Monday, June 25, 2012

Battenburg Pillows

I adore the intricate beauty of Battenburg lace.

I love most lace, but this is my absolute favorite kind.

Maybe because it isn't TOO girlie - it's just simply beautiful.

This is a very "green" section of our garden - there is a huge Butterfly Bush (more like a tree, actually) behind this seat that hasn't bloomed yet. I know I really do need to plant more color in this section, but for now it is just a simple green backdrop to show off this pretty set on my metal garden chair.

Please join the fun!

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  1. I love that little seat, Michele, and the pillows look so romantic on it. I had a butterfly bush that was like a tree back in NY, too. That thing was huge! When it did come into bloom, I had butterflies like you would not believe. I could just sit and watch them for the longest time. I'm looking forward to the butterfly house opening at the arboretum near me in July.

  2. Michele! I totally agree, I don't think it is over the top girlie but it is still so incredibly pretty. Beautiful pillows. :)

  3. Battenburg lace is so pretty & your pillows are lovely. I just bought a pillow at an estate sale a few weeks ago & I love it.

  4. These are perfect against the green background. Your bench is awesome too. Thanks for linking to the Pillow party...I went over and joined! Enjoy your day and this totally lovely weather. :o)

    1. Awesome, Ann - YOU have some fine pillows to share there, indeed! Was going to write to make sure you saw it and you beat me to it! ♥

  5. Those are beautiful pillows. I don't know anything about lace, but that is gorgeous.

  6. They are just so lovely! And I agree that the lace isn't too girlie ...

    Thank you so very much for linking up at Pillowpalooza (and featuring my button too!) ...



  7. Hello Michele
    Battenburg is my favourite too. My bedroom has doilies and pillow covers in this lace. I've been looking for a bed skirt, right now I have eyelet lace but I'll find one some day.

  8. what beautiful beautiful pillows. I forget how much I love battenburg michele. :) chris

  9. Battenburg lace is daughter has pillow shams and a dresser scarf adorned with it.
    Have a great week!

  10. Battengurg lace is one of my favorites also. I love love your green iron chair. Such a pretty shape.

  11. Michele, that area of your garden is lovely with the gorgeous chair and the lace pillows. You and I must be kindred spirits because I adore Battenburg lace. It seems I just have to buy it when I find it on a pillowcase, tablecloth or some other pretty piece. Thank you, Michele for being a regular at my party. You are someone with such pretty things to share and I enjoyed your visits to the party each time you came. Don't forget about me 'cause I will be at Cozy Home Scenes just as usual. Until next time-------- Shannon

  12. Love these pillows! I had the same pillows in my dorm room when I was a freshman in college! They are timeless! I am your newest follower!

  13. Love those pillows... I do think they are girly but oh my how beautiful. Your garden is lovely... so pretty and feminine.


  14. So very beautiful...I love Battenburg and it is such a perfect choice for pillows!
    You have created something wonderful!

  15. Michele I love Battenburg lace too !
    Your's looks beautiful against that green chair. I have a beautiful big Butterfly Bush (Budlea) in our front garden. It is a white bloomer and when it's in flower the most beautiful pale blue butterflies flock to it in droves. I love it and it's very easy to strike cuttings from in case you fancy another bush or 2.


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