Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Baskets at The Emporium!

Well it sure is nice to be back!

I really missed you all.

Thank you so  much all for your sweetest notes
 and comments about our family's loss.

The funeral went beautifully well -
 so many people came to pay their last respects -
 he was truly a remarkable and well loved man!


And here we are - Easter week!

I have just enough time today to share
 a few pretty Easter Baskets with you today
 for Beverly's Blog Shop party over at
 How Sweet the Sound blog!

Each one is for sale at the shoppe!

Some new, some made to look vintage and some truly vintage!

And all unique and sweet
 and sure to give you years of cute Easter/spring
 decorating pleasure!

Some made of ceramic and some made of metal!

All hold eggs beautifully!

Some are tiny and so cute!

There's lots of Easter wares at the Emporium - and selling fast!
Hope you can stop in and browse a bit!

Thank you!

As always, thanks for your visit!


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