Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Natural Touch of Winter at the Nest

WOW- happy December, everyone!

Here are some of my fav past post winter pics to share
as I attempt to get myself in the spirit of the season
and try to find the energy to decorate.

I have no time or stamina!

My little niece was supposed to stay a night
 this past weekend to helpbut the offer
 to shop at the mall with her sisters won out.

(Can't say I blame her, either! LOL!)

These pics make me smile in remembering, 
 and gets me fired up to do much more.

I love simple natural winter touches.

Having so many different kinds of evergreens
 on our property really helps to easily and inexpensively trim our Yuletide home -
such as these boughs and pinecones.


Dip the cut ends in melted wax or use clear nail polish.

This keeps the sap from seeping & oozing.
(Plus, your cut branches will last fresh for weeks!)

ALSO if you sprintz them with water occassionally
it helps keep them supple and moist; and not dry out too soon.

We had a few beautiful inches of snow for Thanksgiving but it has all melted away.

Hopefully we'll have a White Christmas!

There's nothing quite like the bling of lights
 and glitter and ice and snow -
 it can be truly beautiful!

A hint of ornaments on the tree.

Oh, I do ♥ winter and
 adore a pristine fresh beautiful snow.

Here are 2 of my favorite snow pics
 in our backyard from a post last year.

I love the serenity of that lone
 wooden bench covered in snow.

I feel so sorry for those of you who live in places
 and are unable to enjoy the 4 seasons.

As much as I absolutely loathe the humidity and heat
 of our horrible mid-Ohio summers 
I would never give up spring, autumn or winter for anything.

I do enjoy our summer's local fresh produce,
 so I guess it isn't *too* horribly unbearable.

So I hope to start attacking our holiday
decoration boxes tomorrow.  Probably.

Happy First Sunday of Advent!

We need to "cease doing evil, and learn to do good," and Isaiah mentions specific acts of charity that we might take to heart this Advent season: help those who are oppressed, by poverty or injustice; relieve the orphaned; care for widows. Our works flow from our faith, and are a sign of that faith. But, as the Apostle James declared, "Faith without works is dead."

Isiah 1:1-18

As always, thank you for your visit!



  1. It is time to start decorating isn't it… Your snow pictures are spectacular!

  2. Love all your photo's. I have started decorating a little this year, hope to finish this week.

  3. We have a winter wonderland outside today Michele and since it's 34 F, it was beautiful on my walk this morning with the dog. I hope you get snow for Christmas too, and like you I love the changing seasons.
    There are some pretty decorations at Finch Rest, happy first Sunday of advent.

  4. Very pretty photos Michelle. I too can't find the stamina to do any decorating. I even took a nice Sunday nap and it didn't help. Oh well, it's only December 1st and there is no rush. Going for simple this year. Less is best is my motto. Love your serene bench photo. Just beautiful.

  5. Really pretty Christmas decorations and I love the snow photos. It's snowing here today and we have about 3 inches down now. It looks very pretty but the roads are terrible. Have fun decorating! xo Pamela

  6. Love all your winter photos!! Happy December 1st!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Such beautiful photos! I agree with you. I too love the four seasons!

    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. Pretty decorations and the snow pictures are beautiful.

  9. You always have the sweetest decorations! I can NOT believe that your niece skated to the mall on you! Ha!

  10. You sound like me Michelle...I can't seem to muster the energy. Wanted to have it done before Thanksgiving....but I broke a toe...and broken toes cause hobbling...and pain! you...LOVE the 4 seasons...and snow is frosting on the cake! I love it...especially the month of December...and humidity is a evil horrid thing!!!
    I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving this year...I sure did!
    Now...lets get to Christmas decorating...I'll race ya!

  11. Beautiful holiday decor, Michele! And I appreciate the tips about branches ... I haven't gathered any for the inside yet, but I am going to try your advice about keeping them fresh!

  12. I never get tired of snow pics! Beautiful! If we are lucky we get one good snow a year around New Year's. It melts fast. Love your pretty silver and white ornaments!

  13. Your snow photos are just beautiful. Your holiday decor is really pretty and nicely done.


  14. Oh I love your pretty pics, everything is so lovely. You cracked me up with your ouch for my toe. Yes, thank God is is warm here, I wore a pair of sandles today and it still hurt. Geeeeezzzzs, I can't believe I was such a clutzzzzz. Hugs, Marty

  15. Sweet! Your snow shots are so pretty, I do love snow...maybe that's because we don't get too much of it. It was in the 70's Friday and 30's for Sunday...such variations!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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