Wednesday, June 6, 2012

White Weed Wonder

     Itty bitty tiny weed flower.

       Growing between the pavers.

       Almost looking regal.


 (even though I used words)


  1. Sometimes weed flowers are the best and who could "Round Up" that?

  2. my daughter loves to pick these for me...

  3. What a great way to "see" weeds. It's lovely. My grandchildren would bless my heart when picking one and bring it to me and say "Grandma look what I got you".

  4. Michele, that is one pretty close up of a weed. It's too pretty to be a weed!

  5. Your weed is so pretty, we were just driving today and notice some flowers along the road. Maybe they were weeds too.

  6. Love this little wild flower!
    Thank you for stop by my blog and for your always kind words. I'm so sorry to not have enough time to always thank you for your visits and words, but I always read you with a great pleasure!

  7. Little white daisy is determined to prevail. I love those wonders that just don't give up. Your pictures are so fun! Love the different techniques you used.

  8. Very Pretty!! Your pictures are great!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  9. I agree, it does look regal.. Isnt it odd how one flower is a weed and another that looks a lot like it is a daisy:-)
    it hurts me to pull weeds and I always wonder if they feel bad and inferior.. gosh, do ya think sometimes I think too much .. maybe so.

    thanks so much for visiting me. I like seeing your smiling face in my comments..

    see ya soon

  10. Intrepid little flower! It is gorgeously sweet! I love it! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday and hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  11. How could anyone ever call that a weed. What a beautiful little flower in all its glory. I'm sure it doesn't think its a weed either :D I know it must have been so pleased that you took its picture and made it feel special. Because it is!! Thats one of the many things I so love about you Michele. You see the beauty of even the smallest things all around you!! That my dear is a rare but wonderful quality!!!


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