Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Progressive Christmas Tea

I spent the weekend one state over with my tea society "sisters."
They found out I was going to be in town and they quickly planned 
a tea!
They came up with the brilliant idea of hosting a Progressive Tea - where not one gal had to do it all, but they'd divide up the work of hosting...which worked so well, oh my word!
 The three who hosted live close to one another
 so it really made the "progressive travelling" part super easy, too!
There is no way I can even begin to describe these amazing friends- the love, the sisterhood, the amazing warmth they give - there are no words to even try to explain how they make me feel.
First let me say about how these gals decorate for Christmas too - WOW -their homes were enough to knock one's hat right off one's head!
(Will be a seperate post because this one is all about tea parties!)

First stop: Pam's!


This tablecape was amazing - the lighting and my limited
 photographic abilites do it an injustice, it really was that lovely.
Isn't this the cutest wintery flatware holder below?

Pam's used a beautiful Christmas/Winter bird theme
on her tablescape.
 This theme was used throughout and was delightful!
Pam brewed two kinds of tea I believe were Vanilla Chai and Paris.
She made the most delicious Mexican Corn and Bean Soup.
It was so tasty - and very pretty. No pics of soup,
 sorry about that.
 I was famished and too busy eating!
She cleverly served corn chips for the soup in matching little dishes,
 which was awesome as the "crackers," if you will.
Next to that plate was a matching little teacup
 which she used as a cute little tealight holder.
 The tealight was brown, and actually looked like tea inside!
Pam served yummy chicken salad sandwiches and 4 kinds of sweets:
 chocolate chip cookie,  peanut butter fudge, coconut chocolate crisp,
and a star shaped pretzel with a melted Hershey kiss with a green or red M & M squished onto the melted chocolate.
 I really wish I had taken a better/close up of the food,
it was so beautifully presented!
Second stop: Karen's!


Karen's tablescape was stunning -
 blue, green, white and gold
 with lovely antique white and gold Bavarian china was used.
She has an amazing collection of blue and white china
 and she used a few pieces on her tea table.
I love her unexpected mixture of colours and her simple peacock blue and green ribbom adorning the plate - brilliant artistic touch!


Karen provided two kinds of scones and MMMMM oh my they were awesome! One was white chocolate and one was cranberry and both had a sweet glazing drizzle. YUM!

Visiting Karen's amazing home was like being in a museum! I cannot wait to share the pictures I took there with you.

And boy she has a knack for design, whew!

This isn't a great shot of her buffet table behind us, but isn't it awesome?

I did say I would be sharing pics of decor soon
 and keep this post tea-related
 so I'll just give one more quick sneak-peek hint
 at her amazing decor style:

Final stop: Mary's!
Mary put this whole progressive tea together and has always been the common denominator of all of us becoming friends.

I have shared her home before in the fall when she hosted my amazing birthday tea.  if you missed that you can read all about it right here.

 She amazes me to no end! Her tablescapes are gorgeous!

Here she has done a gold and white theme with spashes of green.

I love her mirror chargers and holiday china set!

Her glassware is gorgeous and her ornate silver candles sticks, um
Let's just say she was lucky I didn't nab em, haha!

Mary made that nifty crafty tree on the right in pic below.


She brewed up several pots of tea,
 but my favorite this visit was caramal butterscotch!


She provided so much deliciousness! She served her awesome homemade quiche, ham and cranberry croissants, a wonderful Italian pasta salad, peanut pie, lemon bars, spice cake cupcakes and the most amazing finale.....chocolate brownie cherry topped dessert in the CUTEST antique lidded creme cups. My camera ran out of juice before
I opened my lid, but at least you can see how beautiful the cups were!


One always finds tea things used as decor in these homes.
I spotted this pretty Christmas teacup sitting on a small table.
And aren't her white partridges awesome?

Soon as time allows I will try and post these beautiful holiday homes of my beautiful friends with whom I share a very special loving bond..........but until then......

Thank you so much for visiting!


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  1. All the tables were very lovely. Sounds like you really were welcomed. Mary D. always sets a pretty table.

  2. Michelle, how delightful! It's always lovely to have tea with friends, but I think it is extra special during the holidays. They all decorated so beautifully. Progressive -- FUN!

  3. How lucky you were to be treated as such. What a wonderful time you must have had and how generous and fun for the girls to do it. I love the idea of spreading the joy across three houses.
    Ruthie from Lady B's

  4. What a clever idea -- I may just have to organize a progressive tea -- that would be so much fun and three houses instead of one! Everyone loves to show off their home at Christmas!

  5. Michele, thanks for sharing the progressive tea. All the tablescapes were gorgeous.

  6. Wow, each of your friends did a great job on their tablescapes, Michele. I do love the bird dishes in the first pictures. In fact, I had gotten bird Christmas dishes a couple of years ago {I used them as my everyday dishes at Christmas time}, but I couldn't find them this year. I'm sure they are in some box or bin I haven't looked in and thought I did. The menu sounds delicious.

  7. Oh my! I want to round up three such friends. Are they available? ☺ Beautiful tablescapes in each home; all are so uniquely lovely.

  8. Michele, you have super friends to put this tea together. So much food to eat at each home too! Lovely Christmas decor at each and I look forward to seeing what you share next.

  9. Hi Michele!
    Thank you for sharing the progressive tea with your dear friends. Everything was beautiful and the tablescapes were lovely.

  10. My goodness... what a fun day!
    All the gals put such a lot of thought, and work into making everything so pretty, and special.

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh, my! Each home and menu looks superb!

  12. You had a wonderful day with such lovely friends!This table is absolutelly gorgeous, with the beautiful dishes and such a warm setting. I love how she used the Holy Family as a centerpiece. Thanks for sharing my friend and happy holiday season.

  13. Wow, this was amazing! I absolutely love seeing everyone's holiday dinnerware at Christmastime, and to think they pulled all this together in the form of a Progressive Tea for you? My goodness! This is just remarkable, and the foods all look and sound delicious. What a memory they have created for you!

  14. What beautiful tablescapes and decor...looks like a fun day to me.


  15. Hi Michele,
    I really loved all your friends photo's of their Progressive Christmas tea's. Everything looks fabulous and the food looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for visiting and your lovely comment.
    Have a wonderful day!

  16. Am visiting from the link up and am loving your blog and photos! What a fun idea to do a progressive tea party. It was really nice seeing people's different and very unique styles, a great way to get ideas! I think the blue and gold theme worked particularly well.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas :)

  17. Hi Michele,
    What a fabulous time you had! I LOVE the birdie themed tea and everyone served up splendid tea treats. Each one is a delight to the eyes. What fun! You have very talented friends, my friend. Thanks for taking us along and joining my Christmas tea. A Progressive Tea would be such fun.

    Christmas blessings to you and your family,

  18. Oh, Michelle, this looks like fun. They did a fantastic job in their decorating - love every detail - I am sure you had a blast! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  19. What beautiful friends you have! I am sure you had a great time. I have been to a progressive tea before, and it was really special too. Each of your friend's table was really gorgeous. I love the china and all the delicious looking food! What a delight during the holiday season.

  20. What beautiful tea tablescapes, each one so different from one another! I can only imagine the fun time you must have had with your dear friends.

    (I am so jealous of Karen's buffet table...that's EXACTLY what I'm looking for!)

  21. Wow!!! What do I have to do to make the guest list! Everything is simply amazing.I loved seeing all the pretty china and what a great menu too.

    Thanks for sharing,

  22. This looks like such fun...I like Mary's the best. The table decor is just lovely. Hope you are well and enjoying the holiday hustle and bustle!

  23. Oh it is wonderful to have friends like these who always make you feel so special and to have a tea party that is a progressive one must have been so much fun. Each has their own style and each had beautiful tables. I am sure you made lots of memories and had a fabulous time.

  24. Oh, this looks like such fun. A progressive tea! Now I want to organize one. I love the first table with the silverware in mittens. So clever! I also love the bird photo in your blog's header photo. Gorgeous shot!

  25. How exciting for you, three beautiful teas with friends. Thank you for sharing. What a delight!

  26. So lovely and what a special day it must have been for you and your friends! Thank you so much for your sweet birthday wishes...they meant so much to me!

  27. Oh my goodness, Michele, I am in tea party envy right now. What a spectacular progressive party you were lucky to attend and what thoughtful friends! Thank you for sharing all their fabulous tea tables and the scrumptious food. I look forward to seeing more pics of their homes.

  28. WOW ! How amazing each table was, with all the gorgeous place settings and yummy dishes prepared for this tea extravaganza!

  29. Merry Christmas, Michele!
    What a delightful day! I can't imagine taking in the decor of three tea parties in one day...What a dream!
    Each home was wonderful and so inviting.
    Thanks for sharing teatime with all of us!

  30. Wowza!! What a feast for the eyes, heart and soul.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing!!! What an absolute wonderful , fabulous idea!!!! A progressive tea. I WANT TO HAVE ONE!!!!!!!!
      Everything is beautiful.
      Any chance of having your friends share their recipes??????

  31. Wow.....this is great! Your friends did this and what friends they are! Wonderful!

  32. What a nice visit you had! The table settings were wonderful and the food looks delicious! Can't wait to see their home decor.


  33. These tablescapes are all amazing! I love Pam's bird plates and winterberry teapots, as well as Karen's silver teapot. Can't wait to see the home tours. I am your newest follower, Michele...wouldn't want to miss a thing!
    Christmas blessings, Beth

  34. What creative friends you have...all the tables are beautiful.

  35. I'm drooling over the food! The tables are all so wonderful! It sounds like a perfect afternoon. Good friends, beautiful tablescapes, wonderful food . . . A day to treasure!

  36. Exquisite! You will be one of the features at Make it Pretty Monday at The Dedicated House. Pop on in and grab a feature button! Hope to see your prettiness again today. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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