Monday, June 18, 2012

Tea In Under an Hour

This is a long reading post but one I really think HOPE you enjoy. Thanks, in advance for your patience reading it (if you do, that is!) I shall reward you with pictures at the end, I promise!

On Saturday my sister called a bit stressed out and shared that she had just allowed her two eldest to go to the mall............but that her youngest was just too little to go and sis just wasn't up to dealing with the yucky ole mall - and who can blame her? BLECH!

WELL one can imagine how hurt and upset the baby of the family was at that time. This particular sister of mine was ALSO the baby of our family (with two older sisters) - so that is perhaps why she is extra sensitive to her youngest feeling left out. So she called me and asked if I would host a tea party for the two of them, that my niece had begged her to call me for a tea party. She said that's all she wanted, that tea with Aunt Shell would fix everything.


Was I not at the moment of said call knee deep in weeds and mud working in the garden?

I said to myself: "Ugh. NOW? Oh no! Dang. What do I reply? Ok, so I said to myself: "Michele, these kids have no grandparents alive! These kids only just have YOU around here to help on difficult days like this. Life is short. You know you love to have any reason for setting up a tea parties. Get over your objections and just do this. You will work it out. You always do. You are a smelly gardener with dirt under your nails! Clean up and help this little one feel better today!"

I say to my little sister: "Sure sis. um, happy to! Uh, well, your estimated time of arrival?!?"

Sis says to me: "Oh, say, in about a half hour to 45 minutes, is that ok?"

I say to sis: "OK, I will throw something together fast as I can, hon!"

I KNOW THIS IS LONG - SORRY - please bear with me!

I look at the clock and realize it really should be about the time I need to be preparing dinner for my hard working DH who is way out in the back garden, and thankfully he's no where close to being ready to eat yet. I have time for this.

I waste not a second more and actually TEXT the hubs to let him know what was up, and why he will see a fast driving bright red Mini Cooper making a mad dash past the back garden flying to her favorite local bakery to quickly remedy the fact that her pantry was too bare to have a tea party!

Whew. OK. Back from bakery. Where is the tablecloth I just used? OK - in dryer, haha, not even quite dry yet.  Run down to basement and find my fav mini 3 tier server perfect for a little tea.

OK, grab paper doilies and line the china plates on server. Cut up bakery goods into tiny tea-party sized bites, then place on doilies. Check tablecloth, dry now. Place on table. Grab china and glassware sitting on lowboy that haven't been put away yet. Set table. Fill kettle. Get out the tea.

Run and wash face and refreshen up. Throw on skirt, brush hair, put it up. Turn on fav tea party music. Clean up mess made in kitchen from cutting sweets.  Do finishing touches on table. Look at clock, they should be arriving here any minute.

But I get a text - she ran into rush hour and holy smokes she is in a deadlock, will be late.

Alrighty, since all is ready I now have time to make savories, too!  Which is good because it is after 4pm (actually our dinnertime) and they will be hungry, as was I! So I scurry to find something last minute in the fridge to make into finger savories.


So YES you will so totally recognize the tablescape I just used in my last tea posting, except with a few changes! I used the beautiful finch napkins my sweet friend Sylvia recently gave to me. I blogged about that here . And I used those flowers from the garden which I posted about here. And instead of breakfast this time it is a simple afternoon tea, so the food is different on the table. Everything else is pretty much the same, or close.

Ham & cheese with honey mustard on wheat
Herb & cream cheese sandwiches
Peanut butter & black currant jam triangles
Frosted brownie bites
Lemon sugar cookie squares
Zucchini & bluberry bread
White chocolate shortbread cookies
Bluberry tea

This tea was all ready within an hour and for only just a few dollars.

My sweet niece entertained us afterward.
She was seriously concentrating on those keys!

What a sweet face she has!
Glad I could help turn her tears into smiles!

She is a sensitive, thoughtful and kind little girl, welcome for tea anytime!

Her name is Reagan Michele. <nice middle name!!!


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  1. You are a wonderful Aunt! Beautiful tea you prepared for your niece. I love the doily in the middle of the table.

  2. What a wonderful auntie your little niece has! She has such a sweet smile! You have served up a real feast for her and I'm so happy you have shared it with us too. By the way, as I write this, I have five darling little gold finches at my feeder outside my window. What precious little things they are! They bring me so much joy! Have a beautiful day, my friend, and thanks for coming to my party.


  3. You are the sweetest aunt, Michele! If that is what you whip up in an hour for a tea party, I can only imagine what you can do when you have it planned it advance! Your table looks beautiful and your niece looks happy. Mission accomplished!

  4. How very sweet of you to stop what you were doing and plan something so nice for your niece! Everything looks great. Now I need to find a snack - I'm suddenly hungry.

  5. I was so glad to read until the end Michele. What a lovely Aunt you are.. your little niece Regan Michele, looks absolutely so so happy. You made her day.
    Your table looks divine. You are amazing. Such a lovely menu .. It all looks wonderful
    Thanks for sharing this story.

  6. You are one incredible aunt! Reagan is adorable. By putting all this together on a whim and so beautifully too, you are to be congratulated. You are amazing! I will bet little Reagan will remember this for years to come.

  7. Well, if your aren't the best auntie Michele. Amazing what we can accomplish when we want to give a young lady tea - and yours in record time!! The menu is yummy and the table so pretty.
    I am so glad you showed a picture of Reagan Michele, her lovely smile says she appreciated the impromptu tea party.

  8. What a beautiful young girl and you are a great aunt. So lucky to have you and vice versa. Such a great looking table, you did a wonderful job and on short notice. Sometimes those are the best, you don't have time to fret. Loved it.

  9. What a darling little girl and how lucky is she to have you as her aunt. You will remember the tea party long after those weeds finally get pulled up. Sweet memories. I wish I knew of a great bakery like that close to me....or wait...maybe it's better that I don't!! :)
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.


  10. How wonderful is that!? I love it that you through it all together for your sweet little niece on a dime and a moments notice. She will remember that, you know! And so will your sis! :)


    P.S. I have a little silver Cooper! :)

  11. i love that you "get" -it takes a village-, michele:) reagan is darling! you make the art of tea partying look easy!

  12. Of course you couldn't say no! And what a wonderful (and whirlwind) job you did. Fabulous! And I bet you enjoyed it as much as she did. This is one of the times that gets marked down in the Never Forget And Always Treasure files! Well done, you!

  13. Precious and perfect. And in an hour. Girlfriend you rock!!! Love how you pulled it all together so fast! I am more than impressed!! And I know your niece was THRILLED!!! You are one terrific Aunt!!!


  14. You are awesome and your niece is precious! Would LOVE to have a bakery near me, but would be too tempted for my own good! Have a blessed day, Michele.

  15. Hi Michele,

    Beautiful story and congratulations! You acomplished so much in such a little time, you are a SUPER aunt. Everything looks so beautiful.

    Have a fun summer!


  16. Wonderful story Michele! And congrats on pulling it all together. Your tea looks so inviting and yummy!

  17. You are a wonderful aunt Michele. I enjoyed reading and everything looks so lovely.

  18. You are the best aunt! When she is older....I know this is a memory she will never forget :) What a blessing that you unselfishly said, yes!


  19. This was such a wonderful and sweet post, Michele! I read every word. What a fabulous aunt you are and what wonderful memories you are making!

  20. What a special aunt your are, Michele!! I know your sweet Reagan Michele felt soooo special to be treated to that lovely tea. We all need to stop and savor life's tender moments to make wonderful memories. xo

  21. What a special thing to do for your sweet niece! You did an amazing job and made some fabulous memories for her (and for you) in the process. Thanks for sharing them with us, too.

  22. Hi: What a great Aunt you are! A very sweet story. What you did was make a wonderful memory for your neice. Thanks you sor sharing your special story with us this week. Blessings, Martha

  23. Dear Michelle, you are such a sweet and kind aunt! I am amazed at what you pulled together in your one hour! And yes, I read every word of your post, and felt like we were sitting at tea while you related the story to me : )
    The table looks beautiful, and all that good food! I am sure your adorable niece totally enjoyed it. The finch napkins are very pretty and such a nice gift.
    Do you play the piano yourself? I see you have a lovely too! But it is my kids who play. I am a lucky mom!

  24. Cheering for you all the way! Your niece will remember this forever! Things my Aunt did for my siblings and I have stuck with me! I am the eldest and I can understand how you feel - with both my parents already gone - my youngest sister is like yours and does a lot for her kids - that she missed growing up - this is a very special post! I appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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