Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Card Party - March!

Card Party Time!

Simply pick 4 of your fav pics
on past posts and link up to the party!

(Easy peasey - and lots of fun!)

Decided to go with an egg theme

since Easter is just a few weeks away!

Whether they're used as a simple
 floral arrangement vessel
(that I made for an Easter tea guest favor) ...

Or artistically painted by a talented hand
 and then displayed & housed in a beautiful glass box....

Or displayed as simple cute candles....

Or placed inside a sweet 

springtime cup....

Or even a wee teacup giveaway!

If you missed my post yesterday
with some pretty springtime eggs

~~and the giveaway~~

 be sure to visit for your chance to win!

A Haven for Vee

As always, thanks for your visit!



  1. Oh I love the elegant egg cups and candles...well I really like all of your beautiful pictures. It looks so much like spring in here!

  2. I really like the picture of the egg in the pretty spring tea cup.
    They would all make great note cards!

  3. The eggs in the glass box are awesome Michele, and I do like how shiny those candle eggs are.

  4. These are really sweet Michelle. Those little egg cups are pretty and I love the egg bouquet! Blessings, Pamela

  5. Oh Michelle, gorgeous egg vignettes make gorgeous photos and note cards. Hurrying over to enter your giveaway. xo

  6. Michelle, your eggs are all wonderful. They all celebrate spring!

  7. These are all such sweet note cards Michelle, they make a lovely collection for sending to friends.
    I'm off to your giveaway too...like the white rabbit I'm late for a very important date!!!
    Shane ♥

  8. Wonderful ways to display eggs. I love the ones in the tea cup. That's something I just might do. Thanks for the inspiration. These would make lovely note cards.

  9. Lovely, Michele! Love the picture with the eggs in the teacup!

  10. So spring like and pretty! A nice set of cards.

  11. What a great selection. Happy spring.

  12. Delightful spring colors.
    Very nice.

  13. Just beautiful and perfect for this time of year.
    xo bj

  14. Love all your eggs Michelle. It's a joy to come. I haven't been blogging and will need to post that because of health problems and knee deep in helping out a daughter until the end of April. I miss blogging especially my close and special friends...like you my dear. Hope all is well with you and your hubs and family. XXOO Nann

  15. Wowie! You got it all covered! Those painted? eggs with the birds and flowers are amazing! I sure hope you get more sunshine! Happy Spring!

  16. You can't help but smile when you see pastel eggs and lovely flowers! Nice photos, Michelle :)

  17. They're all beautiful note cards, Michele! I think my favorite one is the first... I just love the sweet arrangements! xo

  18. I love each photograph, and your vignettes are lovely.


  19. I am such a lover of Easter eggs. There is just something about them that appeals to me. My favorite of all of these is the second one, but they are all wonderful!

  20. These pictures made my eyes happy.
    So pretty.

  21. Lovely just so lovely thanks for sharing.

  22. Those hand painted ones are very pretty!

  23. Oh, I love these! The eggs in the box are some of the prettiest I've ever seen!


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