Sunday, June 24, 2012


Last week my middle niece came to spend the night.  She wanted to bake something, so we made cupcakes. I let her make whatever colors and decorate however she cared to decorate them.

We made a few dozen and gave many away, but she kept about a dozen to take home.

As they were drying before I had to take her home, we came to my blog and I showed her some of my posts, some of my favorite blogs and various linky parties I love to join.

When it was time to take her home and we went to the kitchen to pack her cupcakes to share with her brother and sisters...........and she exclaimed "Aunt Shell, wait, I have a great idea!"

She formed a circle with the cupcakes and shut out the light (later day lighting is always shadowy.)Apparently she saw this. and said "It would be perfect for a Shadow Sunday!"

And she is right. And it is SO NICE to know they really do pay attention.

This girl is a blogger waiting to happen for sure.

This is Delaney Eileen, my niece and God-daughter.  You met her little sister last week.

She's a cheerleader and really awesome kid - very outgoing and extremely likeable! She is a bit melodramatic, and just "threw" herself onto the table as I was snappin the pic. She''s SO much fun!


Shadow Shot Sunday 2


  1. LOL! What a great reminder, Michele, that sometimes we need to look at things through the eyes of a child. Not that she'd appreciate being called a "child", but you know what I mean. Fresh eyes! It sounds like you had a wonderful time and each niece has her own personality. You may have to watch what you say now ~ she might be visiting your blog in the future! : )

  2. What a fun day you must have had together. I love that she thought about the shadows and arranged her cupcakes for that.

  3. Hello Michele
    Great job on the cupcakes, I love the lavender ones! (of course) It's fun to bake with the young ladies in our families; for me it's the granddaughters.
    A cute pose with the baked treats, very imaginative.

  4. Isn't it nice to have kids in our lives?!!!! You had a great time with your god-daughter/niece. She's a cutie. Sounds like she has the blogging instinct! Great looking cupcakes.

  5. Wow! she does sure look like a smart kid! Sweet times :)

  6. Oh, I would love to have one of those!

    I hope you can find time to see my Soft Shadows on the Wall, have a blessed Sunday!

  7. I'm glad you get to spend such special time together. The cupcakes look delicious.

  8. What a doll and I am so jealous of her gorgeous red hair! You must be such a fun aunt to be around.

  9. She had a wonderfully creative idea with great results! Well done!

  10. Such a pretty girl, I know you enjoy their visits. I can tell by her smile she is a fun loving young lady.

  11. Nothing like fun in the kitchen with a cute teenager! Cupcakes look yummy.
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

  12. Your niece is just adorable. I love her idea with the cupcakes and that she threw herself on the table.

  13. Oh my gosh - that's so awesome! Yep, I think she's a future blogger for sure! What a great time and the cupcakes look yummy!! Thanks for stopping over and commenting on my anniversary giveaway! I hope you had a good time at the reunion (I'm sure you did!)
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. What a sweet niece and what a wonderful aunt you are! I love the cupcakes and the shadow shot...perfect!!


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