Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh, Lovely Shiny White Christmas...............

Winter's white and icy silver hues................

So dreamy, so peaceful and beautiful................

Old or new..........shiny or vintage chippy.....................

Thrifted or crafted.........................

It all helps make a house truly a holiday home.

And the cherry angel on top?

                               Here is our backyard early this morning -
snow makes the ULTIMATE Christmastime bright and shiny.............

And the sky was so BLUE today - was a perfect winter's day!

Check out this haunting & beautiful Gaelic version
of " O, Come Emmanual" on YouTube, it's gorgeous.

As always, thank you for your visit!




  1. oh girl...I love your silver and white!

    Did you make your feather tree? I have been wishing I had a feather tree...I love them!

    I am so behind on getting my stuff out and up...and I sit here...hiney on couch...laptop...where else...atop my lap...watching a show on peoples obsessive Christmas decorating...and looking at your Christmas progress! Sometimes I just wish I could wiggle my nose!


  2. I will that song. Your whites and silvers look very beautiful.

  3. Michele- What GREAT pictures here. Your bits and pieces of Christmas are just gorgeous. Love all the silver and white- well, except you can HAVE the white outside- Snow and I are NOT friends- xo Diana

  4. You are so right about that, with all your beautiful decorating , the snow in your backyard made it PERFECT !

  5. Gorgeous neutral Christmas decor! Thanks for joining the party!

  6. I love silver and white .. so fresh, elegant. Happy Happy!

  7. I like silver and white and you've used the colours beautifully in your home Michele.

  8. There's more a coming, Michele! I don't mind looking at this weather, but I hate driving in it. Your decorations look lovely. Love silver used at this time of year for that icy feel. Have a great week!

  9. I love all the silver and white, especially the beaded raindeer! And you have Snow to match, how great!

  10. Your white and silver are beautiful! Love your feather tree. The snow is mother nature's perfect finishing touch!

  11. Beautiful. Your home d├ęcor, your pictures of silver ornament, and your back yard.

    We have a lot of snow here, too. Tis the season :)

    Warm wishes...

  12. Very pretty Michelle. I love your white decor. None of my rooms lend themselves to all white decorating, but yours is just lovely.
    Stay warm - Cindy

  13. What a gorgeous view of your backyard. The snow sets the perfect mood for your beautiful holiday snapshots.

  14. Your silver and white decor is sweet and I like the NOEL cushion. It looks very pretty in your house and the snow outside is also pretty. We don't have any snow here and it looks like November although it was quite cold on the weekend. Maybe some snow tomorrow for us. Have a great week.

  15. Love everything sparkly and shiny at Christmastime! Snow here too.

  16. Hello sweet friend. Such lovely images. Just stopping by for a visit. It's been a while. Wishing you happy holidays to you and yours.



  17. Oh, how gorgeous! And I am jealous that you know how to take great white-on-white photos. (In the new year, I plan to learn to use the new camera I bought over the summer, and then maybe I too can have dreamy photos -- at least once in a while!)

  18. Lovely Michelle! The feather tree is so delicate, and I just love mercury glass. The pearl deer is darling! Such a pretty post!

  19. I love all of that silver and white you decorated with. I wish we had some pretty snow like that outside too. So gorgeous!

  20. Michele,
    Such a beautiful post...and that picture postcard!!
    Love, Mona

  21. Love all the white and the outdoorsy one at the end, too! I'm off to listen to the Gaelic song now......


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