Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Autumn Transitional Vignette

Autumn has hit the store aisles
 and the magazine & catalogue covers
 and lots and lots of blogs.
I am sharing a "transitional" vignette today
featuring a nice big cuppa because that is the way
I am drinking my coffee this morning.
Most of the time I drink tea in a dainty cup
but this morning I am mug-bound!
This mug is part of my everyday dishes set.
(It even gets the approval of my tea-party hating daughter.)
I am just not ready
 to give in to my Autumn decorating!
I am not ready for all the deep luscious harvest colours
of burnt orange, reds, golds & browns
when it is still so green and alive outside!
Fall is going to come fast enough as it is!

Because everything is so dry the leaves will fall fast
 and leave very little colour for us this year, I'm afraid.

And last but certainly not least
I am a winner and it arrived yesterday afternoon!
Diann from A Thrifty Groove had a generous giveaway
a while back and I was the lucky winner of
a subscription for BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS!

♥ Thanks so much, Diann! ♥
If you haven't yet visited her blog, please do!
It is great reading & she is a very sweet gal!


A good cuppa, nice magazine, sitting with my kitty
and enjoying a very sunny summer day!

 Click here to enter!


  1. Such a relaxing pictures! There is nothing like a good cup of coffee or tea, a good magazine or book and a beautiful day. I'm not ready either for fall. This summer here has been the best in years! Weather warm and perfect for me. I know come September I will get the urge to change my decorating to all the beautiful autumn tones. Have a great relaxing day!

  2. Sounds like you have the perfect way to spend a perfect summers day.
    It is a bit too early for Fall....just yet.
    Although.. my heart longs for those glorious Fall days.
    Still need my pumpkins to grow just a bit more~~~LOL!

    Smiles :)

  3. I can't wait to have my morning java. Been waiting to get out of the wheelchair so I can enjoy it at my desk again and not spill half of it before I get into the office area! My gardens still look good. Want some cool weather though.

  4. I am looking forward to Autumn, but I can't quite go all the way with the decor... not yet, you're right, it will come fast enough. Love your photos...
    Ciao for now...

  5. I am not nearly ready for Fall either and I probably won't decorate for a while. Autumn is always a forerunner to our very cold and icey winters so if it never came, I would be happy.
    Your teacup/mug looks just right for a cup of coffee. Love your cozy vignette! Thank you for joining me for tea, Michele, and enjoy your day.


  6. I like your mug. Fall is sneaking up on us. I went into the drug store to pick up a prescription and they are even getting into the *mood* ... Halloween cards are out and they had some Autumn decorations for sale. Good grief!!!! I love BHG. You'll enjoy the eye candy!

  7. Hi Michele,
    Nice big cuppa! I'm not ready for Autumn either. You are right! It is still so green and alive outside. Our temp. during the day is around 90 and during the night 60. We still enjoying our pool, so I'm holding on to SUMMER for as long as I can. :)

  8. Like you I am not ready to give up on summer yet. It is the same here-trees are dropping leaves already due to lack of rain.

    Take care,

  9. I love your vignette, Michele! It looks like a very comfortable spot to sit and enjoy your "cuppa", too. : ) I am the same ~ not ready to decorate for Fall just yet. Although, I'm sure by the second week in September I'll be up in the attic looking for my bins!

  10. Hello Michele
    Almost feels like Mother Nature is rushing us along to autumn this year. Congrats to winning a magazine subscription, good reading with a mug of tea.

  11. What a wonderful day to spend the morning. I hate to admit it, but I pulled a bit of Fall out yesterday. I am still loving summer, but also enjoying the cooler mornings and evenings. One thing is for sure, after Fall it's Winter. Now that I am now too anxious for. Congrats on the win. Diann is a sweet lady.

  12. I love BH&G. When it comes in the mail it totally makes my day. I have to admit I am definitely ready for fall. I am so tired of watering everything!

  13. Hi Michele, I like your glimpse of Fall with your pretty vignette. I love your everyday mug! I drink tea every morning and I am a mug girl. Congrats on winning a subscription to BHG. I'm sure you'll get lots of Fall inspiration in there. I'm ready for Fall and cooler temps down here in Texas.

  14. Oh Michele I SO don't want fall to come yet. Winters here are SO long and I'm enjoying everyday of this beautiful weather. But your vignette is just charming...just like you kiddo! Kudos to your wonderful creativity!


  15. Your mug is wonderful...hydrangeas,too! Congrats on winning magazine subscription!

  16. What a spectacular autumn vignette! Your right Michele, fall is coming to fast. I see the flowers and vegetables are slowing going away and new fall things coming up. I'll miss the summer days. Congrats on winning the magazine! I've always loved Better Homes and Gardens. Now they have so many, that's progress. Have a great week!

    Hugs, Jody

  17. I like your transitional vignette! Lovely!

  18. Hi Michele,
    Love your autumn vignette. The colors are beautiful!! The bird cage with the plant is fabulous. Along with the pretty candle. Congrats on your years subscription to Better Homes & Gardens. Have a nice week.

  19. I'm ready for fall but not ready for pumpkins yet! I like your transition vignette, perfect for this time of year. Thanks so much for stopping by, have a nice holiday weekend, Laura

  20. I love the birdcage! And I so agree with you on summer. I just posted about the same thing. There are some of us out there who can wait for fall. :)

    Have a great day!

  21. Such a pretty semi-autumn vignette! I agree with you that I am not quite ready for the bright orange pumpkins but am slowly removing some of the very summery looking things to get ready for some subtle fall colors. Have a wonderful weekend, Michele!!

  22. Looks really nice and very soothing. Love your vignette!...Christine

  23. Hi dear M,
    TY for you advance wishes and hold off the rain from my crayfish garden party. It was a great day. Everyone were happy enjoying the small things offered.

    It is traditional party we have every year and hubby don't want to break so, instead of having a gown, coat & ties, we made it so informal.

    Hope you had a great day and a blessed week-end to come.

    SOrry to visit late. I still have hundreds of chores to be done and one thing that make things difficult is that my daughter is going back to the university after her summer break. What a heartbreak.


  24. Goodness Michele...

    What a lucky winner you are... There 's lots of fabulous reading ahead for you ( ha Ha)... A change is always good for the soul ... especially when it's to sip your favourite beverage from... The Autumn colours are so calm and relaxing...It's a special time for for rejuvenating the soul with the beauty of the season... ENJOY ...hugs

  25. Very nice. I'm starting to get in the mood to decorate for fall. I have a lot of new to me things that I can't wait to use. Have a great weekend!!

  26. Hi Michele,
    Congrats on winning the free magazine! I love BH&G! Your autumn vignette looks lovely - you really have that special touch. I know what you mean about drinking from the mug - some days are just "mug" days! I'm ready for fall...or at least, I'm ready for cooler weather! I hope all is well with you and your family. Have a good holiday weekend!
    Hugs, Cindy

  27. I'm taking the gentle approach to fall too! I like the colors of your vignette. Congrats on your fun win!

  28. I'm so glad you are enjoying your BH&G magazine! I had to renew mine at the same time. It really is one of my favorite magazines! Have a fun day!


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