Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Angels Tea in the Garden

This is a close up of the inside of a musical snow globe
 my dear friend Ginny Sue given to me a few years ago
 when she came to one of my tea parties.

Can you believe it - inside a globe?????

Tea Picnic in a Garden

"Thanks for inviting me to tea!"
“How do you do, then, Mrs. Bee?"

A honey cake would be a treat
There’s just so much for us to eat!

Crickets, bees and butterflies too
It’s really great to meet all of you.

The garden flowers smell so sweet
May I sit here on this seat?

Butterflies in brown, pink and green
So many colors to be seen!

Butterflies black and orange too
Butterflies white, yellow and blue

Butterflies red and all the rest
But I still like your purple the best!


Tea in a Garden

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  1. Amazing detail!
    How kind of your friend to think of you, and give you such a sweet gift!

    Hope you're feeling peachy today :)

  2. That's an amazing picture. I love the kitty and the tea set.

  3. I love my visits from you Michele. You have a gift to make anyone feel good, thank you. Your globe is beautiful. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  4. Adorable! Complete with kitty! Amazing that this is the interior of the snow globe. What a wonderful friend!

  5. How beautiful and detailed, Michele! I'm sure this piece gives you great pleasure for the subject matter and for the fact that your friend gave you such a lovely gift.

  6. Now that really is amazing! Very darling and love the poem!

  7. What a lovely gift and I love the poem.

  8. Aw, Michele, that is really sweet! What a precious gift from a dear friend! Perfect for tea time, thank you for sharing it with us. Hope you're having a lovely week, my friend.


  9. Such a sweet globe that must be. The poem is perfect for a little girl's tea. Hope that you are feeling better every day...

  10. Oh so sweet! What a lovely scene with great sentiment in the poem. I hope you are having a great August!

  11. What a sweet scene and such a lovely gift from your friend! I love the kitty cat in the basket.

  12. How amazing that the little party is all inside a snow globe. Gosh , I have'nt seen a snow globe in years..
    this is so sweet.
    a lovely poem too.
    thank you Michelle for sharing.
    happy week

  13. Hello Michele
    Such a sweet little tea party, and inside a globe! The poem is cute, perfect for a tea post.

  14. I love the globe,Michele, that was a great gift from Ginny, she is so thoughtful. Love the poem also.

  15. What a beautiful gift, Michele! Isn't the detail so incredible? I wish I could hear it playing.

    1. Should have mentioned it plays "Tea for Two," of course. Though truly the cat makes three!

  16. what a sweet gift, michele:) your friend is a keeper!

  17. Oh how cute! What a sweet friend you have! Love the poem, too.

  18. How delightful to have that in an actual snow globe!!! :) It's just too adorable - what a thoughtful gift from a dear friend!!! Enjoyed the poem too!!!


  19. That is incredible!! I love snow globes.
    Hugs, Cindy

  20. I don't see a way to contact you so I will just do this here. I had a new follower from Japan leave me a comment today so I went over to check out the blog and the first post is your post on their blog. It appears this person is taking posts and putting them on his blog. Here is the link. ryoma-sakamoto.blogspot.com.


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