Monday, September 16, 2013

Tea Society Luncheon at Dawn's

Oh, I just had the BEST weekend with some of my favvie
gal pal tea sisters!

Dawn assured us she WASN'T GOING TO FUSS AT ALL,
 as she works from home and was actually
lunching with us in between work necessities...

....but if this is her version of NOT fussing, about if I just let the pictures tell the story!?

For starters she made a wonderful cold Cream of Strawberry Soup!

She used her gorgeous china pattern with leaves and berries.

This is the perfect china for an autumn transitional luncheon!

And look at her gorgeous old fashioned biscuit wrap-
it matches her china perfectly in colouring!

Next came not one, not two, but THREE different quiches:

Ham and Cheese
Broccoli and Mushroom
Sage Sausage with Cranberry

(They each were amazing and so delicious!)

There was a delicious salad with three dressings to choose from.

Here it is shown with Raspberry Vinagrette. YUM.

Isn't her above little china teapot sugar packet holder adorable????

And I absolutely adored her sweet birdie salt and pepper shakers!!!

Her dessert was sinfully good:
angel food cake  with a decadent creamy
 sweet chocolate toffee crunch to DIE FOR!

(She's been making this since her daughters were young.)

We asked her what it is called.

I imagined it called "Heavenly Fluff" or some such.

But, oh no, nope, no such thing!

She said her girls always simply called it "GOOP!"

(A true "A rose would smell as sweet if not a rose called" example.)

We all laughed and laughed!

Addendum from an email from Dawn:

This wonderful and simple recipe is from a dear friend of mine

 whose mother always made for her birthday when she was young.  

I used:

1(16 oz.) container Cool Whip 
1 ( 8 oz) package of Hershey's HEATH English Toffee Bits (found in the
baking aisle at my grocery store)
1 Angel Food cake (pre-made from my grocer's bakery aisle)

Allow cool whip to thaw until you can stir it without much frozen. 
Stir in the package of Heath.  

Refrigerate mixture until you are ready to serve.

Slice Angel Food Cake and top with the GOOP.

 Add fresh fruit as garnish (OPTIONAL)

Love & Prayers,



Now, we gals chat for hours when we get together since
it is so rare, being from different states.

I spent the night at Marina's house and then the next day
we went to a tea house, which will be on another post.

After the day was done and after most of the ladies left
we couldn't wait to just relax and unwind and visit
while sitting in some of the neatest furniture ever made.

I just had to share her antique goose neck handled tea themed rocker
she found years ago down south!

I should have taken this pic from an angle to show the goose.

I shall next time!

My pictures were all taken in low light,
 not much I could do about it
but wanted to share a most divine event with you!

The last time I had these tea society friends was in spring for 

Dawn's Birthday Tea here.

And last Christmas I went there for
this group's Progressive Christmas Tea Parties here


As always, thank you for your visit
 to Finch Rest!




  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The food sounds so good and Dawn really went all out with her beautiful decorations and china.
    So glad that you girls got together.
    Have a terrific week.

  2. It all looks so lovely Michelle. The dessert certainly sounds delicious. Funny name. ;) I love the old rocker with the teapot fabric! Really beautiful. You girls sure do have fun at your tea parties!

  3. How beautiful Michele! Time with friends and good food to boot. I have that same goose neck rocker in our downstairs family room. It belonged to my beloved aunt--Mine does not have the tea themed fabric. ♥
    Martha Ellen

  4. It all looks so beautiful. I am such a fan of cream of whatever fruit soups...beautifully served in a tea cup. Just learned about that from Judith today only she also serves warm soup in tea cups at ladies' luncheons. You can see how many I've attended since it is all new to me. Looking forward to reading more about your time with friends.

  5. You have the best friends Michele, and enviable gatherings! Three quiches, wow, and served on that pretty china. The goose chair is fabulous - I see the two geese on the arms and I love the fabric.
    I'm going to go back and relive your other get togethers. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Michele: The food looks so good. It all looks so lovely. Nothing is better than getting together with friends. Sending hugs your way. Martha

  7. Oh! this luncheon your friend did create a perfect lunch menu. The china with the stawberry soup in the berry china is the tasty beginning. The 3 quiches is just so yummy looking and I do love quiche. Thanks for sharing with us and have a wonderful week!


  8. Oh, how Dawn spoiled all of you ladies! I love to do that and also be the recipient!! I've never had a cold soup with fruit, much less served in a teacup...this is the epitome of elegance. And the quiche, the salad, the vinaigrette's, and then that cake. Sigh! So tell me, how can I sign up? :)


  9. Hello Michele,
    I can hear your joy in your post! I am so very thrilled for you and your friends! Gosh, there isn't anything better than sharing space and time with cherished loved ones. Miss Dawn really treated you to a delicious meal! Oh! It all looks so delicious!
    The goose neck rocker is fab!

  10. What a perfect tea party at Dawn's. The china is one of my most favorite that I've ever seen, Michele. What a menu, too. The strawberry soup looks divine and three! The goop looks sinful on the angel food cake. Thanks for sharing your wonderful time. xo

  11. I always enjoy these tea's! Thank you so much for sharing them with us! You are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends!

  12. Michele- It looks like you had a really wonderful time! I just love that you girls can get together like that. However- you MUST post the recipe for the goop-bribe her, will ya? xo Diana

    1. I will ask her- she is great at sharing her wonderful yummy recipes.

      I DO remember her saying it was about the easiest thing ever and looks like one fusses big time but doesn't...which is about perfect for most of us, yes?

  13. Michelle:
    I really enjoyed seeing this lovely event and her food looks really yummy!

  14. This is amazing!!! WHat fun you all must have. I read all the ones I could find and WOW is all I can think of.

  15. Sounds like my kind of lunch. The quiche sounded amazing, for sure.

  16. You are lucky to have such wonderful friends! I can't remember the last time I had lunch at someone's house! It's always a restaurants these days! How fun!

  17. How great! Thanks for sharing this lovely way of gathering with friends.
    Beautiful items, good food, friends chatting...what else is needed for a perfect lunch?
    Hugs from Portugal

  18. what fun! everything looks so yummy! strawberry soup, never had it, but, i bet i'd love it:)

  19. What a treat, Michele! That strawberry soup looks divine and oh my, three kinds of quiche; yum! The dessert looks amazing too. Love that chair with the teapot motif; just adorable! Thank you for sharing your special outing with us and joining me for tea time. Wish I could have joined you!


  20. What fun! The table looks beautiful and the quiche, salad and strawberry soup delicious. Dawn made for a fun gathering of friends. My grandma used to make homemade angel food cakes - delightful!

  21. Dear Michele,
    What a wonderful tea and get together with the gals. I love Dawn's china and that chair...LOVE.
    Great fun for us too see.
    Best, Ruthie

  22. I wanted to tell you also that I appreciated your 9/11 post. There was nowhere to comment but I just wanted you to know it was so good to see that. Thank you, Ruthie

  23. Michele,

    Your friend certainly did a beautiful job with this tea luncheon....everything is beautiful. My grandmother had a rocking chair like that but her fabric wasn't nearly that cute...
    Love, Mona

  24. CLEARLY this was just a typical beer and chips tailgate party, ha ha

    WOW it all looks wonderful and that rocker is amazing!! :)

    Since I have not had dinner yet this has only increased my appetite :) I finally got some nice goldfinch pictures last week and posted them after stalking them all summer to no avail ! I thought of you when I was sorting through the pics this morning! :)

  25. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Your friend Dawn is obviously a special friend and did a fantastic job on the tea luncheon. I love her rocker!!

  26. What a lovely tea and the food looks amazing! And I adore that chair!

  27. You lucky girl to have such a wonderful tea/lunch with friends. :) I love to make quiche for lunches like this; it's the best and most versatile food, isn't it? :)

  28. I would love to have the recipes as well. The sage sausage quiche and the "goop" The pictures were delightful.

  29. What a wonderful get together. I pinned the dessert as "angel food cake with sweet chocolate toffee crunch cream, only because I was afraid when I see it later I'll forget what the goop is! :)

  30. Fun-fun-fun! So glad you got to enjoy such a special time with your girlfriends ... haven't had time for a get-together with my own in a while so this is making me quite wistful for some girlfriend time. And I have seen those pretty gooseneck rockers before but never one upholstered in teapot fabric! LOVE IT!

  31. I think that time spent with our girlfriends is imperative for our mental health. Such a blessing! Three quiches!...Beautiful china...Sheer delight. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  32. Beautiful table...lovely meal. I love those plates.

  33. How exciting for you Michele! This looks like an amazing tea! I am delighted that you shared with A Return to Loveliness,

  34. Oh Michele, you must have the best friends ever to get to share so much fun with and three quiches would make the choice hard. Beautiful plates.


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