Saturday, September 21, 2013

Random Hints of Autumn Decor and Full Moon

It was teasingly and wonderfully cooler here for a week,
 but now it is back to being very hot and humid again -
 and tonight it started raining, too!

Had a REALLY super busy week but did manage
 to start going through our 4 huge storage bins
 of Autumn decor - some I am keeping
 and some I am giving away.....

Each month I am trying to pear down just a little bit more. 

I put this rooster vignette together to inspire me.

 (I promise to share more soon!)

Opening up my seasonal bins always feels like Christmas gift opening.

I always forget what I have and am always so happily surprised -

Such as finding our fall Tuscan harvest place mats...  

And sweet handmade paper flowers my daughter made me.

Or the first of many pumpkin shapes to come...

A nice sunflower pitcher vase....

And it is always so cheering to bring some colour
 back into a fading garden.....

BTW did anyone catch that amazing full moon the other night?

We had crystal clear skies and that moon was so bright!

Hubs took another award-winning pic of it!

Just look at this amazing moon!

My husband really can take amazing shots.
 He truly has the skill and patience.
This moon shot looks absolutely unreal. 

He was really playing with the camera settings and he nailed this one perfectly!

Random post today, just wanted you all
 to know I was thinking about you!

I am so happy I am working on
 seasonal changes here
 and can't wait to show you.





  1. Michele, I haven't started pulling out the fall decor yet because I'm working on getting myself organized for a garage sale soon. Good idea to go through my fall bins before the sale. I'm trying to edit out things around here too.
    Amazing shots of the full moon. I did see it this week. ~ Sarah

  2. Beautiful shots of the full moon. I also have been going thru my bins and sorting what I want and don't want. Have accomplished a few fall decorations but more to do.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. The paper sunflowers made by your daughter are so pretty! I love fall decor for the warmth of the colours in our increasingly shorter and cooler days. Today is to be in the low 70's (24C) which is just perfect. Your husband got a great moon shot! Happy weekend and first day of fall tomorrow. Hugs, Pamela

  4. Hi Michele
    I like the fall decor you've pulled out so far, I thought the flowers from your daughter were real. My one meagre box was gone through and set up last week. This is my favourite time of year as I like the changes that occur.

  5. I'm the same way, Michele. Always surprised to find some little thing I might have bought on clearance the year before and went right into the bin for the next year. I am also going through my things. I have two small bins on the side for my daughter to look through before I either donate or bring to my booth. I kept it very simple this year for Fall. Maybe because I know how much I wind up putting out for Christmas!


  6. Sounds like we had the exact same weather.. cooler temps are what I wished for on that beautiful Harvest moon.

    You have so many fall pretties... I need to get my containers out and see all the things I've forgotten, giggle..

    I enjoyed my visit here and will be looking forward to the next..

    see ya soon

  7. It seems my living room is fall all year round. You do have some pretty fall things out. I love the full moons and we got a pretty one last week.

  8. I do very little when it comes to fall decor.I like mixing what I already have out with touches of fall.Amazing photo of the moon!

  9. Love your rooster, Autumn is such a colorful time of year. I am getting into the mood and your blog is so inspiring.

    Have a good weekend,

  10. hi Michele, I always get a thrill when I pull out storage bins of decorations. I do most of my fall decorating with flowers and pumpkins, love to do tablescapes. I love how you are downsizing your seasonal collections, I need to do this too. Love your beautiful fall touches, the roo is a favorite and how precious are those hand made paper flowers. Lovely post.

    The French Hutch

  11. Michelle:
    I have gotten rid of all kinds of stuff but always seem to find some new item!!! Many of the teacups, etc I showed on my blog 4 years ago - sold. Then I stop as some flea market or garage sale - here we go again!

  12. I love the sunflower pitcher! Happy Fall to you friend :)

  13. Reading this reminded me that I have not found a few things! Please let us know how many boxes you are able to release. = D I thought I was down to one box...but must go on a scouting expedition. Your sweet touches do look autumnesque... Your hubby did a great job of capturing the harvest moon...beautifully round!

  14. Your autumn decor is lovely. Four bins is a good amount to shift through. I love all the pumpkins in all their colors, pink too. You have insured me to finish sprucing up for fall

  15. Looks like you're getting ready for fall too. I love fall decorating, the colors make me want to snuggle up with blankets and hot bowls of chile. If only winter didn't have to follow after.

  16. Great to see you unpacking your bins. Mr. Scaper promised me to get them out of the attic today. I can't wait to start picking through. I, like you, forget what I have!

    As always, thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. This is such a pretty post filled with lovely Autumn color ! I saw that moon at dusk and it was hanging low, yellow orange in color and absolutely gorgeous. I made everyone go out to look at it!
    Happy Autumn Michele!
    XO Mary

  18. Such pretty autumn vignettes around your home, Michele. I missed the moon :( but am happy to have seen your pics that you shared. xo

  19. it is fun unpacking the seasonal things, isn't it:) i esp. love your daughter's paper posies, michele! your husband's pic show how fabulous that moon looked! enjoy your week!

  20. Hi Michele, The rooster is adorable! The temperature is still in the mid 90's here in central Florida so it is hard to think about Fall decorating. Also, all my holiday décor is still in storage in Virginia. I am complaining about the heat but in January I'll be happy I live here.

  21. Beautiful...especially love that vase.

  22. You are showing some really pretty "Autumesque" décor. That Sunflower pitcher is gorgeous, and I've never met a rooster (unless it's real) that I didn't like. Stunning shot of the moon. laurie


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