Friday, June 1, 2012

Pink and silver

Ah........peonies. Well this is the last of the beautiful dark pink peonies as we were hit today with a very heavy rainstorm. We truly needed the rain, but it SURE puts an end to those delicate beauties.

Their petals are the sweetest, thinnest most delicate things; makes a rose petal seem made of metal in comparison. These petals are nearly transparent!

The compote casts nifty-neat shadows on old linen in the sun.......

Pink flowers, antique silver, vintage teapot filled with
matching pink Kalanchoe

These flowers were given to me by a friend for Valentine's Day and I placed them in a well-drained teapot. I use tiny river rocks on the bottom of all my planters....and a heavier bit for them if there is no drain hole on the bottom, which is the case with a very old teapot!

And -yay- these Kalanchoe are blooming again!

They had to be heavily cut back because they get very leggy  - and looked just awful for a bit....but if they stay cool with bright light and let them dry out between waters they come back nicely (not as heavily bloomed this time though) but still very pretty.

Oh, yes, the clean fresh scent of a peony....

~~~~I sincerely ♥ it~~~~

And shall miss it until its return again next spring.

Oh! The glorious, girlie, awesome, wonderful  PINK!



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  1. I grew peonies, the same color as yours! The the plants were destroyed when our house was lifted (yes, it's on a lake and it was sinking!!). They make wonderful dried flowers, too. Lucky girl!


  2. Ah, yes! Pink peonies deserve to be presented on a silver compote. Lovely! Happy Pink Saturday ~ Sarah

  3. Yes, truly beautiful! I guess that's why we have seasons. So we appreciate it more when it comes back round.

  4. What a lovely way to display that glorious bloom. Just beautiful and I heart the little teapot.

  5. Such a beautiful flower, Michele, and it looks great on that silver piece.

  6. What a beautiful way to display one of the most beautiful flowers. That pink is so pretty. What is that little plant in the teapot? Have a Happy pink Saturday.

    1. Clara,

      I have edited and added that info to this post. I really should have all along, but just didn't think of it!

      to answer your question - it is a Kalanchoe - which tends to like just being an indoor plant. Thanks for asking! ♥


  7. You take such pretty photos, Michele. I love seeing that precious peony displayed on the silver's perfect.

  8. Michele, I'm so glad that God thought to create peonies because they bring so much joy to so many people. Maybe that was the purpose, do you think? The color of yours is exceptionally lovely. I like your doily and teapot, too. Have a wonderful weekend!! ------------ Shannon

  9. Very pretty!

    Come and join me with my Color Connection meme through my PINK entry. Hope you join the fun!

  10. You photographed it beautifully.

  11. I hope you aren't right about the peonies in our area, ours aren't out yet, been waiting and waiting. Your pink one is a beauty, they are so delicate.

  12. Love the pink peony one of my favorite flowers. Mine are not blooming yet, waiting….. will be your newest follower hope you will stop by, Laura

  13. so pretty, miichele! love the sweet teapot, esp! i have one pink peony--wish they lasted longer:)

  14. Good morning sweet Michele,
    What a scrumptious peony and vintage teapot! Love your photos! The silver and pink and vintage teapot are delightful! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a beautiful day.


  15. Swweeeet, nothing is as swoon worthy as Silver adorned with Pink love love this!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!!
    xOxO Nerina

  16. Just came across your blog today for the first time. Peonies, what lovely flowers. I planted a peony about 5 or 6 years ago now and the most flowers I've ever had on there were 5! So last year we moved it to a better location...and now there's one single bud getting ready to show it's beauty! Maybe one year we'll have many blooms to enjoy...but one is better than none right??

  17. Just lovely...
    Great pictures!!
    Flowers have a way of bringing people together.

  18. Darn... I so wish my puny little peonies would put on a show for me. Every year I'm hopeful.......mostly just lots of greenery. Lovely too, but I'd really enjoy the blooms.


  19. Oh how sad it is when the peonies are gone. Gone too soon....

  20. Lovely captures of these magnificent peonies!

    I am a little late in visiting from last week due to work commitments, but I thank you heartily for your support of Floral Friday Fotos!

  21. I too love peonies and wish I had some. I hope to still get some planted yet. They are SO beautiful. Love your little vignette. Very sweet and the peonie is just gorgeous!!!


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