Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Card Party - June

It's time for Vee's Monthly CARD PARTY!

I have three I made from recent pictures,
 as I had a computer snafu and think I may have 
lost all my old blog pictures.

(OK, I am ok with it now. I wasn't for a while. It forces me to clean up
pics I was hesitant to delete now!)

 Going forward we're doing things
 a little different around here -
too many beautiful and special blog pics.

All the other pics were saved in a different area - I moved
my BLOG pics to a different place and didn't mention it to
my very pc savvy hubs who saves everything once a week at least.

He thought blog pics were included in the save.

My bad.
I cannot look back but only forward,
 so these are pics unfortunately you have seen recently
but not made info fabulous new cards!

: - )

Don't miss the party - it's a fun one!

A Haven for Vee

As always, thanks for your visit!



  1. It would be hard for me to choose a favorite. I really love the blue jar with the hydrangea.

  2. I love all three, especially that cute little finch. xo

  3. Oh so lovely - love that sassy finch. The Goldfinch is the Washington state bird and I rarely get to see them.

  4. I love them all Michele, love the inspiration!!!

    Have a great week


  5. These are just precious...love every one of them....you are so cute with your sayings, too. :)

  6. Love love love your wicker chair and blue ball jar shot. Very well done!
    Thanks for the fun comments on my blog. That kitty does make for some interesting posts.
    Also, you can buy online storage for very little. I use Mosy, there is Carbonite and I am sure others.

  7. I love all three things that you photographed!

    Very sweet!


  8. Oh, these are great! Sorry you lost all your photos!

  9. What a bummer losing all your photos. Great for you to have such a let it go attitude. Not easy when you save things and think they're safe. My hubs is not allowed to touch my pc as he gets a wild hair, does things he has no idea the repurcusions of those actions, been thru that too many times.
    Your hydrangeas look so beautiful in the blue Mason jar and love your wicker chair. My favorite is the bird with the hair do. I'm going to print that out to put on frig, for bad days, let alone bad hair days, lol. Happy summer

  10. Beautiful! I'm so sorry about the pictures!!! SO many ways to go wrong on a blog. I admire your attitude. (The shop is slow I think. But I haven't been around much. Thanks for asking!) Hope your good!

  11. I love the sayings you've paired with the beautiful photos!

  12. Oh, I'm always scared at doing that...that I think I have 2 files of every photo. Some are so precious, aren't they? I'm so sorry. I do love the hydrangeas What. Lovely colour pink!....and of course the finch! Joan

  13. Oh you're plucky! These make perfect note cards with their sweet sentiments. Because of the sentiment, my favorite is of the finch.

    Now I see that you have your own domain, but perhaps it is under the auspices of Blogger, in which case, you can't go wrong to try googling: Picasa Web Albums. You might find yourself there...oh, and it's an automatic thing. If you're there, you'll pop right up after clicking on Picasa Web Albums.

    I hate losing photos!

  14. I like the bird card best with the cheer up message.

  15. Oh dear, so sorry about losing your pictures, Michele! It sounds like you've gotten over it quite well and are moving forward. Yea for you!! Your notecards are all beautiful and I'd be happy to receive any of them.

  16. Lovely cards Michele, really like the finch and his message.

  17. Sorry you lost your photos Michele, a tough thing to have happen. I'm happy to see the finch bad hair day again, it's such a sweet picture.

  18. Oh I just hate when that happens!! But it seems as if you will be picking right back up where you left off though. Good for you

  19. Oh PHOOEY... so sorry you lost your photos -- but you're right. There's no place to go but forward. Great attitude. I love each one of these sweet photos! =)

  20. Oh the hydrangea in the Ball jar is beautiful! The pink flowers and the blue jar compliment each other so well. And what a neat picture of the little bird. And I might as well talk about the teacup as well... :) I love tea, teacups, and anything tea.

  21. These are lovely! I remember chuckling at that goldfinch photo and caption. Saving files are are always a worry. I am fanatical about it, and love my Mac's "time machine" function which backs up to a dedicated external drive. And with all the photos I take, make sure I have a two copies of everything. I have three external hard drives, LOL!

  22. OK, I absolutely love how you put the verses on them creatively. I don't have a clue how to do that. I have tried photo editors, but I'm not so swift at it yet. The photos are fantastic, especially that first one. I love the pink hydrangeas in the blue jar.

    Do you have Mozy backup? We have that because I just know I'm going to crash some day. I'm so sorry you lost photos!

  23. Perfect postcards for summer! Sorry to hear about your loss of photos.

  24. Lovely cards Michelle. I enjoyed the script, too!

  25. I love these, the captions makes them even more special...hope you are able to find the photos...I always worry about that myself

  26. Beautiful images for cards. I hope you will be able to find your photos.

  27. Oh what a shame Michelle! I'm so sorry you lost all your photos. I'd be so heartsick if that happened to me. I back up my own computer every week so I hope they are all on that little black box!! Your photo cards are so beautiful. I love the bouquet of hydrangeas and the finch and the teacup. All so pretty and perfect notecards! Hugs, Pamela

  28. A lovely set of note cards. I really love the one of the finch!

  29. Beautiful photos! I also like the captions!


  30. What nice photos for cards...love the yellow bird and the hydrangeas, and of course the teacup is elegant :)

  31. Yes, Finch's have bad hair! Recently the new babies visited the birdbath and they ALL had 'sticky up hair'! Just a hoot!

    Your photos are lovely. And I like that you put sentiments on them, something I always forget!

    Have a great July.

  32. I'm sorry you lost your pics....that really stinks! Love your photo cards....very pretty :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  33. Don't you just hate those computer problems? I think I told you my iPhone deleted all my phone #'s and my laptop was too old to get them off iCloud or other backups. YIKES!
    Your pix are so pretty. I love Vee's card party's but have missed them for months. I guess I had better make myself a note!
    Have a great weekend.


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