Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mr. Finch Rest, my DH

My DH is a successful "suit" corporate guy by day....but by nights & weekends he is a Wonderful Workin Warrior!

He is constantly in motion doing's actually difficult to get him to ever slow down. (If he didn't enjoy reading or eating so much he never would sit still!)

He really does keep our nest runnin' right! If it needs to be sanded, replaced, tightened, painted, planted, trimmed, chopped down, watered, mended, soldered, loosened, organized, taken to vet, reformatted, put together, built, moved - well you get the picture.

In our neighborhood he is definately the go-to guy. He is the one they come see to borrow tools (many of which he made himself from recycled/repurposed steel!)  More often than not he follows them back to their homes to help in whatever they're doing.

He is well liked and respected.


This is a typical scene around here once springtime rolls around.

I used my super zoom lens so he wouldn't know I was taking them.

Mr. Finch Rest trimming the back verge.

verge 1 (vûrj) - n.
1. The extreme edge or margin; a border. 
2. An enclosing boundary.
The word is best used by Gandalf the Grey for sure.

These are nice healthy big 'ole bushes he transplanted last fall from the main garden and moved to the back tree line because they were getting too big. Now he is shaping and cutting them to get maximum fullness.
Gotta love his wearing that silly-yet-practical Australian hat he loves so much! He's had it all the years I have known him and it was even old THEN!

I really really love this guy.

Happy Father's Day to my awesome DH, Mr. Finch Rest.

And to my Pop and my FILLL - rest in peace. I am praying for your souls.

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