Thursday, September 26, 2013

Autumn Kitchen Tea Vignettes

I've finally warmed things up a bit
in our kitchen
with the luscious colours of autumn.

I am so excited to share these
 seasonal changes
 with all of you today!

To me autumn harvest season 
is best when its bounty
 fills up an old wicker basket.

Of course you will find tea things
around here "flavored"
 with the rich colours of fall!

Like many of you I keep moving and tweaking
till things "feel" as they are in the right spot.

This is how it looked (below pic) first thing this morning- 
See? Change, change, changing all the time.

I moved the runner already since this post
and am now using it on the dining room table.

I have issues, I realize.

"Hello. My name is Michele
 and I am a over-tweaking decor enthusiast."

Ah, I see many of your familiar faces at the OTDE meetings.

My husband will probably say that if I don't move things
 at least 10 times till it looks just right 
 that I am not being myself.

To love me is to know me-
To know me is to tolerate love me.
(Who am I kidding? To really know me is to run in a blind panic the opposite way. )

The little beige pumpkin and gourd with leaf 
on bottom rack are salt and pepper shakers.

I don't think I've ever seen a set
 that was different shapes like that.


The below pic is a simple burlap strips pumpkin
sitting on the very top of my kitchen hutch. 

I sorta "blind photographed" it - 
too scared lazy disinterested to climb up
 on a dining chair to get a  better view.

 Glad it was at least in focus.

Well, that's about it for now:
 the autumn kitchen as it stands today.

I will share the living room soon.


There's still  time for my humble

little autumn giveaway:

Click on pic 

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. Everything looks so warm and cozy Michelle, I love your white hutch, and tall stand in the center of the dining table, so beautiful :)

  2. It's looking like Fall at your house, Michele. I love your burlap strip pumpkin and the subtle touches you have added to your kitchen. It is those subtle touches that take the most tweaking I think. xo Diana

  3. Michelle, your autumn touches are lovely. I've yet to do anything for the change of season. Perhaps next week I'll get inspired, though when it's 98 that's difficult to do. Ha!

  4. You just have the perfect amount of rustic touches and I think we all confuse our hubby's with our "critical eye"!! Beautiful! I am so loving your burlap strip pumpkin! Did you post a tutorial? Am I the only one that needs one? lol! I just love it!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment called me "doll" and believe it or not, that was my mother;s maiden name (German)! :)


  5. Oh so pretty! My favorite part is the centerpiece on the table. I love that.

  6. Very pretty, Michele! I love all your tea things and the colors are perfect for Fall.

  7. Everything looks so pretty and fall. I especially like the wire teapot.

  8. So cozy! So delightfully warm! You made me laugh...I do NOT go running in the opposite direction...I love it here!

  9. Your Fall décor looks so pretty in the kitchen! I can relate to the "over tweaking" thing. My son that's leaving for the military said that he was sure that everything would look different at home when he got back. I said he was probably right! LOL!

  10. Haha, so funny Michele... I can relate to the changing of decor... I do the same although I am trying hard to do it less because sometimes it's exhausting... do love it though. Your Autumn touches are all so pretty... Enjoy your day

  11. Your fall touches are just gorgeous!! Love, love that wire tea pot!!


  12. Lovely fall vignettes. I do love the wired teapost too.

    Happy weekend.

    Greetings from D´Box in Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  13. Hi Michele, I see we are both working in the kitchen! Love all your Autumn touches. I especially love the warm colors you used.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. It is looking good Michele, autumn is so colorful and you've gotten it just right! I change things around too.

  15. Oh I love it! And yes, I am a member of that club. lol! Your autumn colors have made your home so cozy for Fall.

  16. Nice autumn touches, Michele. I think the burlap strip pumpkin is my fave.

  17. Oh! I LOVE that cute little hutch! All your vignettes are so cute! I love the touch of black too.
    Very pretty! :)


  18. I love your fall kitchen - very fun!

  19. Hi Michèle,
    Beautiful weekend here to you. Love all the fall going on, it's just so wonderful to see so much out here in blog land and your place is festively staged allowing it to inspire this beautiful fall season.

    I love that sweet white hutch nestled in the corner of your Kitchen it's so perfect adding that country home feel.

    Thank you for the beautiful colourfull share.


  20. I need to get inspired to bring out the fall things, but the weather has to make a sharp turn before the spirit moves me to do that. It'll happen though.

    Love what you've done.

  21. Beautiful fall vignettes.....<3

  22. Your post is beautiful! I love the tea cozy! :)

  23. What pretty Fall vignettes, Michele, that you've created to cozy up your kitchen. Have fun tweaking! xo


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