Monday, July 29, 2013

The Nest Outdoors

Loving this cooler weather and blue skies!

Gives one a chance to get fresh air in the house and in the lungs!

Here's some recent pics of some nature around here!

                                             Brown eyed Susans:

Knock-Out Roses:

Pink Hydrangea:

Odd huge Hummingbird sized moth:

Bright Yellow Finch:


Japanese Beetle:

And.... introducing our latest new freshly planted tree!

This is a Dawn Redwood - a deciduous evergreen
that LOVES wet earth and grows fast and tall!

We planted it in the low part of the lawn
 hoping it "sops up" some ofthe excess water
 that tends to just hang around there
when it rains too much!

Pls. excuse all our trampled grass -
 it was truly only in the ground a few minutes
 when I took this snap -
 already the grass has popped back
into place since then!

Anyway, that's life around here.
Darned perfect weather, that's a nice rare thing!

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. Michele, Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden.Your Brown Eyed Susans are gorgeous! Love the photos!


  2. Michelle:
    One year here we had these Hummingbird Moths. They went really fast and acted just like hummingbirds but when they sat still you could see they were moths! Your photos are very pretty!

  3. Beautiful flowers and you did a great job at capturing all the other garden creatures! Have a great week, Laura

  4. What beautiful colors - ( I was named for the brown eyed Susan - before I was born - have blue eyes though lol )
    I had to laugh that you snapped the photo moments after it was planted - we bloggers are so impatient - I take pics before the paint is dry or before I've waxed LMHO.............
    LOVE your new tree

  5. Love all of your flowers, bugs and birds! That tree is wonderful!

  6. Your plants are gorgeous and I love your tree, too. It's nice to have perfect weather once in a while! xo Diana

  7. So nice to hear that you're having pretty weather. We are too, actually. I'm surprised too! I love all of the pretty flowers in your yard. I love black eye susans and planted some a few years ago, but they didn't do very well. Probably needed more sun. Yours are gorgeous.

  8. Your black eye susans are beautiful. All your flowers, birds and tree look really good.
    Glad to hear your having perfect weather. We are having gorgeous weather here in So CA. Not to hot and a nice breeze. I wish it would stay that way.
    Have a great week.

  9. Your colorful beetle is a Japanese beetle that will eat your beautiful flowers. I am picking off twenty or thirty daily. So much fun. Oh enjoy your perfect weather...I'm so glad that someone has some!

    1. OH NO! I didn't know Japanese Beetles were so beautiful- dang. OK gonna keep a watchful eye. YIKES!!!! Thanks, Vee!

    2. I changed my picture of the beetle to be funny instead. LOL.

  10. Michele, Beautiful pictures! Your garden is lovely and the yellow bird is so sweet. Enjoy the start to a new week.

  11. It has been absolutely beautiful weather, Michele! I am loving it like this.

  12. Gorgeous nature pictures Michele... I don't see finches quite that colorful in my garden... Lovely

    1. They get SO yellow, Mary- almost florescent - you can see them for yards and yards away. It takes most of the summer for them to get like that, it's really neat to watch them change. At least I THINK that's how it works.

  13. What gorgeous photos from your very own yard, Michele! You must enjoy sitting in your Zen Room and taking in all the natural beauty. xo

  14. You are so lucky to have room for a dawn redwood Michele, they are a majestic tree. Like your birds and blooms shots and this is the first year for Japanese beetles on my roses. Nasty critters.

  15. We always see those hummingbird bees in NC...they are so neat! You are took some amazing photos! Love the detail in the susans! Happy summer!

  16. Beautiful photos --love the first one especially and the quote in your previous post! Glad you are having such nice weather!

  17. So beautiful! Glad you've taken time to stop and smell the roses (and other flowers) and share them!

  18. It's looking lovely in your yard. Great photos. I can never get a good shot of a hummingbird, love yours.

  19. Love your garden flowers and visitors, Michele! I really, really don't like the Japanese Beetles for the damage they do! It has been very hot and humid here - I am actually looking forward to fall!
    I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,


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