Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bridesmaids Tea Luncheon Tablescape

Bridesmaids Tea Luncheon Tablescape
Well..............least it could be.

It certainly has that "look" about it.

Perfect shape/size cup and saucer set for either
hot tea, coffee or cuppa soup!

But there aren't any bridesmaids in my life right now,
  so I shall just have to pretend.

(Does a body good!)

Light blue, sweet light pink, old silverplate, white china
with pretty colourful florals....

All just so girlie- tastic!

Reversable placemats have a stripe or a vintage looking floral - 
making it difficult to decide which to choose! 
(But the stripes won in the end.)

Which do you prefer?

The centerpiece needed to stay super simple:

Large & small white carnations, in an old white Ironstone pitcher.




  1. Perfect for any time of luncheon gathering Michele. I like the soft colour and the floral side of the placemats.
    Maybe one day you can put together a bridesmaids tea for real?

  2. all is very pretty but I like the floral side,I just love flowers!

    Hugs, Sylvia

  3. Very pretty set, Michele! I love the floral side. Love how your silverware even has a floral design on it!

  4. Love the stripes and love the direction the placemat is taking on the table. I've never noticed it done that way before. Hope that I can remember!

  5. The stripes look great with the whole look, Michele! Great choice! Bridesmaid...or any gal just looking for a relaxing afternoon at a pretty table...would enjoy this!

  6. Yes, perfect for a luncheon for any special occasion. Love all the floral details.

  7. You are too far away or I would come and be your pretend bridesmaid and I would bring my sister. It would be the grown up version that we played as children.

    I like the stripe - it pulls it all together without being too busy. That said, I can see another setting with the beautiful floral. We should all be living a beautiful life every day.

  8. What a perfect setting for bridesmaids...whether they are there or not! I love your setting and your photos! Wonderful Michelle!

  9. If I close my eyes I can see fact if I look really hard I can see myself because if I were closer I would come over and sit down with you and you could pour me a cup of tea ! What a glorious looking table, I love that china ! (my fav pink and blue) and the flowers are simple and understated and a perfect choice.
    Thankyou for that lovely comment on my blog Michele, you had me giggling as well ! A stickybeek is somebody (or in my case the dogs) who is really curious and needs to know what is going on regardless of whether or not they have been invited too. lol! Sorry I didn't realise that was such an Aussie saying. Next week I will take pics of those kangaroos for you. My course is in a rural setting at an agricultural campus so snakes and kangaroos are both regular visitors. Thanks for the idea of the blog post too, that's a great idea, big hugs and thanks for the feedback xoxoxo

  10. So pretty! My daughter just became engaged. I don't know how we are going to do this long distance but oh, I loved picturing her and her friends around this table. Lovely table.

  11. Michele, you sure know how to set a lovely table even if it is make believe! Heehee. I adore the dishes with the pretty flowers done in such feminine colors. I like the striped side of the placemat but the floral side is lovely too. You always pay attention to every detail.---------- Shannon

  12. This is a lovely tablescape. I love your dishes!

  13. So glad the stripe one.. so pretty. Make believe is good, healing and just a really happy place. I love the pretty dishes. the flowers look perfect in this setting.. xo marlis

  14. I think that the contrast of the blue stripe with the aqua goblets created a jewel like effect for your table. So glad that you chose the stripe...the floral is great, too, though. No bridesmaids...this would be lovely for close friends, too. I love the whole design! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  15. A bridesmaids table is a lovely idea but you have the perfect tablescape anyone would love to be seated at. The china is just gorgeous for the embossed edge and blue trim sets off the flowered center with perfection. The vintage silverware has a great patina and flowered pattern. Either side of the place mats are terrific and the pink napkins create a touch of softness. Just Lovely!

    Thanks, Pam

  16. Love the stripes! BEAUTIFUL photos!

  17. kMichele, What a lovely feminine table! Since there are no bridesmaids to sit at this table I will volunteer!

  18. I'll be a guest, too! I love the stripe on the best with the dishes. Oh my, do I ever LOVE those dishes. Are they not the prettiest things?? You pretend all you want!

  19. Hi Michele! I'm like you...I like both sides of the placemats. Your tablescape is simply beautiful. I love your china and the pretty pink napkins.

  20. May I join you, Michele? Love your table spread with all the girly prettiness! Your dishes are so sweet! No pretending here. One would feel very special to sit at your table. Thanks for your visit and have a splendid weekend, my friend.


  21. Oh so pretty! The dishes are beautiful, and I love your simple centerpiece. Definitely the stripes with those dishes! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Oh yes, stripes! I love stripes and florals. You really have pulled all of the small and intricate details together...down to the flatware with the flowers. Perfect!


  23. Hi Michele,

    You do set THE prettiest tables -- truly! I adore those dishes and matching napkin rings; what is the name of the pattern on those? They're sooo pretty. I'm a sucker for light pink and blue, so this is a table for me. :) I think your white carnations look lovely in the ironstone pitcher, and I like both sides of your placemats. Thanks for sharing this charming table, Michele. I hope you have a great weekend!


  24. Hi!
    What a darling tablescape!!
    So pretty.

    I love the floral side of the placemats.. and you mentioned how nice it would be for a soup lunch... amen!

    Soup sounds good right now... I guess I'm in a bit of a Fall-ish mood.

    Smiles :)

  25. Hi Michele.
    Although I am a floral lover, I think I like the stripes better for this. Either way-tis pretty.
    Please come visit Lady B and me. We are having a tea-themed giveaway at:

  26. So feminine and lovely. What a pretty china pattern...and I think the stripes show off the china better!

  27. It certainly could be for a bridal shower, very soft and feminine!

  28. Very pretty~ thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!


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