Monday, March 11, 2013

Shamrock Shadows

I am a little late for Shadow Sunday
 due to visiting my husband's family
over the weekend.

We were belatedly celebrating Mr. Finch Rest's birthday
 with them and had a truly wonderful time.

The other day was so sunny and beautiful
I was able to capture a few seasonal shadows to share today.

This silk shamrock wreath/candle ring
 fits rather nicely with my old Belleek candle holder.

I ♥  it has what appears to be Leprechaun Lucky Dust on it!

The shamrock welcome sign on the front door
 was captured in early morning with the sun
 beginning to blaze in the east.

 It was a snowy cold day so I simply opened the door
 and quickly snapped this pic...explaining its odd angle.

 I did it fast, as I was still in jammies
 and didn't want the neighbors to see me!

As always, thanks for your visit!

Have a wonderful green-filled shamrock week!




  1. Oh how cheery is a little bit o' the green. Lovely. Now I've never put a St. Patty's Day wreath up and I really should. I'll be ready for Easter, but St. Pat's usually passes me by for decor.

    (That's how I take a lot of my outdoor a hurry. LOL! Not today, though. I promise that I was dressed. Why, I am even wearing an apron.)

  2. What pretty and inspiring photos! Clearly, after seeing the decor of all my blog friends, I need to get "up to speed" on my March decorating! And I love how you captured the light and shadows--that's possibly my favorite thing about photography, getting photos that show how something looked right there in the moment, at the edge of light and shadows.

  3. You are all ready for St. Patty's Day! That little shamrock candle ring is adorable.

    Happy Birthday to your husband!

  4. You are all set for St. Patrick's Day-hopefully we don't get our usual storm on that day.

    Thank you for your visit and your very kind words!


  5. You know, we don't decorate for St. Patrick's Day here and there is very little available for decor. Michael's and the dollar store have some things. I like the stained glass clover and the door wreath, very festive.

  6. Your wreath and the stained glass window is exquisite, so pretty and so made for the "day". Who says we can't have Irish things out all the time if they pertain to our decorating and the saying to everyday life? Your featured items are very pretty and meaningful. Happy Days
    Oh, is Beleek Irish pottery? I've heard of it before but wondered if it is. It's very pretty whomever makes it. Your little bowl is very pretty sitting in the candle ring.

  7. Very pretty post Michelle. You always have lovely photos! Hope your birthday trip for your honey was wonderful! I love your stained glass. The shadowplay is lovely!

  8. Such pretty shamrock photos, Michele! I love your Belleek candle holder. Happy St. Paddy's Day, dear friend!

  9. What alovely stained glass, love the wreath and the candle holder. Such a pretty post, God bless...

  10. Happy St. Patrick's day!

    Shadow Shots

    Better late than never right? I just now have the time to visit entries.


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