Wednesday, July 10, 2013

L@@K at What Happened!

Well..... a huge storm rolled in fast & swept up
 our VERY heavy and huge canvas umbrella!

It broke the glass from our outdoor dining table into a trillion little pieces.

It almost looks like ice/snow - but I assure it is NOT!

And our huge rectangle canvas umbrella broke too -
though hubs hopes he may be able to salvage/fix it.

I sure hope so, it cost a veritable fortune!

(This is the second time we've had a glass table and umbrella break during a storm. You would think I could learn by now.)

I knew should have closed that umbrella!


I tend to leave the umbrellas open because it shades the kitchen nicely.

The back of the house is full west -
and it keeps things cooler in the summertime.

Well the weatherman says we're supposed to finally dry up a bit, finally.
We've had rain for two weeks straight and I am ready for it to stop.

Even our mulch is getting moldy!

OK. I'm done ranting about the weather now.


As always, thanks for your visit!



  1. Oh-That is awful, Michele. I hate when things like that happen. Not only is it expensive but WHAT a mess!!!! xo Diana

  2. Hello Michele,
    OOOPS! Sorry to hear about your umbrella and table. We have annual Santa Ana winds in the winter that blow up to 75 mph so we have learned to put everything away during those months and never have an umbrella up. No glass tables for us. Thank you for your lovely visits to my blog. Have a nice week and good luck on the new patio table search. :)

  3. Wow, that's terrible. I've lost umbrella's with our Santa Ana winds and now when they say high winds they come down. So sorry about your glass table. It's a very pretty set.

  4. Oh no! That was a freaky storm yesterday, Michele! My neighbor across the way had her umbrella blow up and over between myself and another neighbor. I remember back in NY having that happen to our patio umbrella. Like you, this particular table and umbrella shaded the kitchen window where our inside table sat so I liked to keep it open. The wind lifted it up during one storm and it hit the bathroom window on the second story and cracked it! Every time a storm was forecast or I thought one was coming after that, I closed the umbrella AND removed it from the table!

  5. Oh n o ! This reminds me to close my umbrella...glad no one was hurt....
    Love, Mona

  6. oops. thought I left a message but must not have clicked publish. What a mess you have to clean up! Will you be able to just get a new glass top?

  7. We have an awning over the kitchen window - a large one. One time it snow and my husband used a broom to push the awning up and shake off the snow - it was frozen hard so it ripped! We need to have it replaced and of course - it was very expensive. Warning: he did the same thing to one of those ezy ups - if they are cold - they will rip!

    So sorry about your mess - seems life is full of messes sometimes.

  8. Oh my, so sad about the table and umbrella. Hopefully he can repair the umbrella, but I think the table is a gonner for sure. We finally got some rain last night, our first in months. Sure wish you all could share some of yours with us. Hopefully thinkgs will dry out for you and your garden will flourish. Hugs, Marty

  9. Makes you wonder how the wind can toss some of the heavy items it does and because of it, we put a cedar set through out insurance years ago. It was so heavy, 2 men would have to lift the 6' round table that had a built in lazy susan but it flew over and onto its side like a toy during one storm. No broken glass like you though, that's got to be hard to clean up. I hope your hubby can fix the umbrella Michele.
    I noticed the middle of an urn with a geranium is rotting from all the rain.

  10. What a shame, Michele. Glad no one got hurt though.
    Here's to sunny days, Ruthie

  11. I keep the umbrella open too in order to shade the patio area but the wind keeps wanting to play with it. Sorry about your table. Hope your hubby can fix the umbrella. Wish there was a way you could send the rain our way.

  12. Oh that is so terrible! Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes.

  13. Oh no! What a mess, Michele! I'll bet it took awhile to clean up all that glass. Looks like you'll be getting a new table soon. My mom and sister said some of their plants are drowning because of all the rain. xo

  14. I did think it was snow at first until I started to read your post, but snow in July...well anythings possible. Hope hubby can fix it.


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