Friday, August 24, 2012

Pink Rose Chintz Giveaway

Happy Pink Saturday!
Today I am feeling the Love of Pink throughout Blogland!
and wish to spread that love to all of you!
~~~ ♥ ~~~
Giveaway open to USA and Canada only-
(So sorry to all my international readers!)
The winner will be picked next Friday night, Aug. 31st.
Just leave a comment below and let me know if you wish to be entered!
Sappy sweet adulation comments get special treatment!!!!!  <kidding
Adulation: Noun
Definition: Servile flattery; excess praise beyond being merited.
                                                                   (I have no shame.)
Non bloggers are able to enter - just leave a comment anonymously but please check back to see if you won! I shall wait two days and if I don't hear back from the winner (if anon) and have no way to email you, the Random Number Generator will pick another winner on Sunday evening.
Of course ALL comments are appreciated - whether or not you care to enter this giveaway!
As always, thank you so much for visiting - it means a great deal to me.
Hugs from your pink-lovin' friend,


  1. Lovely...and my favorite pattern, roses! Looks like I am number one...that usually is not a good thing, but I am loving this pattern!! Thanks for the chance. Happy Pink Sat.

    1. I use a Random Generator - all's fair in love and pink, my friend!

  2. Thank you for the chance to win this lovely set! I've been a follower for awhile now and want to let you know I really enjoy your blog. That's the truth. I'm not just sucking up to Random...

  3. How cute! I love anything tea related. :) Count me in!

  4. Ooh la la, Michele, what a fabulous, wonderful, pinkilicious giveaway! Count me in, lovely friend!

  5. How beautiful your sweet giveaway is! I'll take a chance anyway, as I have an American address too...but still feel free not to enter me if it doesn't apply.
    Have a wonderful weekend sweet lady.

  6. Absolutely beautiful giveaway!! Count me in!! Thank you so much for the chance to win :)

  7. This is such a lovely set,I'm sure the winner will treasure it. x

  8. Very pretty, and a cute giveaway! I'm not entering, but had to comment. Sweet adulations heading your way! lol
    Debbie :)

  9. I want to play! Love visiting here and finding all the beauty you share with dishes and flowers and birds and your sweet take on things... I hope that that doesn't come across as insincere just for the sake of winning. No, no, I mean every word.☺

  10. Michelle, Of course I'll enter your give-a-way. I NEED (????!!!!!) a lovely, dainty rose decorated sugar and creamer!!!! Happy Pink Saturday!!!

  11. A couple of pretties for this giveaway Michele. I'll sit this one out as I am happily enjoying pinkness from a previous gift you gave away. I still wanted to comment so you'd know I'd been for a visit.

  12. Oh, pretty, pretty, Michele! Love the sweet little roses; so dainty! What a lovely Giveaway, my friend. Of course, I want to enter! Hope you are having a grand weekend and Happy Pinks to you!

    Blessings and hugs,

  13. They are so pretty Michele! Please count me in. Happy Pink Saturday.

  14. Dishes and roses are two of my weaknesses. I am sure the lucky winner will be most pleased to receive this pretty set.

  15. Oh these are so lovely and would fit right in with all my other roses. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  16. A lovely give a way indeed. I love the pattern on the sweet set.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. Oh, so sweet! I have a vintage tablecloth they would look lovely on, so please enter me too! Happy Pink Saturday! Sadly, I don't have a Pink Sat. post this week, but enjoying others! :-)

  18. What a great giveaway - someone will truly love this! Thanks for linking.

  19. Loving the little rosebuds on this set. How charming :-) I love anything with roses on it... my daughters middle name is "Rose" as is my grand daughter ;-) I have no luck finding any dishes with roses on them though-- I must get everywhere to late to purchase any lol
    big hugs,

  20. What a lovely giveaway, Michele! These are beautiful! Please toss my name in the hat! :)


  21. It's a pink and precious giveaway and how kind of you to offer it to one of your readers. Count me in!

    Susan and Bentley

  22. It's so easy to say, yes, certainly! Enter my name in the drawing. Those are cute, cute! Goodness, you're having a giveaway - that's neat too.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter and Happy Pink Saturday!

    (Loved the post!)

  23. I check your blog daily for new posts and always enjoy them! I would be tickled pink to win your lovely giveaway. I am a dish nut!
    Martha Ellen

  24. Absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to be entered. Hopping a little late from Pink Saturday.

    My PINK, come and see when you get a chance.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  25. Dear Michele,
    I would love to be in the pink where everything is coming up roses! You are sweet! Thank you for entering me. Little pink rosebuds melt a girl's heart.
    xo Ruthie from

  26. Oh Michele, I do love pink! Everything pink and rosey! I do love freebie's too!

  27. Thanks for stopping by Michele... So our moms look alot alike huh? Interesting, are you Italian also? Love your blog...
    Happy Sunday. Ciao

  28. What a beautiful cup and saucer, so sweet and dainty. Yes, I would love to enter and win!...Christine

  29. Would love to win the giveaway--pretty roses.

  30. Michele, of course I want to be entered to possibly receive this beautiful sugar and creamer! Wouldn't want to miss the chance to own such a pretty set. It is a known fact that I am a collector of dishes and accessories decorated with pink flowers, especially roses. Please Mr. Random Generator grant my wish on the 31st. so I can add these beauties to my collection. Thanks for offering such a pretty giveaway, Michele.-------- Shannon

  31. Hi Michele,
    What a beautiful giveaway! Oh-la-la I would love to enter your giveaway for a chance to win your beautiful cream & sugar bowl.


  32. Hi, I come back again and again to your blog and I hope you are feeling well. There's something about that little yellow finch (in your header) that grabs me! I enjoy all of your nature photographs; you have an amazing eye and camera (I, too, don't know if I've ever seen a hummingbird stilled and don't think I ever really knew what they looked like til I saw your real-life photograph). I, of course, would love to add your pink chintz to my small collection of all-things-pink. I'm a girly-girl who loves her pink. Thank you for such a nice giveaway opportunity.

  33. Hi Michele,
    I am totally new to reading blogs. I just discovered them this month. My boys got me a laptop for Christmas and it's opened a whole new world for me. :) I'm still learning how it all works.
    I LOVE your blog and am so impressed with your incredible talent. You inspire me!
    Thanks for the delightful entertainment and inspiration!

  34. Oh...I want to be entered! What a sweet sweet set! Just beautiful! Love your beautiful blog and all you do. Now off I go back to that beautiful blue tablescape that redirected me here....two great bog posts in one :) Thanks!!

  35. Hello, Michele, Thanks again. I do love your blog and look every day...Please enter me, if you haven't! Carol Klos

  36. Hi Michele, I have always loved your blog and how creative you are. I would love to be entered in your wonderful giveaway. What a lovely rose chintz set. Just Beautiful!!!
    Hugs, Jody

  37. Oh my ... pink roses! Yes, yes, yes, please enter me!

  38. Pretty Pretty>Pretty ... What a delightful giveaway and so generous of you to share this sweet set ...Please do include me , Dear Lady .. Hugs


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