Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy First Day of Spring!

Well the sun is out and the skies are brighter...finally!

One more day of grey blustery cold and rain
 and I think I would have packed my bags
and left our nest for good!

The sun came just in is still quite COLD!

Most of the snow has melted and nothing looks like it wants to bloom yet.

So I am sharing a daffodil pic  I took from our garden last year-
to pretend it is warmer and more spring-like weather!

Spring of Daffodils

By: M. Lott

We watch as the little crocus heads
Pop out of the ground in spring;
Primroses so sweet and colorful 
Is a flower warm weather brings

Fruit blossoms take our breath away

And fill our world with color;

But the daffodils with their yellow coats
Bring us springtime like no other

Tiny blue and white forget-me-nots

I treasure every single one;

So many springtime flowers 
Open up to the brilliant sun 

Many things this time of year

Give my heart a thrill;

It’s the time of year I love the most
But nothing says spring like daffodils! 

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As always, thank you for visiting!

Happy first Day of Spring, whatever your weather!



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  1. Hi Michele- Listen, thanks for signing up as a follower. I looked and I thought-I wonder why she hasn't been posting- because I am a follower of yours, too. Anyway, backlinked and here I am. You are now on my sidebar so I don't miss any more posts.

    Happy first day of is 12º here and blowing snow like crazy. xo Diana

  2. Daffodils, daffodils ... nothing says spring like daffodils!

  3. I'm hoping this means we won't have as humid a Summer as last year, Michele! Do you think we will be that lucky? : )

  4. That's a beautiful daffodil Michele.

  5. I love daffodils and your photograph is gorgeous! Unfortunately, for the past few years, I've only had two daffodils appear so I have to enjoy them quickly! Visiting from A Southern Daydreamer.

  6. Yes, happy spring and I can agree that it would be lovely if it would only warm up!

  7. I've seen Daffodils for sale at the local grocery but we are a ways off from them blooming in the gardens. Snow predicted today, not daffodils! I would be awesome to see them peeking through!

  8. Happy Spring to you! It's bright and sunny here in the Midwest but only 28 degrees! Brrrr. The picture of your daffodil lifts my spirits and hopefully spring is just around the corner. Love the poem! :)


  9. Spring flowers are always so pretty and such a welcome sight after the cold, snowy & dreary winter. It doesn't feel like Spring here at all. I can't believe how the older I get, the more I anticipate Spring's arrival.

  10. We often wonder what it would be like to "hear rain". It goes long periods without any rain. We often say how we miss the sound. We actually have more days of sunshine in Colorado than Florida. I think all these things are nice but I do wish we could "spread it around a little"!

  11. Hi Michele,
    I love daffodils and they really do announce that Spring is here. Your photo is beautiful. Thank you for sharing at my HOME and I enjoyed your poem too.


  12. "We got spring and summer" - come on over to Central Texas. Although, it is a bit chilly this evening. So, we swing between it all ... never a dull moment betwixt seasons around here, or at least on the way to spring!

    Beautiful flower!

    Thanks, Jenn

  13. PS your giveaway link goes to Outdoor Wednesday's blog -?? I didn't see anything there .. thought I'd mention it to ya.
    ? Jenn ;)

  14. I so love your daffodils, so gorgeous. I miss KY and our place there. Every year the daffodils would come out. They also have what they call tete-a-tetes. They grow wild all over, so when we'd see those we knew Spring was close even if there was still snow on the ground when it was supposed to be Spring. Having lived in the West most of my life I'd never heard of tete-a-tetes. We moved from MT to KY so alot of things were quite different, like the humidity, phew. Hope your weather cooperates soon. Happy Spring

  15. Daffodils are spring to me they are my favorite spring bulb. I planted 300 and will do the same when we move.


  16. I hope that it will continue to stay sunny in your area. I get depressed after too many days without sunshine! It is cold and sunny here today too. Expecting ugly rain this weekend though. Boo Hoo!

  17. Hello Ms. Michele!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet message. I missed you, too! Isn't this Ohio weather crazy? We had both snow and sunshine today! Sooo cold...I can hardly wait for warm weather and be able to open the windows! Yes, I sure hope we can get together this year...a day trip to Columbus sounds fun! Have to meet you and Romeo!! Keep warm!
    Hugs, Cindy

  18. Beautiful daffodils, I'm still waiting for Spring here in KC. We got about an inch of snow today but it was still too much for me. Happy Spring!!

  19. Spring might be here, but here on the north gulf coast it is still COLD:( I can't remember another March being so cold and I have lived here all my life.



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