Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Pretty Outdoor Space

I have dreamed of having a screened porch for years......
and just when I've figured out the design I want,
 just when I am ready to take the plunge,
 just when I'm ready to commit..............I put it off.

Then comes life- really big things; weddings, deaths in family,
 college loans, illnesses, daughter moving back from Cali, etc.

Then comes financial things such as getting all new
 whole house windows & entire downstairs hardwood flooring
so this "dream porch" still waits to be created!

 I/we will know when the time is right to build,
 but it isn't quite right now.

Years ago my wonderful hubs wanted me  to have shade
 while I was waffling deciding what to have built.

He also wanted me to be quite SURE about having a porch,
 so he and a friend built me a (was supposed to be temporary)
rough/rustic simple covered/roofed porch area
 over our professionally laid paver patio.

It is well built and has a high slanted roof with shingles.

It's withstood many really nasty wind storms, too!

Around here it is lovingly referred to as The Zen Room,
 as I have mentioned it often in my summertime posts.

Dang, just realized that I didn't catch my hanging candeliere
 in any of these photos.
Oh well, perhaps another time.

Little did we realize how MUCH  I would love
 and use this special "just for  me" space. 

 It's girlie and cottage-y and pretty and feminine
 and is my favorite place for coffee in the am
 and tea in the afternoon.

This space is especially nice in the evening
with lots of candles burning brightly.

I hanging lanterns in here!

I use those plastic flicker votive candles
because wax melts in the heat of the summer.

I bring out real ones in the cooler evenings.

I use simple & breezy white sheers that help
 temper the light in the heat of the day.

I occassionally hang hand washables from the chandy here
 or sometimes when it is really windy I use my clothespins
 and pin the laundry to a line that's hidden under the roof line. 

I have a somewhat green thumb & often re-pot plants out here.

No, I didn't "stage" my potting table and make it purdy-
there she is in all her functional glory!

(Just keepin' it real, folks.)

What she really needs is a simple drop cloth ruffled skirt
 or perhaps even better, some cabinet doors for it,
 to hide the yucky blecky bits.

But I DO use this table as intended....and....

But it's also nice when it's all cleaned up
 and used it as a buffet table
when we dine/entertain outdoors.

(It makes an awesome teatime service table!)

In the above pic you can see my vintage folding chairs
 tucked way back next to the house....
along with our tall rusty candle lamp and wind chimes. 

Every item in this picture was found by thrifting
 except for the flowers from the garden
 and my purple stained glass candle holder.

(That was a gift from my favorite Auntie in the early 1980s.)


 Here's a closer look of that awesome candle holder.
 I know I blogged about it last year.
 Sorry, but I probably will every summer
 when I post about my Zen room.

 There really is Zen-like peace
 here in this space.

We are blessed to be able to witness nature's glory here.

All creatures of our God and King,
lift up your voice and with us sing:

 Alleluia! Alleluia!

Thou burning sun with golden beam,
thou silver moon with softer gleam,
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

 ~St. Francis of Assisi

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  1. Oh it really is a fabulous space and it does look so peaceful. Mine is really small,but I still need to try and make it a little pretties. Yours looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  2. You lucky girl! This is SUCH a charming and inviting spot! Love it....I'll be right over with Raspberry Crisp and cucumber sandwiches! How nice your husband made this for you, Michele. You've definitely feathered it just right- so welcoming and fresh.

  3. I have to say, you are one lucky lady! Your husband understanding your need for an outdoor space and building it for you along with the help of his friend. What you have done with this space is so charming ... and it does feel Zen to me! Comes through your post loud and clear! You even have me feeling relaxed while perusing your photos. Give a holler next time you're out there and I'll come rushing over with some sweet tea and biscuits! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh what a beautiful room and, depending upon your whim, every bit as delicious as a screened in porch. It's much closer to nature and the life in your gardens. I can tell how much you enjoy it as would I.

  5. Such a great space, Michele! I think you've already got the perfect "room". Love your furniture and it looks like it is very enjoyable to sit out here. I'll bet you've been enjoying the cooler weather we were having. : ) I understand that all ends tomorrow!

  6. Wonderful space. You are so lucky you can enjoy it this time of year. A wonderful place to just be, enjoying nature, your plants and, on occasion, a little tea! Zen it is.

  7. What a lovely space Michele. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh Michele,
    I just love it! White wicker with pink flowers is my favourite thing!
    Soooo Beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Such a wonderful space to sit and have coffee in the am and tea in the afternoon. So peaceful = I would never get anything accomplished.

  10. You have a wonderful husband who understands your wants (and probably appreciates your common sense in waiting for the full Monty!). I can see why you find so much joy here, it's YOU! Comfy furniture, flowers and pretty accents. And I, too, love candlelight! Morning, noon or night would have me sitting here, drinking in all the sights and sounds of summer!


  11. Your porch is so pretty, you have it beautifully furnished, looks so cozy and welcoming. I'm envious of you having such a great place to rest your mind for a little while. Enjoy it to it's fullest. Your yard is so pretty also, lots of grass and gorgeous trees. Love the sheer panels. When you do get it screened in, will be perfect, enjoy.

  12. your garden porch is heavenly, michelle:) the sheers add so much, don't you think? love your aunt's pretty candle holder. it's a beautiful place to spend the summer!

  13. A heavenly Zen retreat, perfect for relaxing with a cup of tea in the afternoon.

  14. I know I'd surely enjoy that wonderful Zen space each and every day, Michele! It looks perfect the way you've decorated it... so calm, serene and lovely. Your hubby did a fabulous job for you to sit and enjoy your beautiful outdoors. xo

  15. I love that you have a "zen room" every time I try to carve out a space just for me I clutter it all up and it ends up being a room full of stuff I need to get to... this is lovely

  16. This is beautiful, Michele, and how lucky you are to have a husband who would build this nice covered area for the patio while you wait for the screened porch! I can see why you love being outside in this wonderful "room." You've decorated it just as I would do if I had a space like this. I love the white wicker, the soft white sheers, and the blue mason jar with Hydrangea blossoms. Everything looks so peaceful and relaxing, and it would be perfect for hosting a small group for an outdoor meal, or perfect for just one person to sit and daydream. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Visiting from Seasonal Sundays -- hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  17. Michele,

    I totally understand the need to place things on hold.. there is always something and college tuition is a one we are about to check off! Your husband is so thoughtful to create your personal ZEN space. I'm sure it's lovely with lanterns:) and the perfect spot for a ladies tea. The wicker chairs are so pretty. I just bought two for my deck and they are so comfy.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit today. I'm looking forward to visiting you again.


  18. What a lovely room. Can just see the sheers billowing softly in the breeze while you lay back in your chair and read your latest read! Love the purple candle holder too. It really is a lovely use of space. Joan

  19. What a wonderful place to rest and enjoy, Michele! So lovely with the white and the beautiful pillows. Wishing you a peaceful week, Wendy

  20. I love your girly space Michele and would love to sit there with you, especially at night with all the candles lit - that would be relaxing.
    You know where I go during the day, but at night the mosquitoes would eat us alive in the tea house so we stay away from there.
    Hope you had a nice weekend.

  21. We live in second floor apartment and we have a beautiful porch that i blog about all the time. We're on an island and so have views of the ocean all around the house. I just love that porch and no, it isn't screened in. I love your lanterns. I'm going to have to get some.

  22. this is such a wonderful space, love all your wonderful wicker pieces!!

  23. Love your outdoor space with all that awesome wicker. Looks Fab!

  24. Oh Michele, you do have a most special outdoor sitting area. White wicker is always beautiful and pink flowers on the table make it even more feminine. I would love to sit in the am or tea in the afternoon.

  25. What a fabulous outdoor space! Love how you collected just the right things and turned it into a great, personal space. I wish I could come have tea with you there!

  26. Such a warm and inviting area! I love that you made it your girlie space and of course I am wild for the white wicker.

  27. I LOVE your porch, and adore your wicker furniture. It was my desire to have wicker on our screened in porch, but ended up with some white furniture I found at Home Depot. Your spot is a perfect outdoor space.

    Jocelyn @

  28. I absolutely love your little covered patio Michelle. It is just sweet with the white wicker furniture and the curtains and your sweet potting bench/serving table etc. It is my dream to have a spot like that or a screen room. Some day. I'm going to follow your blog. I know we have visited back and forth for a while on different link parties but I would like to see more of your blog. Blessings, Pam

  29. Hi Michele... I just love your peaceful spot... everything looks so cozy and inviting... I would just want to spend all day out there, sipping my coffee and enjoying the sights and sounds of Nature... xoxo Julie Marie

  30. How lovely to have found your wonderful blog through be inspired. The thing I miss most about my home in North carolina is the screened porch, and although your's may not be screened, it is beautiful. xo Laura


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