Friday, March 22, 2013

Silly Kitty!

We have a LOT going on here at this nest lately.

This week we had new house windows installed -
and soon we're going to elevate a "sunken" music room floor.....

In order to get that done first the piano (huge 7 foot grand)
 had to be moved this week as well!


So....before the floor can be elevated, before the new flooring is installed...there was a matter of a heaping GOB of precious china
that had to be wrapped....and stored -
 in order for us to be able to move the
 antique china CABINET!

So, my youngest came over
 and helped me wrap & pack it all 
in bubble wrap for safe keeping!

We drank coffee, we caught up, we giggled..........
and we even got a little "help" from Romeo the Kitty!

Hubs came home from work just as this happened
and captured it on film....
he hoped my blogger readers would find it funny, too.

So here is Romeo in all his 2 seconds of 

"YouTube Glory"

being the UnHelper Kitteh that he is know to be! 

He really is a clueless sweetie sometimes. 

As always, thanks for visiting!




  1. Oh he's funny! His own little merry-go-round! What a lot of work. I'm sure that it will be worth it all!

  2. He's too cute Michele. Sure hope he doesn't get dizzy! Packing all that up is a job. Can't wait to see when it's complete. We are on to painting our basement. Cupboards installed soon. Can't wait to see.

  3. Gorgeous! What a sweetie kitty is. SO nice your son helped you~

    1. It was my daughter but we always tease her (she's super girlie looking, tiny and quite beautiful) but tell her she's the son I never had: prefers to surf, build things, drive a truck, etc.)
      We laughed and said it was an irony SHE helped with the china - in normal circumstances she wouldn't come near it. She is a heavy stoneware mug kinda girl. Haha.


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