Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chirpin' Pillow Talk!

I am joining the pillow party fun today at Thistlewood Farm's Pillowpalooza.


I didn't make these pillows but SOMEBODY did. Hope that counts!
This is one of my very favorite pillows in the house. (I know, try and act surprised it has a bird on it.) It's only medium sized and sits in front of a plain beige one. This beige one isn't much for eye pleasing but it absolutely ROCKS because it is completely and fully down filled!!! It is soft and squishy and makes an awesome lumbar support, yet keeps it shape afterwards. (Big fan on that keeping its shape. If only I COULD!)

This bird pillow moves around the nest a bit, but mainly resides in one of the guest rooms named The Aviary. The entire room is decorated in bird fare - one of these days I will actually start posting a house tour but today this is all I could muster up. I have shared this pillow before a while back, but never for a featured linky party extravaganza! Had to show it again! It's my favvy fav!

These pillows rest on a super comfy sturdy and solid natural wicker chair in the corner of a guest room.

Here is a farther-out shot of two bird prints on the wall. I couldn't help myself. OK, I realize they aren't PILLOWS but, well, they're in keeping with the bird theme I have goin' on today! They wanted to party too!

I apologize for my low-light and poor quality photos. This is a dark room facing east. I should have done this in the am when tons of morning sun light it up beautifully, but alas I wasn't home this am. I didn't want to miss the pillow party! I would have done it yesterday but I didn't know about the linky event. Ah well, it is what it is!!

Behind this area are two more bird pillows on the twin beds. Found 'em on Etsy. I ♥ them!

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  1. Michele,

    Thanks for the shout-out! I love your pillows and I LOVE the two little birdies :) You always, always, always inspire me!


  2. Your birdie pillows are so pretty!

  3. Love that pillow! (And the other birds, too.) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the two bird pillows and the bird pictures. They look so nice on your blue wall.

  5. I love your bird pillows, Michele, especially those last two! The one in your guest room looks great with the neutral one behind it.

  6. Lovely bird pillows! Thanks for your kind comments the other day.

  7. Beautiful pillows. You and I both are true lover of birds. Love to watch them out our windows. Some are so absolutely beautiful!

    Big hugs to you cute lady!!


  8. Nice post Michele.
    I think your pillows or cushions are divine. They look lovely.
    Your bird paintings are so nice. I love them
    great photos
    have a happy "pillow" day.

  9. oh, i love the bird prints on the text bkgd, michele! sweet corner!

  10. What perfect pillows for you, Michele!! It's so fun to see your sweet personality through your decorating. Have a "tweet" week!!

  11. I've been making my way through the links. Trying to stay on track and not skip around. But I've been eyeing your bird pillow since you linked it up yesterday. And now that I'm here, it doesn't disappoint! And love those Etsy find bird pillows too!


    So very happy that you linked up to our Pillopalooza slumber party!


  12. Your birdie pillow is so beautiful!! I have a thing for both birds and pillows! LOL...It's a sickness I know!!!!


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