Monday, August 27, 2012


Sometimes we just find the neatest things
 when we are out there thrifting, yes?
And if one looks long enough
 one may find like items that work perfectly together!

Goodwill, Ohio Thrift, estate auctions, yard & garage sales, antique stores, secondhand stores, Volunteers of America, etc.
 can really be amazing places to pull together
 simply wonderful tablescapes!
It takes a good eye, imagination, a little time and patience -
but seldom takes much money to get
"The Look for Less!"

Every single item on this table came
from one of those kinds of shopping experiences.
(I especially adore these huge heavy glass chargers!) 




Why pay high retail prices?
Full-price retail shopping is something I seldom do.
(HomeGoods and craft stores exempt from that statement.)

And then there is catalogue shopping. That too is exempt.
More often than not I get my inspiration from
those wonderful catalogues - but get my shopping mojo
 where it's doing the world some good, like GW.
(We all win a bit more then.)

And for all the star gazers, here's a little BLUE MOON info for you!
(Source: Mike Wall |

Skywatchers should circle Friday (Aug. 31) on their calendars
for the date offers the last chance to see a so-called "blue moon"
for nearly three years.
The moon reaches its full phase at 9:58 a.m.
EDT (1358 GMT) Friday, marking the second full moon of August
(the previous one occurred Aug. 1).
 Stargazers won't be able to see two full moons in a single month
 again until July 2015.

And now for Ella's awesome rendition of Blue Moon,
because I just KNOW you are humming it to yourself now!




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  1. Ooo, how pretty. I do like cobalt blue the best! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Michele.

  2. Those heavy glass goblets are gorgeous, Michele! You really found some beautiful pieces to bring together in this lovely tablescape!

  3. Oh how beautiful Michele, I love the dark blues and such a beautiful view out your window. I always say "One woman's junk is another women's treasure". Keep on thrifting!

  4. Hi Michele,

    This is such a pretty table, even more so because you took the time to find bargains. As you say, everyone wins a little more that way. I love the blue goblets with the raised pattern -- just lovely. And the design on the salad plates is so cheerful. Great job!

    Thanks for the info. about the Blue Moon. We are skygazers at our house. Hubby has a telescope and we like to look at the night skies. Have a great day, Michele!


  5. Imagination...that's what it really takes. Apparently, I have very little of that because I've never seen anything so attractive at Goodwill or a yard sale. I'm sure of it! Just a remarkable blue table. I'm looking forward to the blue if it would only turn blue as well... =D

  6. How did you know I was humming Blue Moon? :-) I'm loving all these lovely blue pieces that would go well in my kitchen, I've been adding cobalt blue as I find things.
    Nice pairing of plates and accessories for the table Michele.

  7. Just gorgeous!

    Visiting from Blue Monday.
    My BLUE
    Come see when you can.


  8. What a beautiful blue-patterned plate! I'm only now, in my 50s, discovering the thrill of second-hand finds after a lifetime of putting my hands up, saying it's all just a lot of other people's junk. I'm finding I like their junk!

  9. I love blue so I absolutely LOVE this post. I visited my local thrift store on Saturday ... two new teacups. !!!!! I saw some lovely blue goblets, but passed on them.

  10. I'm with you, my friend, in not paying full price!! Hooray for bargains. You sure found some beauties in your thrift store deals. Thanks for the info on the blue moon. I need to remember that and mark it down.

  11. Oh what great finds! I think of you every time I walk in Lola's room and see the little carriage on her dresser! =)

  12. simply adorable! I also shop in second hand stores, not only for tableware but also for clothes. the wonders you can get, it's amazing :)))!

  13. Beautiful tablescape. Amazing that you put that all together from different places at different times. It all comes together perfectly! Love it. Love the style and shade of blue.

  14. Pretty blues and I just love bargain hunting...~Clara

  15. Perfect!
    I love your advice on getting such a beautiful table setting and not spending a lot.
    I only wish that I had more room to store different table settings.

    Thanks for this post.
    I loved everything about it!!
    Including Ella!!

    Smiles :)

  16. Hi friend!!!! I have been missing seeing your beautiful posts!!! Your table is gorgeous!!

  17. That lush cobalt blue shade makes for such an impressive display!

  18. I'm with you...I hate to buy anything (decorative) at full retail price. I either go wholesale or wait for a deep discount. Waiting can pay off, but it can sometimes prove disappointing if you're not able to find all the pieces you want. It's my kind of "gambling", I suppose! :-) There are not a lot of great finds at the thrift stores around here, or maybe I just don't know when to go. I have found a few great buys here and there, but it's never consistent. You have shown exactly what kind of table one can put together with patience, diligence and real thrift store savvy!!! Have a good holiday weekend!

  19. What beautiful pieces and you did a wonderful job setting the table! Great way to shop, and fantastic job finding everything that looks so perfect together!
    Debbie :)

  20. Love blue collection of dishes. It is amazing what you can find while thrifting if you're willing to take the time and be patient. You have set a complete and lovely table, which I know I would not have been able to buy all the parts and pieces if purchasing them from stores. The real problem for me is - where to store all these great finds.

  21. Your tablescape is just simply gorgeous, as always, Michele! Love Your Cobalt Blue china, stemware, with your napkins, And what a lovely theme Thrift Blue Tablescape, too. And since I've been on a blog break, I've been peeking at all the tablescapes settings and they are all so beautiful, too! You are so talented and are such an inspiration! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful weekend. I will be posting a new tablescape on this Sunday.
    Cheers! xxoo Diane

  22. I couldn't agree with you more! I get to C-bus rather frequently and there is great. Thrift shopping there. Lucky You


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