Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Love a Parade!

I love a parade. Always have.

All the color, noise, excitement....all the glitz and glam is such fun! But mostly I love a parade for the sense of community it draws together....good people coming together for a celebration.

I used to participate in parades often. I have been in them as a Scout, as a cheerleader, dressed in all green for a certain afore mentioned Irish Fest Parade a time or two, as an officer touting our local women's club.......but the best times in a parade for me was when marching along in formation playing John P. Sousa music on my piccolo. Great fun, that.

(Source: Google Images)

(In fact, I still play have my piccolos, as you can see!)

My babies


Today I am simply enjoying the "parade" from the sidelines - supporting our wonderful community of participants....trying to get up close for a really good look, and root on the Big Guns - and to especially support the smaller admire all those who have painstakingly prepared for the parade with hard work, determination, talent, charm and a strong sense of make the parade a thing of enjoyment for make our world much more colorful, fun and festive place to be.

Mr.Bunny Plaid and I salute you!

We brought our Bunny Family Tartan in the spirit!

Be sure to pop over for the fun TARTAN PLAID PARADE honoring National Tartan Day!


  1. Michele, I too remember marching in parades and then watching my kids march in various groups, and you are right--it is so much fun. Nothing like local small town America parades to foster community spirit, and of course the larger ones are events to remember forever. Thanks for reminding me of these fun times. Linda

  2. I love a marching band especially if there are tartan kilts involved!
    Enjoy the parade, we've got front row seats and a picnic to share!

  3. As a Scottish Gunn by marriage I am mad for plaid. Your darling post made me truly blissfully crazy! :)

    I linked up an oldie but goodie to play along here:

    Happy Tartan Day!

  4. Bunny tartan ~ how cute is that! Thanks for joining the parade. I played the flute and piccolo in junior and senior high school for a few years. Parades were always fun!
    Thanks for joining the Tartan Parade with this great post. ~ Sarah

  5. Michele, I would love to hear you play the piccolo. I bet you could still play a mean Sousa tune. Your bunnies are sweet. I am not a fan of plaid except the pretty pastel ones but I like them very much. Isn't it fun seeing all the Easter and spring decorations? Next to Christmas, I think this is my favorite time of the year to decorate the house. I hope you have a great Sunday!------------ Shannon

  6. Very cute bunny dish towels! Happy Easter Week-enjoy:@)

  7. I played guitar many years ago, Michele, and while I don't play anymore I still have my guitar. In fact, my son self taught himself on it! Love the towels!

  8. Great post!
    Thanks so much for linking up with the
    Tartan Parade today! I love a parade too.

  9. I love parades also and nothing compares to Sousa music! Your photos are very nice.

  10. great plaid dishtowel with the bunnies.. lucky you to get to partake in a parade! xo marlis

  11. Michele,
    Your bunny plaid is cute and so timely. Do you play the piccolo? Wow, that is great. I like the images of the piccolo and sheet music. Happy Tartan Week.

  12. My kids love parades because they get a lot of candy!!! i love waving to and supporting the participants!!
    happy Easter!

  13. Thank you for the kind comment on my painting! Love that sheet music!

  14. I love parades too. Especially small hometown ones. I hope you had a great time!

  15. Those bunny tea towels are just precious! I love all of your pretty things! ♥


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