Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three nests.......

One real....fell out of a tree in our yard during a storm last year.

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  1. I have never seen blue eggs. What bird lays them!
    thank you Michele.

  2. your vignettes are so charming--i really love these pics!

  3. Very pretty vignette, Michele! I love that piece of lace in the background, too! I love eggs and nests and usually have mine out all year {like most of my bunnies}. I feel like it's a naturepalooza here sometimes! : )

  4. I just love your bird nest and eggs. So pretty and perfect...

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  6. Wow, love this post, those eggs are gorgeous!!

    Popped over from the comment thread on Thistlewood Farm - thanks for your supportive comment. I'm following you, us "newbies" have to stick together. LOL

    Consider yourself invited to join the :Link Party Whores Anonymous" group, too... lol! (have you read the comment thread lately??)

    Have a happy Easter!


  7. Lovely - and so is your photography! I love it that one of the nests is a 2-D one. :)

  8. Your bird nest and eggs are very pretty, Michele, and you did a fantastic job photographing them. I have been watching a nest with 5 eggs in it which Mama bird built on our back porch. It is fascinating how they build the nest and tend to it. Thanks for sharing that beautiful bit of nature. The vignette in the box is also very pretty. ------------

  9. Just beautiful!!!! Happy Easter :o)

  10. We once had a robin build its nest on our two story windowsill. As we looked out and saw those darling little blue eggs...well it was pure wonderment for the whole family. Our three year old at the time was awestruck. She's now in her twenties and still loves birdnests.


  11. I am absolutely in awe of these colors! Beautiful photos ...

    Following ~
    Mary @ Sea Quilts

  12. Gorgeous photos, Michele! What is it about little nests that touch our heart so...? Hope that you have a blessed Easter! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. What very pretty pictures Michele!!! I think you know what you're doing because they are very stunning, sweet, and simple.


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