Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pay it Forward 2012

My sweet blogger friend and fellow Ohioan Cindy from the wonderful blog Art, Books, Tea held a "Pay it Forward 2012" blog post giveaway a while back. You can find that post here.

I was a lucky one of the first to read and respond to her giveaway post and was granted one of her promised amazing sweet handmade gifts!

She most certainly DID Pay it Forward with a beautiful kindness!

Joining up to be part of this "Paying Forward" doesn't have to be strictly making and sending something handmade to a fellow blogger! YOU decide what special Random Act of Kindnesses you can pay forward! It is totally up to you how you choose to do it. 

It can be something like paying for the person's coffee in line ahead of you at a coffee shop........or bringing flowers to an elderly person you never met who has no family and visiting for a while..........or whatever, long as someone knows you did something nice for them.

I decided to take Cindy's lead (and the gal before her as well) to send out something I have made by hand to the first 3 fellow bloggers who can fill the criteria below, and let me know in their comment.

(Remember you needn't have to participate in the Pay it Forward to leave a comment on what a pretty gift she sent! Just make sure you state it in the comment is all.)

How it works:

* Be one of the first 3 responders to this post leaving me a comment saying you are interested in pledging to do this for others.

BTW: If you are one of the first five and are signed up as a "no-reply" commenter I won't be able to communicate to you about the win.......I have a great deal of folks who leave me wonderful comments that I cannot reply to do to this so do double check if you are! If you don't hear from me in a while please write an e mail so I can contact you that way.

* Please live in the Continental US (please forgive me for that one my wonderful readers, it's just difficult to get to the post office for me.)

* Please be a Follower of my blog.

* Pledge to Pay It Forward  (and after you post it let me know!)

ADDENDUM:  I have heard back from Yvonne and Nancy -  have Nancy's address, just need yours, Yvonne.


 OK! Now for the sweet eye candy!
This is the handmade item I received!

Just look at this gorgeous birdhouse ornament Cindy so artfully made me! She knows I love neutral colors,  knows I love birds, knows I love music........and feminine things............and she created the most incredible sweet little birdhouse for me!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  She is so talented!!! Isn't this a gorgeous piece of artwork?????

Ribbons, bows, buttons, paper flowers, glitter, pretty!

It all looks so nice together antique crocheted tablecloth, my old childhood chippy headboard, and wooden flower.........these items were very happy to welcome that pretty birdhouse to The Nest. They quickly got together to make this nice vignette. White Bird was very happy to have a beautiful new house to live in, too!

Thank you so much, Cindy!!


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Wow us Wednesday!

What is it Wednesday!


  1. That is so pretty, Michele! I was just looking at all the birdhouses at Joann's yesterday {how I wound up in that aisle when I went in for fabric is beyond me}. Unfortunately, I have no real place to put one here at the new place. I may have to figure something out using a shepherds hook.

  2. Michele, This is such a lovely idea. I am sending two sweet blogger a little gift this week. I'll post about it when they get it!
    Very very thoughtful, Michele!

  3. What a fun and sweet idea Michele! I have met some wonderful bloggers the last 3 years and some I have sent little surprises to via mail. I enjoy meeting new folks that I normally would never have been able to if not through blogging!

  4. Oh yes, this is a darling little bird house! What a treat to receive this pretty house with all it's darling details!
    Lucky girl :)

  5. Oh wow, Michele, your photos make it look even better! It looks great with your antique tablecloth and little bird! I'm so happy you like it so much. It was my pleasure making and sending it to you!
    Big hugs,

  6. Just beautiful! You are so talented!
    Have a wonderful chirping night~

  7. I JUST now got your email post and I see that I am number 6. Oh well. Yes I will pledge to pay it forward to at least 5 other but probably a whole lot more. And I do live in the continental US. I am a follower. And that darling bird house she did for you is just as sweet and cute as it can be. How very special.

    Count me in if I'm not too late.



  8. That really IS an adorable birdhouse, Michele. Things made from the heart and given graciously and with no strings attached are always the best gifts to receive. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you each week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage


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