Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pink Vintage Roses Tea & Giveaway Winner!

There's something about the spring
 that just brings out the "girlie" in me.

It's the perfect time to grab pretty things
such as soft pink roses china for tea time!

Tea time is so much more than simply sipping tea.

As important as a perfectly brewed quality tea is, to me,
 it is equally important to make it a special event now and then.....
even if it is just for me alone.

Tea always seems to taste better
 when sipped from a beautiful teacup, don't you agree?

Today I enjoyed a brisk black tea
 and brownie bites with a dark chocolate frosting
 and a sweet fresh raspberry on top!

(And no, I did NOT eat all three!)

The teacup is an old Austrian roses swag set -
 very precious, delicate and thin.

The plate the brownies are sitting on
 is vintage Bavarian - love the edges of that plate.

The silk floral arrangement in the background
is one I made from a lone saucer-less teacup.

That little hat was a favor/memento
 from a tea I attended last year.

The yellow in the hat picks up the barely-showing
yellow roses on the snack plate!

The background is a rose fabric photo/bulletin board
and the china birdhouse is a favorite of mine.

It's nice to get the spring floral things back out again -
opening the boxes is like Christmas all over again!

And what you have all been waiting for.....

drum roll, please....

Announcing the giveaway winner
of this sweet little china teapot trinket box:

Congrats goes out to JAMIE

who wrote:

"Purple is my fav color, and I do collect
 pretty tea items.
It is really beautiful, and I have just
 the space for it...Yay

Jamie, be sure to write me asap with your email
 and street address so I can send this to you asap!

As always, thank you all for your visit today!




  1. Dear Michelle:
    Oh what a sweet teapot and bird house - congrats to Jamie! Thanks so much for linking ton "Friends Sharing Tea".

  2. You always have the most lovely tea times, Michele. Your Bavarian dishes are indeed feminine and beautiful.

  3. Beautiful teacup, Michele. You always have the prettiest cups!

    Congrats to Jamie!

  4. Congrats to the winner! your teacup is beautiful!

  5. That is the most precious teacup I've ever seen! And you make the pretties vignettes with your tea things!

    Hurray for Jamie! What a sweet giveaway!


  6. I guess spring brings out the girlie in me too! I'm loving the pretty rosy things a lot lately. Love your pretty tea for one!

  7. Love your tea vignette! I am in love with roses of any kind, shape or form. Dishes, material, plants etc.
    Thanks so much for sharing your post it is beautiful. I would have ate all the brownies LOL
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. That is a sweet tea cup! I love the tiny little roses. Mmmmm I would love some browning bites right about now : )
    Congratulations to Jamie!

  9. Your tea cups, saucers and snack plate are so pretty and delicate. You have such pretty girly things. I love to look, no touch. Everything looks so pretty.

  10. Such a pretty, feminine post, Michele! I wish I could share one of those brownie bites with you and a cuppa tea. Yea for Jamie in winning the giveaway. xo

  11. Such a sweet pink tea! Love your teacup and your brownie looks so yummy! Pink does say "spring".

  12. So pretty and pink!

    - The Tablescaper

  13. Good for you not eating all of the brownies! How tempting they'd be with a cup of tea since they're bite size.
    I like the ceramic bird house; I have a few wooden ones but outside the elements would ruin them.
    Congrats to your winner.

  14. Congratulations to Jamie! Beautiful teascape with the adorable bird house. The china is so delicate -- lovely! Happy Tea Day!

  15. Very pretty, Michele! Did you sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather? I'm hoping to sit outside a little bit today ~ in between cleaning the house ~ to enjoy some of this warmth and sunshine.

  16. Dear Michele,
    Always pretty coming here. That memo board makes a great background for your pretty setting. Can never get enough roses-pink ones at that.
    xox Ruthie from Lady B's

  17. Love the tiny roses on your teacup, Michele! It is really beautiful. Cute bird house too. Your memo board looks very pretty as a background for your tea. Congrats to your winner!
    Note: I haven't actually 'met' Fabby. I just meant I visited her blog for tea. My mistake, sorry. I've only actually met one blogger who is Carolyn but I've known her since I was a girl as we used to play together.
    Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea. Hope your week is lovely.


  18. All the pink is so pretty...Bavarian china is sweet...

  19. HI MIchele Such a beautiful blog and post. I love tea cups with delicate flowers on them. I am so glad to meet you.

  20. This is exquisite! So delicate and pretty! :)

    Are you SURE you didn't eat all three? See, I would have. I would have had one with tea, then one an hour later, and certainly the last one would have been gone within another hour or so! :) They look so darn GOOD! :)

  21. Parabéns, voce merece, tudo tao lindo! Feliz dia do chá.
    A big kiss and beautiful week for you!

  22. Michele, you always have the most beautiful teacups! So perfect for Spring! I use to hate dark chocolate, but now i don't mind a tad. Especially with a luscious raspberry! Congrats to Jamie. Sounds perfect for her! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  23. I love the idea of "opening the spring boxes" -- maybe my husband wouldn't freak out quite so much if my stuff was boxed up into seasonal items. Beautiful rosy post -- thanks for brightening my day!

  24. You are so right...spring and being girly just go together......all pink and frilly...
    love your teacups....
    Love, Mona

  25. I don't have any pink in my home but I have it in my garden and I love it! Your tea party is just darling. I have a feeling I would have eaten all three of those cupcakes. :o)

  26. Oh, these photos are especially yummy (and no, not just the chocolate, ha!). Congrats to Jamie for winning the giveaway!

  27. Gorgeous teacup, Michele! Love the rose pattern. What a sweet giveaway and congratulations to Jamie! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  28. I agree what a gorgeous teacup! Love the pretty pink colors.

  29. Beautiful china...nothing better than china covered in roses! Also drooling over the little brownie cupcakes. Will you be posting a recipe? I've got a pink tea cup...need to be able to get the treats onto a plate to go with it! ;-)

  30. Yes, I do think tea tastes better from delicate china cups! My mom always insists on one when she is here, so I do know what you mean. Did you save a brownie bit for me? I love raspberries and chocolate! It's such a good idea to use the extra cup as a vase. You really have some beautiful pieces. Linda


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