Monday, July 8, 2013

Good Day, Finches!

Well most of you already know we have
 a certain fondness for finches
here at The Nest at Finch Rest.

We even named our home Finch Rest.

(Here's the plaque on the front of our house,
 in case you haven't noticed that on my side bar.)

Today I am sharing pics taken from the kitchen window
through the rain of some finches.

The bright yellows are male and the darker ones are female.

This female has more yellow, but most times they are nearly brown.

Funny how it's different for humans -
 we gals want to bling, shine, be colourful, strut our stuff
and be quite noticeable....

And in most cases in nature it is the males that do so.

I know this bright yellow fella is a looker, think he knows it?  : = )

Yes, I truly believe he DOES!

We have planted many many trees and made - still making-
new garden areas, which really brought in the birds!

I do have intentions of sharing the
 before and afters of the trees, etc, but it


(I think even the birds may be sick of it.)

We have many feeders and fill them daily, sometimes twice.

For example this feeder was full to the top when we retired last night,
yet look how low it is already. 

Finches are just pigs with wings!

As always, thanks for your visit!

Have a wonderful week!




  1. Hi Michele! Thanks for sharing your delightful pictures of the finches - what great photos! Have a beautiful day!

    Hugs to you!

  2. Cute Michele. We enjoy our yellow finches too and their different calls. Pouring rain here again today as well but I managed to cut a few stems for the garden club flower show tonight.

  3. He is soooo handsome. The little lady is a bit dull, poor thing. My first grade teacher told me that it was because the papa bird was the guardian of the nest and attracted all attention away from it when need be. Were we all taught that? You're going to go broke feeding the finches!

  4. Great post Michele. I loved it. Are you sure a squirrel didn't get in your feeder behind your back LOL..
    Unusual that it didn't rain today but the day isn't over yet.

  5. Such cute finches! I'm all about that bright yellow, I wore it today in fact! lol

  6. Michele, your goldfinches are adorable. Isn't nature amazing? We love the birds at our home also and fill those feeders daily. Do you feed your finches niger seed? They just love it! ♥
    Martha Ellen

  7. Beautiful finches and great shots ~ and mosaic ~ Happy Week to you ^_^

  8. Michele, I love the finches. We don't have a lot here only the house fwren with red. However, do I have hummingbirds....... talk about little pigs. mine sure are and they let me know when their feeders need filling.
    I also feed the other birds - have doves, wrens, and this morning 2 green parrots. Love watching them. Your boy finch sure is very pretty.
    Have a great week. Hopefully the rain will stop for you.

  9. These are really neat pictures, Michele, even taken through a window! I love watching the antics of birds, I have wrens making a nest in one of my birdhouses and it seems they never take a rest! Thanks for sharing pictures of your cute little finches! :)


  10. ALL great pics but I really like that bad hair! :)

  11. Pigs with wings -- that is hilarious! And I see you're "enjoying" the constant rain about as much as we are here. Yesterday a few friends saw a brief glimpse of this bright orange thing up in the sky and were talking about what it night be. ;)

  12. We love gold finches, too, Michele. We feed them all year. I even have my grandsons watching them. Have you seen upside down gold finch feeders. Only the gold finch can eat from it.

  13. Hahaha, the bad hair day thought-balloon is a hoot! Thanks for joining in on the photo challenge! I love how you captured the bright colors of the male, despite the rainy weather. We've put out thistle socks in earlier years, so I know what you mean about how they are pigs with wings, LOL. But it's worth it because they are so much fun to watch.

  14. These are some of our favorite birds at the feeders. They have flown North now and we have house finches and purples that are regulars. Love your photos! The captions are fun!

  15. Pigs with wings indeed they are. They can empty a feeder faster than a sparrow. Delightful photos!!

  16. Gorgeous shots of Goldfinches. We have them here too - the males are so beautiful with their bright yellow wings and black and white markings. And yes - they do empty a feeder fast - but not as fast as the bluejays!!

  17. I think finches maybe my favorite birds, especially the yellow ones, and the bad hair is a plus with me. Great photos...enjoy your day!

  18. wonderful series of finch photos, they sure are bright yellow at this time of year and they visit our feeders almost hourly, I'm visiting from the photo challenge


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