Monday, August 20, 2012

Nature of Finch Rest

Oh how divine these cooler days and nights have been!

We can finally stand to spend time outdoors.

Nature abounds all around us!


The butterfly bush is the main attraction.

Nature just flitters and floats and buzzes all day.



I have discovered not one but TWO hummingbirds now.

We have the green one that I posted about here not long ago.
He was the very first one here.

Isn't he a CUTIE??



But since there we have been spying this cute white one.
 And the green one is very upset he has to share
They are constantly at each other, as they're quite territorial.
(As if Finch Rest would let either of them starve! Silly birds!)



If you love hummingbirds be sure to check out that old post
 mentioned above for a very economical easy nectar to make
for your hummingbirds!


Have a fabulous week, everyone!



  1. its not often that you see a humming bird sitting stil...Awesome. Beautiful nature photos. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  2. Looks like Mother Nature and her critters are very happy at Finch Rest!


  3. Love how you describe nature floating and buzzing and flittering...prolly not in that order, but it was a wonderfully descriptive line. Beautiful photos, too, Michele.

  4. Ineresting photos and mosaic. What's he name of the big yellow butterfly? Yes, the butterfly bushes are the favourites here too, espec. the purple and the blue.

  5. Hi Michele..
    great post!
    What wonderful things you are enjoying this summer!!

    Love those hummers.
    They are so sweet, and so busy!

    Have a great week...
    Smiles :)

  6. Beautiful images! I have seen butterflies looming around my flower garden but did not take photos of them yet. I would try to do it later of the day. Your post inspire me to take photos of butterfly and bees (I hope) ^_^


  7. What beautiful little birds! You are very lucky to be able to see (and get photos of) these tiny creatures.

  8. Just beautiful, I love your hummer and the pretty butterflies. Lovely mosaic. Have a Happy Day.

  9. I can't wait for my butterfly bush to flower this Summer. The birds, bees and butterflies have a party in it I love it !!!
    Great photo's xo

  10. So pretty! I would like to invite you to enter my HomeGoods 50 dollar gift card giveaway. The card can be used at TJ Maxx and Marshalls as well.

    Please visit my site to enter :)

  11. Love all the pictures ...that Bee Closeup is extraordinary! He almost looks like a fuzzy little stuffed animal from the perspective of the photo!

  12. Hi Michele: Gorgeous photos--I especially love hummingbirds, too! I have a couple that feed at all the nasturtiums that I have planted, as well as some red nicotania that is blooming away right now, in addition to the feeder. Love them!

  13. LOVELY! I am enjoying the cooler temperatures too - we have a few hummingbirds thanks to my neighbor's bushes - He has giant butterfly bushes - I need to go over and take pictures! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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