Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Birdie teapot on patio

I am so lucky to have found one of the cutest teapots ever!

I mean this little guy is ADORABLE!

He is just too cute to keep indoors too long!

What a perfect reason to take tea outside on the covered patio.

Here is a pretty GW teacup find - has no saucer- but is a nice one for outside - no real harm if broken.

I had two of them, but the other I made into a silk floral arrangement.

This pretty purple stained glass "planter" was given to me in the late 70s by my favorite aunt - my mother's sister. A dear friend of my aunt's made them. I have cherished it for so long! It has a mirror interior and looks incredible with a candle reflecting inside it.

The quilted botanical table pad above is one of 4 placemats I purchased at a local favorite nursey and boutique. I have the matching runner but it has faded considerably compared to this seldom used and never washed placemat.

Thanks so much for joining me for a little "tea garden party!"


Garden Party Thursday


  1. Incredibly cute! I also like the little teacup with flowers. I wish you a wonderful Wednesday! Zinnia

  2. That is so pretty, Michele! Does it come with the stand or did you improvise with one of those little cake stands? Either way I love the way that looks. I keep forgetting to tell you that when I went to NY, I visited the Marshalls there. I found Summer pajamas ~ pink with white/pink rose teapots, teacups, creamers, in an all over pattern. I keep thinking they are the perfect pajamas for you! : )

    1. Yes, it's just on a stand that it fit on nicely - I usually use that stand for a fat candle.

      Those jammies sound awesome!!! ♥

  3. Another pretty setting for tea! That teapot is so cute. I love the little bluebird peeking inside.

  4. I love the teapot Michele, and the planters. The blue bird is just too cute. I have a bluebird house in my back yard and every year two families of bluebirds are born.. One so for this year.

  5. I love everything on your table. If you ever come home and that adorable little teapot is gone, you'll have to come to SC to get it. That is just the cutest thing I've ever seen. Love the planter and teacup too but I'm adoring the teapot!

  6. It is the cutest teapot! And what a pretty setting! I would love to sit there and we could have a little chat! Wouldn't that be so much fun?

  7. Your porch is so pretty and welcoming. The tea pot is very you! I love the little bird on the inside looking out. Hope all is well...enjoy what is left of this week. ~Ann

  8. I LOVE your sweet teapot!! It is adorable! And I so enjoyed this little tea outdoors with you! I thought I might have the matching cup so ran into the other room and brought my beautiful teacup arrangement in to see if it matched. It didn't but I SO love mine. It will always be a special reminder of you!

    We are back from Alaska and I am now 'recuperating' from such an incredible trip. It was over the top wonderful. I've got to get on the ball and get a post written. Would love to know all the cruises you've taken and with what ship lines. This is only are second cruise. So glad to visit. N

  9. This is such a lovely outside tea post Michelle,
    I love your tea pot. how i would adore to have one. Your tea will taste so wonderful poured from such a cute pot. The cup is just perfect.
    your cage arrangement ..all lovely.
    Have a wonderful thursday

  10. Very cheery! Love the birdie of course. I have seen that pattern on your cup before and think it is the prettiest cottagy design! Have a nice weekend!

  11. Hi Michele! That is a totally sweet teapot and I love your GW teacup. I just got home from teacup shopping and I found some good cups (no saucers for $ 1.50. This was from a tearoom, they have some great treasures. Of course they do have their $40.00 teacups. Oh..I like your cloche.

  12. I love your pretty tea party arrangement! Thanks for your comments on my site the other day. Best wishes!

  13. Michele, thanks so much for stopping by. Your teapot is absolutely precious. It is so cute and cheery. I also really like your cloche. Your tea garden party is perfect on your covered patio. It looks like it is such a peaceful and quiet place to enjoy a cup of summer tea. Have a great weekend.

  14. I also meant to tell you that the British Tea with your friends in your last post looked lovely. I agree with you, a hat is a must for tea time! I recently went to tea with a friend which I'll post about soon but neither of us had hats and I just didn't feel like I was attending a true tea! Looks like you had a lovely time and did it in style. Good for you! Hope your weekend is lovely.


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