaaahhhhh x

  22. What perfect collections you have, Michele... China and tea books!! What's not to love about that??!!

  23. Hello Michele
    An enchanting tea, even if a sneaky bird did manage to get in a photo. :-)

  24. This is wonderful! I just started collecting tea cups...now I might have to add tea books!

  25. Love collecting tea books, teacups - collecting in general - perhaps we're all little birds just gathering - nesting...sweet post - thank you for sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  26. So cute cup! I wish you a wonderful week! Zinnia

  27. Thanks for linking up to STL Wednesday!


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